Crucially critical and urgent impact case report regarding the ongoing offensive, racist, eugenicist, anti-intellectual, and covert U.S. Government political abuse of psychiatry, civilian psychological operations and torture, and domestic counterintelligence and terrorism

  CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNING: U.S. CIA psychiatric and psychological operations abuse. Red pill rabbit hole. ⚠️ The content of this report is a 420 friendly read. Slow reading is suggested. Have a seat. It’s a real ride and trip. Dig in.        This terrible treatise yet illuminating document is intended as a serious, … Continue reading “Crucially critical and urgent impact case report regarding the ongoing offensive, racist, eugenicist, anti-intellectual, and covert U.S. Government political abuse of psychiatry, civilian psychological operations and torture, and domestic counterintelligence and terrorism”


CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNING: U.S. CIA psychiatric and psychological operations abuse. Red pill rabbit hole. ⚠️

The content of this report is a 420 friendly read. Slow reading is suggested.

Have a seat. It’s a real ride and trip. Dig in.


     This terrible treatise yet illuminating document is intended as a serious, objective, apolitical, and formal testimony, report, schematic breakdown, analysis, reckoning, and legally binding brief and indictment to Whom it Concerns addressing and regarding offensive, audacious, egregious, abhorrent, brutal, and inhuman criminal actions and malfeasance (of racist and anti-intellectual oppression) perpetrated by the University of California at Los Angeles Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI), and the Louis Jolyon West M.D. (CIA, developer of the U.S. MK ULTRA program, Chairman of UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry, and Director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute from 1969 to 1989, https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/, http://www.whale.to/b/west_q.html, https://thewhiteroseii.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/156/, https://www.winterwatch.net/2021/02/louis-jolyon-west-johnny-on-the-spot-mind-controller/) trained and led team of Jonathan Salk M.D. (Son of Jonas Salk M.D., developer of the Polio vaccine. Residency and Fellowship in Psychiatry at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital and the Veterans Administration Medical Center 1987-92, Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at UCLA Medical Center, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine), Mark DeAntonio M.D. (Residency in Psychiatry at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital 1985-87, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA, Director of Child and Adolescent Inpatient Services at the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA), Martin P. Szuba M.D. (Residency in Psychiatry at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital 1984-88, National Institute of Mental Health Research Fellow, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA until 1993, obituary at https://almanac.upenn.edu/archive/v49/n07/deaths.html, https://www.biologicalpsychiatryjournal.com/article/0006-3223(91)90237-G/abstract, https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/5697819_Martin_P_Szuba), Bruce Kagan M.D. (Rotating Internship at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital 1982-1983, Residency in Psychiatry at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital 1983-1986, the Current Chief of Staff at the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Director of Adult Partial Hospitalization Program, Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, has chaired the Medical Institutional Review Board for Neuropsychiatry since 2004), Emily Kim M.D. (Residency, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital, 1988-93), Damon Wolfe M.D. (Residency and Fellowship, UCLA Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Program 1989-94), and Thomas Strouse M.D. (Internship and Residency in Psychiatry at UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital 1987-91, Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the current Medical Director at the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital).

This long-term criminal malfeasance was initiated by Dr. Jonathon Salk with the intention of covering up and erasing my reports of racist anti-intellectual bullying against myself at UCLA by a Mrs. (redacted)-Salk and a clique of her associates, indicating a familiar association and personal conflict of interest. This matter is the result of that coincidental twist of fate and criminally offensive scheme. 

To detail simply, for reporting racist bullying and harassment at UCLA i have been wrongly and forcibly psychiatrically institutionalized, incarcerated, and subjected to permanent and ongoing oppressive punitive supervision and offensive civilian counterintelligence psyops by the U.S. CIA run psychiatric institution at UCLA NPI, and domestically terrorized by the sanction of U.S Government administration.

Considering the detail of substantiated facts as outlined in the CASE SUMMARY, OPERATIVE FACTS, AND SITUATIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES section of this report this matter can only be construed as a prejudiced, contemptuous, and brutal assault and injustice against the life of an innocent Afrobrown youth, against the Afro, “Interracial”, and intellectually progressive American Community, and against American social and societal progress.

Considering what is alleged, of serious import and interest is the son of Jonas Salk being a psychiatrist and protege of the infamous Louis Jolyon West (CIA) at the notorious UCLA NPI, and also working at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration. This crime is on par for the course at the UCLA NPI whose short history includes involvement in the development of the U.S. MK program, and appalling tortuous pseudoscientific neuropsychiatric experimentation and neurosurgery done on unwitting and unsuspecting mental patients, prisoners, youth of color, hippies, socialists, leftists, and active and veteran armed services personnel. 

(Also of interest: the first International Foundation Presidential Prayer Breakfast was held on February 5 1953, the Salk Polio Vaccine’s first successful test was on March 26 1953, the U.S. CIA MK ULTRA program was introduced to a conference at Princeton University on April 8 1953 and officially sanctioned on April 13 1953, the suspicious death of Frank Olson occurred on November 28 1953, the Lackland air base atrocity occurred on July 4 1954, and construction of the UCLA NPI was budgeted in 1954 and completed in 1961.)  




“I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America (so wait.. wot?), and we must see to it that this agency (NSA) and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision (referring to the American Government administration lol), so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.”

-Senator Frank Church

(The Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, 1975-76)


“God only knows it’s not what we would choose, to do.”

Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon


[Of the Confederacy] “Its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery – submission to the superior race – is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” “This stone which was rejected by the first builders “is become the chief of the corner” -the real “cornerstone”- in our new edifice.”

-Alexander H. Stephens, Vice President of the Confederate States of America    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornerstone_Speech)



     When the U.S. Civil War ended overt and abject institutional slavery it became for the racist sociopath slaver all about achieving their ends of barbarous subjugation, segregation, exploitation, lynching, and the reestablishment of their dark and horrific sociopathocratic authoritarian psychostate through other ways and by any means.

As the sunlight of truth, reason, meaning, understanding, and sanity began to rise above America its virulently racist sociopathocratic Shadow State did form underground. It has only been less than one hundred years (characterized by regressive legal injustice and state sanctioned domestic terrorism) between the first and second Reconstruction periods (1865-77 and 1969-1990), which were bittersweet periods of relief, reunion, healing, recovery, promise, and hope that flew by and past like ephemeral dreams.

Senator Church’s statement is indeed a dark and ominous warning for the U.S. Government administration has acquired the technology with which to make dystopian authoritarian tyranny total in America in the form of personal and classified data collection and counterintelligence, real-time global surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, ELF weaponry, Nuclear weaponry, Biological and Chemical weaponry, DNA manipulation, and MKpsyops, and has indeed already trespassed and gone across that bridge and off the deep end and into the “the Abyss from which there is no return.” 

So if the NSA has since then dishonorably and clandestinely continued its offensive civilian intelligence and data gathering programs, as revealed by Edward Snowden, what then of the FBI’s Counterintelligence program, and the CIA’s MKpsyops program?

Psychosocial operations like in George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and also the dramatic plays of William Shakespeare are a part of the dark Statecraft playbook older than the Bible and the Antediluvian World. Existence and life are mental. The Game is psychological, and sociopathology has ever dominated and ruled the yet evolving and unenlightened sociopolitical World.

The U.S. government has learned much about psychosocial manipulation and engineering, writing and controlling the narrative, manufacturing disinformation and consent, psychodramatic theater and entertainment, bread and circuses, psychology and psychological warfare, psychiatry, neurochemistry, neurosurgery, biochemical warfare, ELF technology, and mind/behavioral control from the annals and study of ancient and modern World history, 400 years of institutionalized slavery and segregation operations (https://www.theguardian.com/news/2019/aug/15/400-years-since-slavery-timeline), WW1, WW2, the Nazi regime and Operation Overcast (aka Paperclip), the Korean War and North Korea (reportedly and technically, https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/true-story-brainwashing-and-how-it-shaped-america-180963400/, https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/02/18/brainwashed-north-korea-prisoners-of-war-monica-kim/), and through the U.S. mind kontrolle (MK) program (the brazen German spelling is indeed telling).(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra , http://whale.to/b/caul.html, Transcript of Senators Edward Kennedy and Daniel Inouye’s joint Senate Select Committee hearings on Project MK ULTRA (1977) @ http://www.druglibrary.org/Schaffer/History/e1950/mkultra/Hearing01.htm. Also @ https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/cia-mkultra-collection/).

In order to subvert and sabotage the societal progress of the U.S. Civil Rights era the U.S. Shadow State has shifted it’s primary modus of control and oppression from overt blanket physical means and constraints to covert domestic counterintelligence and the civilian psyops theater, from separating and segregating the bodies of the people to dissociating and separating the minds of the people. 

To be disconnected and dissociated from one’s root and our eternal Tree of Life and Oneness is to be disconnected and dissociated from one’s heart, brain, and senses. This is the link  between racist pseudoscience, dissociated sociopathological existential paradigm, egocentric and unstable psychology, and destructive behavior. It makes it impossible to appreciate being in someone else’s shoes. Racism is an extreme psychopathology, it is a sociopathological false narrative, fantasy, and scientifically unfounded belief. Like we literally know our ancestors traveled from Africa and became the first Europeans, Asians, and Australoids thru historical, biological, and archeological deduction. So let it really sink in how absolutely absurd and unsuitable racism and sociopathy is in a self proclaimed righteous and enlightened democratic governmental administration and free and supportive societal institution. There is no place for it for it deems it impossible to be objective, impartial, or fair judicially. 

In his Farewell Address George Washington himself warned of “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men (who might try) to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion”. You may henceforth disregard and ignore the seriousness of this report at your peril, and be played to your inevitable doom like a COVID-19 denier.

The political abuse of psychiatry, or punitive psychiatry (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_abuse_of_psychiatry) is defined as the misuse of state institutional psychiatry and government apparatus including diagnosis, treatment, detention, institutionalization, supervision, intervention, and extrajudicial operations for the purpose of removing the fundamental human rights and freedom of individuals and groups. Offensive handling, violation, and abuse of those deemed undesirable, deviant, inferior, dissident, problematic, expendable, “Other”, liability, or potential whistleblower is hidden under the guise of psychiatric treatment. Thusly mental patients and the handicapped were among the first to be murdered in Nazi Germany’s “extermination” program. 

Like the Milgram experiment (1961, on obedience to governmental authority, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment) and Stanford Prison experiment (1971, on the psychological effects of perceived personal power, https://www.prisonexp.org/), these very same manipulative, coercive, and dark psychosocial dynamics, and the neopseudoscientific belief and collective psychosis of race (they pursue and propagate imaginary racist pseudoneuroscience and oppose critical race theory (https://www.britannica.com/topic/critical-race-theory)) have been utilized by the U.S. shadow CIA directed psychiatric institution for a racist offensive subversive social counterintelligence psyop and social control psychology experiment utilizing the “Big Lie” method, weaponized disinformation, false narrative, and psyop theater, disorientation, gaslighting, cognitive dissonance, coercive persuasion, violent intimidation, fear, social pressures, personal trauma manipulation, narcissistic collusion, manufactured consent, civil unrest, and sacrificial scapegoating to produce and orchestrate a lynch mob conspiracy and collateral pogrom.

A psychiatric institutional lynching, it is a matter of systematic institutional racism enabling and allowing for personally offensive psychopathic and homicidal misconduct, false psychiatric diagnosis and fictional character manufacture, covertly disseminated weaponized disinformation and narrative propaganda, unlimited umbrella offensive civilian psychological operations, domestic counterintelligence and terrorism, anti-interracial and eugenicist personal segregation and separation operations, and spectator mob lynching as a form of capital punishment. As Bob Priest, a psychologist at Rusk State mental hospital put it; “You know in the old days they’d take him out and hang him or whatever they had to do, but in modern day times there was a better (indirect, less conspicuous) way to do it.. send him to Rusk, say he’s crazy”. (https://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/entries/rusk-state-hospital).

The target is then subjected to neuropharmaceutical and psychological behavioral alteration procedures. If successful the neutralized subject may then be subjected to mkpsyops and psychosurgery and utilized as an informant, as a bad character in the civilian psyops theater, as a cloak and dagger puppet agent or shadow assassin, or as a basic tooled expendable minion. Through institutionalized psychiatry and mkpsyops they have found  a new way to handle, control, and use the “guilty”, “trash”, “chattel”, and “others” of society. Evidently, they may have been employing MK liberally, arbitrarily, indiscriminately, and systematically for years in an offensive “preemptive” large scale mkpsyops societal control and management operations program.

If ineffective the targeted individual (T.I.) is upon release subjected to punitive supervision, counterintelligence, domestic terrorism, and the civilian psyops spectator Lynch mob theater.

This crime is a production of the racist American shadow state, being the invisible empire, Mafia and mob, social conspiracy network, and apparatus of organized White American nationalism, racism, supremacy, and sociopathocracy within U.S. government, society, and culture, and its aristocratic family, silent civilian majority, and captivated thrall who follow, subscribe to, jockey, and participate in the shadow state coordinated racket and psychosocial machination theater of American state self-interest, narrative fabrication and management, consent manufacture, coordinated offensive criminal conspiracy and action, sociopathic and racially bigoted opinion and propagation, alternative reality, and collectively generated façade and illusion. “All the World is a Stage” they say, and madness is producing and running the show. The World is ruled by theatrical lies.

The mob of thousands on the scene at the publicly advertised town and country spectator lynchings of the not so distant past have today become the bad actors of the U.S. shadow CIA psychiatric institution directed covert, racist, and sociopolitical civilian psyops and counterintelligence theater, and it’s audience of participants in racist, and psychosociopolitical field events and operations like the U.S. GOP MAGA Insurrection of January 6 2021, the deployment of a domestic terrorist paramilitary army to intimidate and coerce. They said so themselves very loudly and lethally.

The graffiti writing is on the wall and stickers on the lightposts and signposts.

     The dominating artificial, sociopathological, and existential paradigm of the World today is all about misleading, conditioning, subjugating, and controlling our thoughts and lives, subdividing, separating, disconnecting, and dissociating us from each other, the root of the Tree of Life, and natural Cosmos of the Universe, cultivating and mutating our ego, fostering insecurity and apathy, and altering our perception of existence, reality, and what’s going on through psychological manipulation and gaming, literal theater and psychodrama, spells, glamour, and deceptive bulls### and stratagem.

The World is actually tantamount to a holographic psychosociofantasy matrix and alternative reality of falsehood, and theatrical stage and façade of routine normalcy set over a macabre operant conditioning herd-rat habitrail habitat and martial race maze game paradigm apparatus of handling, manipulation, limitation, survival, inequality, exploitation, and control. It is a gilded cage. It is a self-sustaining bioelectric harvesting facility and slaughterhouse. Its mechanisms of culling, resetting, and maintainance are powered by the bloody, competitive exercise grinding wheel on which the herd “Goes for the Gild”. It is surrounded by a tall rusty chain-link fence beyond which looms a forbidding, murky, hoary, tangled, mysterious shadowy forest within which sable serpentine entities silently slither and lurk.





I have innocently trespassed the pale, pierced the veil, and discovered a most extraordinary rabbit hole through my perception and detection of the racist oppressive sociopathocratic U.S. shadow state, it’s power structure, it’s machinations, and it’s narrative managing herd handlers whom i reported for anti-intellectual racist group bullying and hate crime at UCLA.

Of course for doing so i have been subjected to:

  1. Wrongful psychiatric institutionalization, false psychiatric diagnosis, fictional character manufacture, and offensive social psyop narrative management.
  2. Oppressive extrajudicial covert punitive supervision, handling, and arbitrary intervention.
  3. Offensive counterintelligence, domestic terrorism, offensive and oppressive civilian psyops, and psychological and physical torture.
  4. Exploited and abused as the lynchpin of an ongoing shadow CIA offensive psychosocial civilian psyops operation against the Grateful Dead, Aquarian, Afro, interracial, intellectually progressive, and street community. Using a tactic from the sociopath playbook, they have manufactured lies, false narrative, public drama, and consent in order to scapegoat myself and pogrom others.                                                                       

The matter reveals ongoing racist and offensive U.S. covert civilian psychosocial operations, domestic counterintelligence and domestic terrorism, and the personally offensive, criminally insane, and homicidal misconduct of employees of the U.S. psychiatric institution (and CIA et cetera) that seriously interests, concerns, and affects everyone internationally.

I hereby and respectfully accuse Mr. Jonathan Salk M.D., Mr. Mark DeAntonio M.D, Mr. Damon Wolfe M.D., Mrs. (redacted)-Salk, et al of abuse of power and participation in conspiracy to wrongful institutionalization and incarceration, anti-personal psychosocial operations and campaign, covert and offensive domestic counterintelligence, racist anti-personal segregation operations, and the spawning and operational orchestration of public abuse spectator entertainment and lynch mob. 

A modern-day lynch mob and Mrs. (redacted)-Salk was the reason, to cover up my reports of bullying on her and a clique of her associates at UCLA and apparent detection of racist shadow CIA counterintelligence and psyop activity at UCLA acting in coordination with or more likely through the UCLA NPI.

UCLA NPI has through weaponized false disinformation and ongoing narrative management turned my life and the lives of many others into a hellish nightmare and horror movie for the entertainment of the “silent” majority, and to distract and manipulate the generally pliable, naive, uneducated, and “sucker” public. This sh##tty business is really NOT ok. It is really so completely, absolutely, and totally f###ed up what they have done so contemptuous​ly, callously, comfortably, brazenly, and cavalierly. I mean this is some really f###ed up ghastly sh##. 

This matter speaks to the actual level of racist, unethical, aggressive, contemptuous, covert, criminal, abusive, violent, and offensive handling and control still being exerted by the U.S. shadow state over and against the freedom and lives of the people.

The perpetrators are hiding in the shadows behind the apparatus of an obscure stone pyramidal nationalistic state institutionalized entity and altar constructed by their Founding Fathers, and abusively misusing their positions in the U.S. government psychiatric institution, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the American Psychiatric Association (APA), the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and in American society to assail and besiege myself (and the American people) using a preestablished and ongoing covert method, process, apparatus, network, and system of societal intervention, handling, cordoning off, segregation, manipulation, engineering, repression, oppression, and control through the offensive employment of the full resources and weight of the U.S Government (CIA, FBI, Judiciary, Police, etc.) against individuals and groups that includes the wrongful designation as a dangerous threat, and targeting by the psychologist’s and psychiatrist’s Duty to Protect and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Violence Initiative (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1czKVyVHmCzya5vi8Xhqd5Y7K8pmGGsdy/view, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_Initiative) as cover for offensive psychosocial operations and campaign, and offensive domestic counterintelligence and lynch mob utilizing employees of the  U.S. Intelligence community, the DOJ and it’s COPS program (https://cops.usdoj.gov/RIC/Publications/cops-p157-pub.pdf), DOD, KKK, Underworld organizations, and other radical elements as a domestic terrorism, stalking, civilian psyops, and propaganda arm. It is full-on oppression and covert domestic terrorism under the guise of the Duty to Protect, the NIMH Violence Initiative (The NIMH funded MK ULTRA), and also additionally the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (1994).

Listen to then Senator Biden’s speech (above). The rich (a fresh cold tall glass of milk con Bosco or strawberry Quik would compliment nicely) irony and comedy is the fact that i have been maliciously, viciously, and covertly attacked from the shadows, stalked, terrorized, and besieged with weaponized disinformation and false narrative by racist sociopathic malefactors working for the U.S. government in a pretentious “preemptive” action meant to strip me of my freedom and respectability and endanger, alienate, isolate, supervise, and “cordon” me off from society and participation in natural life.

His words are telling and speech fairly suspect. He uses the martial word “cadre” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cadre) to describe the generation borne of and influenced by the radical social and intellectual progress and of anti-racist consciousness of the 1950’s onward. He’s talking about targeting literally almost an entire generation of youth, and specifically the hippy, gypsy, progressive, leftist, minority, interracial, urban, immigrant, and impoverished youth. Apparently they had taken over the streets and they needed to be taken back. We have reason to suspect he really meant the Haight/Ashbury district, The San Francisco Bay Area, The Emerald Triangle, Eugene Oregon, Seattle Washington, Austin Texas, New Orleans Louisiana, the Greenwich Village, Harlem, the Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard, Topanga and Laurel Canyons, Ventura Boulevard, Venice Beach, East and South Los Angeles, and similarly progressive areas, towns, and neighborhoods. 

And the most notorious crimes characteristic of that period (mid 80’s-mid 90’s) include the Rodney King beating, the Central Park Five travesty, Adam Katz murder, Jeffery Dahmer murders and cannibalism, the MOVE house firebombing and massacre, Waco siege and massacre, and Oklahoma city bombing.

Otherwise, the 80’s into early 90’s was generally a very good and spiritually, intellectually, musically, and artistically progressive time in which the intellectually progressive and universoul Aquarian community and young dreamers were naturally and exponentially continuing to reunite and expand, the evolutionary tide was surging. The Grateful Dead tour was the biggest and most popular show in the country, and the streets were alive with happy good loving optimistic rainbow gypsy hippies.

It is logical that things got darker on the Grateful Dead tour and street scene by the mid 90’s as the result of the desperate racist shadow state counterintelligence and mkpsyops campaign against the naturally rolling resurgence of liberal societal progress and “interracial” melting pot relations being made, as what happened in the Haight/Ashbury and Fillmore neighborhoods of San Francisco in the early/mid-60’s.

“Accosting” and  perhaps potentially attacking, raping, and killing their wives and daughters. That fear mongering cliche trope seems like it might support the dramatic false accusations of a white woman (like how 21 year old Carolyn Bryant accused 14 year old Emmit Till of sexually accosting her) to enable the taking of “preventative” measures. The bill can be a “preemptive” way to target, segregate, cordon off, control, and lynch people “legally”. 

He also refers to “drug treatment”, and other obscure unspecified “treatments” that sound suspiciously like neuropsychiatric and mkpsyops, and that his bill is supported by the racist pseudoneuroscience and sociology of the U.S. psychiatric institution. He refers to ASPD and sociopathy indicating that the bill effectively targets youth diagnosed with mental illness.

And of course the Biden crime bill did result in the grossly disproportionate incarceration of people of color.

Nevertheless and respectfully i have high hopes for the executive administration of President Biden and Vice President Harris. I received a letter and casework forms from Senator Harris in February 2019 promising her assistance with this matter but her office has yet to follow up with me.

      Learning to overcome ego, and to be consciously considerate of each other’s condition and circumstances, and of the myriad ways we affect and effect each other as coexisting beings, and to respect and appreciate the lives and space of others is a fundamental part of psychological development, maturation, and health.

This matter is yet another textbook example of United States sociopathocracy, plutocratic nationalistic IntelCom aristopathocracy and their utterly disdainful and contemptuous mistreatment of “commoners”, mobocracy, government produced disinformation, false narrative management and incitement to violence and conspiracy (like the U.S. Capitol siege and insurrection of January  6, 2021), large scale narcissistic collusion, structural and systemic corruption, structural and systematic institutional racism, White privilege and the power of a White woman’s dramatic theater and false accusation, opportunistic offensive criminal misconduct, taking advantage of people’s good faith, love, and trust in American government administration, victimization, violence, disruption, dispossession, injustice, the sacrificing of innocents, and of the slavemaster’s monstrous sadistic sociopathic egomaniacal vampiric psychopathology and insatiable power trip of controlling others, of holding the lives of others in their hands, of controlling what others do, hear, see, experience, and believe and for the totally inconsiderate self-interested manipulation and exploitation of them (their actions beg the classic questions of “Who are you?”, “What is wrong with you?”, “What are you trying to do?”, and “Where are you trying to go?”), of commanding dogs of war, goon squads, and thrall puppets, of the denial and destruction of lives, dishonor, disregard for truth, hypocrisy, theatrical drama and production, multifold layered deception and treachery, 5D Chess and long term strategy, mendacious madcap fast-talking gaslighting absurdity (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bullshitting#other-words), bestial dementia, desperation, greed, jealousy, malice, cruelty, destruction, and madness dominating the World and events today.

The U.S. shadow state has conspired and worked to neutralize, control, exploit, and destroy my life, as well as the lives of many other innocents presently suffering all around our big blue marble as the result of direct and sanctioned U.S. actions. Its actions reflect its psychopathological mentality and character.

I have been singled out, jockeyed socially, group bullied, set up, misled, lied to, falsely diagnosed psychologically and negatively portrayed, libeled and labeled, wrongly institutionalized, incarcerated, criminalized, cordoned offed, demonized, infected with a dangerous contagious social mumps and avoided, life disrupted, shattered, and devastated, falsely accused and corroborated, douched (https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=douched), domestically terrorized through counterintelligence and civilian psyops theater, physically hounded and attacked, domestically exiled and made a domestic refugee and “homeless”, stalked, monitored, supervised, restricted, handled, intervened, obstructed, and subjected to the torture of separation, segregation, alienation, isolation, deprivation, test, injury, ordeal saga, and supersurreal nightmare. I have literally been cast out of society by corrupt U.S. government administration (including the withdrawal of civil protections and obstruction of civil legal justice assistance) and held out like a ritual scapegoat sacrifice.

The horror i describe is no exaggeration. A level of abuse akin to an innocent youth re-born into slavery on an Antebellum American farm plantation, i have been brutally mistreated like a trespassing herd animal, chumped, set up, spun (meaning to flip the script on with a false narrative), sucker punched, robbed of my freedom and time, humiliated, played as a pawn in chess and exploited sociopolitically, screwed, scapegoated, used to foment racism and violence, toyed with, “owned”, reamed, and p(o)wned (see: https://treebearblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/cointelpro-zersetzung-tactics/).

I am proven innocent yet still I am subjected to extraordinary extrajudicial punishment and cruel torture. I urgently require assistance and rescue. This is my message in a bottle. S.O.S.


Considering 1. the extreme gravity of these accusations and brutal racist oppressive history of the American Government and Nation State (invasion, genocide, slavery, Jim Crow, imperialism), CIA (MK ULTRA), FBI (COINTELPRO), UCLA/UCLA NPI (NIMH Violence Initiatives), Los Angeles and Santa Monica P.D., and specific individuals involved, 2. the incontrovertible and definitive evidence and proof of criminal offense, wrongdoing, conspiracy, obstruction of justice and cover-up, 3. the plain, simple, and compelling reasons and motives for their crimes, and 4. their previous guilty record of similar and same offensive operations, this matter and report absolutely demands immediate vigilance, investigation, vetting, and justice, and that the guilty parties be held responsible and accountable.

Fair and due judicial process and procedure has not been followed. All actual, untrue, pretentious, and presumptuous reasons claimed to justify their “preemptive” offensive action and ongoing foul play have been concealed intentionally, not allowing for my defense or for the judicial address of the matter. On par and necessary for shady and snaeky counterintelligence psyops, they did not want me to know what was actually going on (what they were doing to me behind my back beneath the surface theater and show of things) so that they could pretentiously and with personal and racist prejudice clandestinely psyoperate against me utilizing surreptitious official public relations disinformation and counterintelligence to disrupt, manipulate, and handle my affairs, and to pretentiously, surreptitiously,and abusively supervise (“walk”) me as a mentally ill, functionally impaired, socially unfit, and dangerous individual.  You know, to prevent me from raping or molesting white women, as they say with dark sarcasm.

They have been using an extremely negative false psychological diagnosis, portrayal, and designation to discredit, dismiss, and ignore my reports and testimony. They have slapped a loophole to no recourse, no redress, and free unlimited offensive operational umbrella on me, as wrong and absurd as that sounds. They wanted me defenseless and helpless. Nevertheless, the passage of time and development of events has provided the evidence (gathered intel, pieces to fit, dots to connect, clues) with which to comprehensively understand and prove my investigation and macro/micro analysis of this matter and mystery in a court of truth and law.

     Sociopathology has selective perception meaning sociopaths literally see what they want to see and choose what they want to believe. They also believe they can dictate people’s perception of reality. They psychologically live and act in the alternative reality of their false narratives. They can be personal fantasy. They can be made up bulls##t and premeditated plotting. They can also be state or cult produced programmed fiction. 

Sociopathology does not want to recognize, acknowledge, or remember that which does not agree with it’s psychopathological false narrative and alternative reality.

The narcissistic psychopath bully tyrant M.O. is all about writing and controlling the conscious narrative and it’s subliminal and kinetic energy through psychological manipulation, sympathetic collusion, and by the subjugation of other’s will and memory (amnesia).

The sociopathological “silent” majority minion mob willingly colludes and participates in state produced false narratives which serve as umbrella, incentive, and alibi for their own psychopathological and self-interested criminal motivations being racism, ego tripping, narcissism, self-interest, nationalism, selfishness, reputation, malice, sadism, jealousy, thievery, greed, power, and control. It is a criminal arrangement between the shadow state and the silent majority, a racket in coordinated narrative control to make sociopolitical moves and manipulation. After all, people believe hype and follow  lies because they want to. 

The Big Lie (or Little White Lie) or Big Narrative is a weapon and pretentious umbrella under which to cover covert offensive, retroactive, and collateral operations. It is their way of not taking responsibility for their own offensive actions. Dissociated sociopaths have no principles, moral compass, or scruples so they are able to lie about anything as a weapon or tool, nothing is sacred. They do not actually believe in justice or God so they simply lie, deny, bullsh##, gaslight, jive, and play stupid. Talk is cheap, so sociopaths seek to bury their actions and the truth under a mountain of lies, hype, pretension, bullsh##, confusion, and collusion. They spawn and feed mutating monsters that in time come to question their existence, what is actually going on, and the character, actions, and intentions of their makers, and turn against them.

It took me some years to discover and detail the exact anatomy, engineering, and criminal blueprint of what they were doing. Basically, they set me up to be scapegoated, spectacle terrorized, and lynch mobbed. It was their intent to disguise their big lie, paper plot, civilian psyop, and domestic terror conspiracy, and to write the matter off, exploit, and erase me by using civilian psyops, opinionated hype, and poisonous official disinformation to market and sell their offensive criminal actions to the general public as justifiable punitive supervision via the psychiatric duty to protect, the NIMH Violence Initiative, and the 1994 Crime bill, and state sanctioned “righteous” lynch mob vigilantism on a psychotic polysubstance abusing super-predator pervert villain, potential rapist, and charlatan wannabe and false prophet. And as if I am such a bad character that it would happened naturally that thousands of people would come to that conclusion and judgement.

All about making a wickedly bad aggressively offensive action look good, and an innocent good person look bad, it is the official false pretense offensively leveraged to manufacture narrative, script, drama, show, movie, audience, and scapegoating. They have utilized their false psych portrayal and narrative, false accusation, and offensive counterintelligence framing to pretentiously justify a criminally offensive “responsive” coordinated action and operation. They have concocted an official pretentious bullsh## excuse false narrative from which to offensively play off, develop, and expand over time. They have been theatrically acting around me and socially trolling me in order to maintain and manage their false narrative and the public’s attention, like an addicting television show thru which people can channel and direct their anger and malice. It is a field day to pay themselves to pretentiously “dox” and “make me famous”, and to domestically terrorize myself, my associates, the Grateful Dead community, and intellectually progressive community.

Racist Aunt Karen and Uncle Sam know some things about lying tactically to scheme strategically, make offensive moves, conceal and “protect” themselves, frame victims, cause problems, and make trouble, drama, and peril for innocents. The falsifying of police and psych reports has become regular, seemingly routine. If Officer Sam is justified in the trigger-happy murder of innocent non-threatening non-white people because he says he “feared for his life”, then so is Aunt Karen because she says she “felt uncomfortable or threatened” because through the racist negative psychological characterization and pseudoneuropsychiatric labeling of non-white people, and negative conditioning of theatrical media hype, the racist shadow state has manufactured the environment and conditions whereby a white woman can violently victimize a non-white man through such statements, and by making dramatic false accusations. It is weaponized lying, she is “watching the detectives” as they say. It is textbook sociopathic behavior. 

Narcissistic sociopaths ultimately care only for themselves, think that everything is about them and revolves around them, think that they are smarter than everyone, and also believe that everyone thinks and acts like them, so they project the way they see, feel, and think about reality and things onto others. The paranoid perpetrators project their own psychpathological insecurities, issues, and behaviors onto others, resulting in their expression of being condescendingly and negatively judgmental of others. Offensively and retroactively they cook, make up, and serve up bulls##t, paint false narratives, and create drastic drama falsely accusing others of their own psychopathologies and misdeeds (and to distract and deflect attention from themselves), portraying them as terrible people in order to justify their own offensive aggression. They announce and disseminate their bullshi# narratives beforehand to make others look bad so that they may say that they had it coming. Returning disrespect is a standard pretense. The severity of the lie/falsehood/narrative is determined by the intended offensive action, i.e. physical threat/sexual misconduct = murder/lynching.   

The shadow state offensively operates through dictated false narrative and sociopolitical drama, meaning they play with bullshi# psychodrama like fire in the dry California brush. It is a means of psychological engineering involving the manipulation and attempted control of negative, psychological, sociological, dramatic, emotional/temperamental, unstable, variable, mutable, chaotic, and dangerous forces. We live surrounded by a sociopathic culture in which viral false accusations and offensive opinionated hype often overrides facts and evidence, effectively manipulating people’s perception of the truth.

So governments have the power to dramatically and destructively affect people’s lives simply through what they officially say about them. It is easy enough to talk story, tell lies, bullshi#, throw shi# at and on people and then point fingers, wage smear campaign, and create instability and stress, and the resultant social mistrust and associated stigma, preconditioned racist prejudice, manipulation of victim abuse trauma, playing upon nationalistic loyalties, and visceral pressure of state sanctioned mob menace can be effective coercive persuasion to apathy and acquiescence. It is a mob threat to the general public to not support, aid, or associate with the target “or else” be subjected to collateral action thru guilt by association.

They estimated they could ignore me and the matter judicially, and get away with their machinations and conspiracy by coercively persuading enough people to buy into their fictional cover narrative acceding connivance and collusion in order to achieve faux legitimacy and herd impunity. It is offensive statecraft. It is mob spawning and incitement to violence. It is the Invisible Empire hosting a public participation domestic terrorism Coliseum spectacle for its silent majority. It is an invitation to participate in the abusive sadistic handling, destruction, and ritual sacrifice of an other’s life. Like Jesus Christ, it is putting the decision of life or death in the hands of the mob. Like, yeah Pontius, that’s fair, just let the mob decide lol. It is social fascism. It is organized hatorade. It is scapegoating. It is an example of black psychosocial murder operations and drama theater, literally trying to “play me out” by theatrically acting around me, socially trolling me, and pretentiously mistreating and stalking me as if i am a threat to society requiring supervision and intervention. It is domestic terrorism. It is racist segregation and control operations. It is covert persecution and oppression. I have been “put through some things”. I live oppressed by a racist fascist kleptocratic sociopathocracy masquerading and perpetrating as a civil democracy.

     Apparently Dr. West’s cohort and criminally insane cabal may be the shadow puppet masters behind the U.S. partisan pathocracy show. Shapers of U.S. population management policy and control operations, for long have they operated in the shadows with a license to kill and under a gaslit umbrella of arbitrary impunity. Perhaps that is why the APA has suppressed and disregarded professional psychological assessment and opinion, and obstructed what should be the routine psych review, scrutiny, and screening of the U.S. government administration. The U.S. psychiatric institution is directly responsible for the allowance and sanctioning of racist sociopathic government administration, domestic sociopolitical chaos, and mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis resulting in the terrible deaths of millions worldwide. Is the sane and orderly respect for truth, science, responsibility, and personal boundaries no longer a job requirement? Are the patients at Arkham running the institution? Is the MAGA GOP recalcitrance and insurrection part of a shadow CIA/psychiatric institution orchestrated psychological operations program and power play to Fascist domination and nightmare psychostate? I’ve heard the word fascist used a lot on the network news, press, and internet lately, talk of a slide into fascism. I wonder if they mean like the way they and Senate and Executive committee let the revelation of 25+ years of MKUltra development and the offensively lethal deployment of domestic civilian psychological and counterintelligence operations by the CIA and FBI slide into the forgotten bin of conspiracy theory? (https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/11/army-investigates-psyops-officer-officer-emily-rainey-capitol-riot). Psyops teams, undercovers, and provacateurs were also employed at the recent Occupy, Black Lives Matter, and other injustice protests.

The amount of time this obviously bleeding white elephant has sat on the table disrespected and unaddressed, and the lengths gone to the obstruction of justice and cover-up indicates a powerful and influential racist fascist element and corrupt shadow organization within the U.S. government following an alarmingly familiar, predictable, and ominous agenda and plan to an ultimate master objective of Global hegemony. It does make one wonder what their game plan is. Perhaps my case and its drama is meant to function as a litmus test of character and sanity, as an in your face callous and contradictory confirmation of our worst fears, to see what we do about it, for some reason. 

The silence is deafening. So if they don’t answer then I don’t have a voice? Is that how it works now? Like if a tree in the forest falls and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound? I can’t believe people are falling for it. The press, politicians, Judicial branch, Executive branch, legal profession, Twitter intelligentsia, and general public have all been conspicuously hushed on the matter. It is bizarre. People are carrying on as if there’s nothing to see @ treebearblog.wordpress.com, or like they chose to believe the state’s psyop narrative and dissonant hype. Do they only recognize issues that the State acknowledges? And but this case is tantamount to a video or audio that captures a crime, we really do know with certainty that the perps are guilty. And what about the collateral damage, the white women and people of all colors and ages targeted by psyops and worse because of their philosophical agreement or personal association with me? Are people really fooled by the oky’doke, and the funny hat and garish clown makeup sloppily and cruelly applied thru elephant blood, sweat, and tears? Or are they really heartless sociopathic puppets and minions hoping to gain favor through an 11th hour sacrifice playing their part in the state directed false narrative and oky’doke theater? The level of statecraft, psyop manipulation, and “coercive persuasion” is most impressive. I am being gamed by senior referees and officials.

Is the majority following the state’s narrative and direction on this matter? The fact that it was even able to happen, and that the U.S. governmental administration has effectively as of yet done nothing to assist, relieve, rescue, and remedy, nor civil sociopolitical professionals stepped up, is another example of the alarming level of coordination between government sociopathocracy and public sociopathology, and dangerous level of dissociation and American mob rule. Do people not care about reality? Or is it that they not care about my reality for some reason, or because they have been psychologically manipulated by the U.S. CIA directed psychiatric institution. But the dramatic conspiracy and affair is an obvious psyop perpetrated and orchestrated by the Shadow State. Does my voice not matter to them even tho I speak the proven vettable truth? Have they been manipulated into a state of ignorance? Are they actually choosing to believe the “truth” and “reality” dictated by the state? I am literally issuing a legitimate substantiated alert and warning, and cry for help yet hardly anyone seems to give a f##k. What the bloody Hell is going on around here? Do we really live in a sociopathocratic society now? Is that what we have fallen to again since the beautiful renaissance and trajectory of the 1980’s? Common sense and physics says that that took effort, energy, and action from somewhere. So who wants to bet me that it was not the doing of the shadow CIA psychiatric institution? Radical illegal offensive large scale, long term, and systematic psychological operations would explain everything. Apparently the general public is allowing the government’s malfeasance and cover up not appreciating that by doing so they allow such subjection upon themselves? They don’t care? Do they think they are playing a game of Musical Chairs? Hide and Seek? Is it All a show? Actions speak louder than words. Considering the facile efficacy with which these flagrant, brutal, and revolting shenanigans have been conducted one must wonder at other suspicious and tragic events involving culturally popular and influential celebrity and sociopolitical figures. 

Statute of Limitations does not apply to this case because:

  1. I am accusing the U.S. institution and government agencies. I have been reporting this ongoing matter to them from the very beginning. The U.S. Government has shown a purposeful disregard and negligence of duty. Obvious and intentional use of the statute of limitations as a means to cover-up and obstruction. Justice to such egregious offensive action and intention has no expiration date.
  2. Proof of egregious offensive psychiatric misconduct, deception, and cover-up by Dr. Jonahan Salk, UCLA NPI, et al. 
  3. The matter is a crime that took some years to discover and to realize its full detail and extent, and to prove my case. The evidence revealed and presented itself over time. 
  4. I was declared mentally ill (tho wrongly), thus suspending the statute of limitations. Also purposeful misuse of their false psychological designation as a loophole to the obstruction of justice.
  5. Cover-up and obstruction of justice by the Federal government and law enforcement, including the intimidation and coercion of lawyers, others, and the general public.
  6. Grievous injury to myself and others. Cruel and unusual punishment and abuse. Extreme physical and psychological hardship, stress, torture, and siege.
  7. It is an ongoing situation and operation producing life-threatening danger to myself, and life threatening collateral threat, targeting, and injury to the general public, the result of their psyop management actions and cover up operations intended to erase my trail and the wake of their operations, and to “manage” anyone with knowledge of the situation in order to cover up and contain the operation, and to maintain their official false narrative, theatrical script, and alternative reality. One operation has morphed into many. It defines a large scale unlimited umbrella operation and offensive program.

Utilizing organized mob strong-arm methods of bullying and intimidation, employees of the federal government have obstructed my efforts to have this matter addressed going so far as physically approaching and making threatening phone calls to associates, lawyers, legal organizations, and others with their fictional cover narrative story, and likely investigation and gag order (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-government-gag-order-mk-ultra-1.4448933, https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/project-mkultra-families-meet-1.4662321). I am being railroaded.

In 2008 a lawyer in Los Angeles handling my case informed me that he received a call from a government agency telling him what a “terrible person” i am, and informing him “that it would not go well for his business” if he helped me. He then withdrew from doing so explaining “This is out of my league” meaning hardball. The good lady at the ACLU gave me the obligatory “I’ve got a gun to my head, I am very sorry.” Apparently the U.S. government does not want this matter addressed or investigated. They have been denying my right to legal defense and redress.

So wait.. wutf? What in the A.F. is going on? The U.S. Government has been doing what because of what and why? Like some horrible tale from the swamp of ratchetness it is a most scandalous and unscrupulous affair, and most odorous, distasteful, and unpalatable travesty and injustice.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and federal authorities have so far snowjobbed, stonewalled, used obstructive procedural shenanigans, and internal in house bulls### “investigation” to sabotage and bury my efforts at retaining legal assistance and judicial relief and redress. They wish to keep the ugly truth of this horrible matter and revealing case swept under the rug of cover-up and closed. But the cat is out of the bag now. Spawned as the result of racist sociopathy and personal conflict of interest, and reprehensible attempt to save someone’s personal and professional reputation, self-interest is being valued over honor, responsibility, and the lives of innocent people. Horrendous criminal offense is being exercised and damage inflicted with impunity.

Like in a Godzilla movie, the dissociated and mutated sociopathic personality, entity, and pathocracratic society that is White Mothra trashing cities, destroying lives, and feeding on it’s inhabitants is inescapably obvious, yet to White Mothra we are but puny insignificant playthings and pathetic bite sized morsels. It’s brain and heart hasn’t a functioning empathy cortex or center. Our lives do not matter. The life of an innocent non-white person matters less than the reputation and lies of a guilty white person, and the reputation of a corrupt governmental institution matters more than the lives of it’s innocent victims. I have identified the monster, so now what what will you do about it? If you do nothing it will surely drain and devour you.

Insanity and hate find their power through the imposition of will and exercise of destruction. Like the Baron Harkonnen in Dune, or Leader of the Loc Nar horde in Heavy Metal, tyrants and bullies announce, proclaim, pronounce, advertise, dictate lies of cover-up, and spin webs of weaponized false narrative like a theatrical script to ensnare, captivate, and fool the public. The sociopathic oppressor or personality cult leader does not want the general public to know that he/she is an oppressor. They are comfortable that their thrall, sycophants, and followers will play along and legitimize them through the personally and politically sympathetic self-interested narcissistic sociopath compact of false narrative collusion. They trust in safety in numbers.

     In light of the facts which are plain to see and to which i have applied careful treatment and objective analysis, the scenario that i outline, describe, prove, and explain in detail is obviously feasible and absolutely believable. The perpetrators do not want you to believe me but if you would for a moment consider the specific situational context and circumstances, substantial facts and evidence, and their organization’s long historical precedent of offensive, racist, psychopathic treachery, treaty breaking, invasion, conquest, genocide, subjugation, slavery, sadistic abuse, lynch mob, domestic civilian counterintelligence (COINTELPRO), domestic civilian psyops, institutionalized psychiatric abuse, MK ULTRA experimentation and development on an unwary American public, criminal biological experimentation on an unwary American public, historical record of weaponizing disease and chemical against indigenous locals, minorities, and in war, development of diabolical and nightmarish space age tactical and doomsday weaponry (nuclear, biological, chemical, ELF, MK, exotic, robotic, AI, cybernetics and bionics), the establishment of the U.S. Space Force as a military arm, ongoing U.S. Government cyber-invasion, surveillance, and data harvesting (the ability to monitor everyone’s lives, your business IS their business), Operation Overcast (aka Paperclip) and Nazi employment and infiltration (or invitation by the U.S. shadow state and American Nazi Bund), the current crisis and emergency of International retro/alt racist/fascist shadow state coalescence and coagulation, resurgence, infiltration, dominance, and move-making in government and law enforcement, possible shadow state puppet and trojan horse candidates and organizations (administrations), threat of racist boogaloo and fascist neo-Confederate GOP coup d’etat, current critical psychosocial issues and sociopolitical events, deadly abuses of power and racist offensive criminal misconduct by police, federal personnel, and state contractors, war crimes by U.S. military and contractor personnel (the “Collateral Murder” video revealed by Wikileaks @ https://youtu.be/5rXPrfnU3G0), horrible historical record of American imperialism and shady destructive diplomatic shenanigans and subversive foul play all around the World, shady monopolistic foreign economic policy, shady and public coffer draining domestic economic policy, flagrant illegal manipulation of rules and laws and gaming of the political system by right-wing conservative partisans, gross judicial misconduct, violent abuse of non-violent protesters by police and employment of right wing thugs, militia, and agent provocateurs for dramatic hi-jack and redirection, violent abuse by police (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-police-alex-dunn-assault-trial-video-1.5777524?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar), COVID-19 health crisis mismanagement and clusterf#ck, environmental/climate crisis and governmental irresponsibility and scientific denial (ecological, biological, historical), the gross mistreatment of the migrant, immigrant, and international and domestic refugee communities, the separation of families and concentration camps, arbitrary unjust laws, malicious long term incarceration of innocent people (Kalief Browder, Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard Peltier, etc.), unjust absurd persecution of whistleblowers (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Reality Winner, etc.) which is actually an admission of guilt by the U.S. shadow state of criminal trespass and the collection of personal data for use in criminally offensive civilian, economic, and military black operations domestic and foreign which seems to be the reason why they angrily persecute and torture Mr. Assange, IntelCom corruption and the myriad offensives perpetrated by the CIA and FBI (https://theantimedia.com/8-cases-fbi-cia-corruption/, The Most Evil Intelligence Agency in The World – CIA – A summary of its Atrocities (whatwhenwhy.net)), you should see that it is perfectly clear that organized racist corruption in that traditionally self-interested, self-centered, self-serving, and self-justifying pathocracy, mobocracy, plutocratic aristocracy, and national entity is most readily and logically capable of the crime i describe. Let us remember and learn from the darkness and chaos of the past so that we do not return to it.

The U.S. shadow state has plotted and allowed the destruction and murders of innocents (Dr. Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, George Floyd, Elijah McCain, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, etc.) possibly attempting to instigate a racial boogaloo. Their M.O. is the same as the CIA related and most likely created mind control(led) cult “The Family” (https://medium.com/@justinward/was-charles-manson-a-cia-lab-rat-42f167277a05).

Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West (CIA) also studied and experimented with the overdose of psychedelic drugs on unsuspecting people, and animals (the infamous Tusko the elephant incident of August 3, 1962) in the development of the MK ULTRA mind kontrolle program. The police injected Elijah McCain with an overdose of ketamine as they violently assaulted him causing a coma and cardiac arrest from which he did not recover (https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/31/us/ketamine-use-in-police-stops/index.html). Ketamine is not a physical sedative per se as much as a physical disabler and incapacitating agent as it rapidly affects one’s ambulatory and bodily control. More so it is also an extremely powerful psychoactive agent affecting one’s perception of and orientation in space and time. The hallucinogenic effect (called “being in a K-hole”) is akin to the sunken-place in the movie Get Out, or the phantom-zone in Superman, it is like being in another, altered energetic dimension. It is similar to LSD but gnarlier in a less subliminally mental but more externally gritty and temporal way. Time literally slows down and extends, and amnesia is common. Lightweights cannot handle a K session. For this reason it is popular as a recreational drug, and also as a date rape drug. Unable to orient or focus, they blew Mr. McCain’s mind through dark agonizing phantasmagorical and mentally visceral nightmare. The U.S. psychiatric institution is evidently responsible for that appalling idea, field practice, and crime which is as absurd and insane as injecting someone with an overdose of amphetamine, opioid, or LSD to subdue them. A non-lethal injected overdose of ketamine would be expected to cause significant psychological disorientation, distress, damage, and behavioral disruption.

     The U.S. Government is all about justifying snaeky criminal conquest and destructive sociopathic behavior. Their psychology and reasoning is based on their tradition and sense of misogynistic Biblical patriarchy, the story of Noah and Ham and the curse of Canaan, and belief in the barbarian “right of conquest, theft, and ownership” of lands and people. They believe they have a right to violently take from others in order to enrich themselves. They then say that you have “lost” what they have taken, calling you a lame “loser” and as if it was your own fault because of a character defect, or as if it was your decision, or for being tricked like losing a game. They act as if they are not responsible for your loss or suffering. That is textbook sociopathic mentality and abuse.

When ultra-nationalists say Americans, they quite literally only mean white people of Western European descent who devote to their nationalistic shadow state and philosophy. And when they say Government, they quite literally mean the control and employment of the People’s lives. They believe the physical country is their house only, that they are it’s masters by barbarous right of  blood-conquest, and that all others must earn the right to live in it as guests or servants to be assimilated and incorporated if they wish to remain, must speak their language at all times, and conform to their nonsensical divisive narratives, alternate realities, and imposed limitations that define their sociopathocratic “World”. They claim existential and unlimited authority over all including the right to affect, control, manipulate, exploit, deceive, expend, and kill like ego, power, and control tripping sociopathic parents who mistreat and abuse their children as their expendable creations, commodities, and property, and with the “honor/mercy” killing attitude of “I made and brought you into this World, so i can take you out of it. Now how shall I exploit you?”. Like Saturn devouring his son, they try to destroy their children’s lives as a result of their unconscious psychopathological behavior.

That is the dissociated psychopathological personality of the World and pathocratic state, literal psychopaths who obsessively enterprise to mismanage and control our lives, work, circulation, association, community, prosperity, health, and happiness under the false pretenses of being the originator, authority, and provider of security and protection. It is like an abusive relationship. And that the people should even dare to want freedom and justice. 


National Security actually means protecting themselves and their national organization from the negative effects and repercussions of their own offensive and violent international diplomacy, and criminal domestic behavior, abuse, and exploitation. They actually endanger the general public through their actions. 

They believe that the severity of their crimes excuses them from justice because they know that their revelation would shatter the spell and illusion of righteousness, honor, integrity, good intention, responsibility, and care for the People. 

In their hearts and minds they are still sociopathic slavemasters and segregationists mistreating others as a herd of animals. Their definition of government literally means controlling, exploiting, and expending the peoples lives. Heedless of the popular vanguard of social and intellectual evolutionary progress they remain the pathocracy of organized coagulated psychopathology.

Fundamentally people in America and globally are the same psychologically as in the not so long ago hellish horror movie series saga called Slavery and Segregation Days and we are evidently capable of falling to that level of societal madness again. Facilitated by it’s bad brazenly hypocritical example, gaslighting, psyops programs, and sociopathy normalizing societal paradigm system framework the pathocratic U.S. shadow state has begotten and engendered psychopathology in the people, literally trying to make us crazy so that we may be manipulated and controlled. Ignorance, lies, and psychopathologies have been taught and children conditioned and corrupted in an abusive vicious cycle.



The World is the field, board, and endless game between enlightenment and darkness, the learned and the ignorant, order and chaos, the conscious and the insane, and good and evil. It is the middle ground between Hell and Heaven. The offensive subversive competitive anti-social covert psychopathological M.O. is to assail, disrupt, and detrimentally subvert affect other’s mental and physical stability, security, health, and personal circumstances, and to create generally negative, upsetting, and detrimental societal conditions (e.g. dissociated subdivision and strife, community separation, mental health crisis, war, psychodrama, poverty, ignorance, crime, hunger, pandemic, sorrow, misery, apathy, isolation, etc.) in order to take advantage of people psychologically in order to affect, play, manipulate, take and steal, subjugate, dominate, control, and exploit. They do not live and let live. Their mentality is death oriented like demented insatiable predators who lure, suck, and drain their prey through deception by exploiting emotion, trust, disorientation, ego, and delusion.

The mad and cunning wormtongue snake lays low among the reeds and chaparral, slithers thru the shadows, silently coils around, bites, injects its venom, and shares its infection and disease so that it may murder undetected and maintain its disguise, reputation, and false narrative of sanity, respectability, righteousness, honorable success, maturity, worthiness of responsibility, and parental respect.

The worldly governmental system has become a sociopathocratic political pyramid apparatus, theater, and system of majority mob rule, personal power, narrative dictation and management, and public collusion and employment, a game to rule over and control the lives of others and the reins of societal engineering. Its personality is that of a dissociated, inconsiderate, destructive, out of control sociopath at war with itself.

It is absurd that the forces of psychopathology, authoritarianism, sadism, racism, misogyny, scientific ignorance, intellectual suppression, and evolutionary regression are allowed to run for re-normalization and legitimacy through government office, and as if vying for the throne of a system created by God. Government is not God. Psychopathologically corrupted ego tripping narcissistic people in positions of influence, power, responsibility, leadership, and control think that they are Gods. Let us learn from the horrors of the past so that we do not revisit them.

     The artificial sociopathological worldly paradigm is not the natural cosmos or the way we exist. I am not the creation or property of a national state entity, and that considers invasion, war, genocide, slavery, subjugation, and exploitation the necessary evil foundation and framework of it’s existence, whilst telling the people to accept it, get over it, move on and be okay with the damage done with no redress, and to get with the program whilst they themselves continue to capitalize and dominate upon their ill begotten gains. It is a classic worldly theme.

We are not temporary visitors here on Earth but actual nodes of univers🌞ul consciousness and trees of the cosmos. We are the cosmos learning and enlightening itself. We are the cosmos focusing and realizing itself. I am eternal soul, light, and energy. I am re-borne. The eternal immortal family tree remembers it’s root and awakens from the dream.

One need not be a F. Douglas, H. Tubman, S. Holmes, N. Drew, L Lane, A. Einstein, J. Bond, A. Jedi, J. Garcia, C. Xavier, T. Telcontar, Olde Greyhame, Scooby Doo, or the unfortunate recipient of racist institutionalized misconduct, mistreatment, abuse, and trauma to recognize this case’s credibility, legitimacy, and clout, and to perceive the obvious truth, significance, connections, correlations, patterns, parallels, implications, deductions, estimations, and conclusions on our present circumstances.

The World is upside down (sociopathic chaos is good and universal order is bad), and organized psychopathological criminal corruption in America and its worldwide axis have been making aggressive and coordinated gaslit moves under a blood-slick umbrella to radical administration and law replacement, insurrection, take over, and treasonous mutiny to the forceful regaining and total control of the ship of government and society in order to willfully steer and regress us back to racist self-absorbed sociopathic psychostate, authoritarian tyranny, and Antebellum chattel slavery and misogyny. 

And as we sailed thru the rough chaotic black seas and gloomy gloamy space of dire straits from the sworling clouds of charcoal-grey fog the terrible flaming tip of a most ominous, dark, ghostly, and mountainous iceberg did emerge perilously close and directly in front of us. Apparently we attempted evasive action but alas it has torn a wound in our flank. One could assume the worst, the sum of all fears, even endgame.




     This report is also an alarm and Fair Warning to alert you. I write this plea to the general public and court council to honor the circle, table, and presiding court, and to make treat and appeal for what it is worth with the U.S. Government and with whom else it may concern.

Also to represent myself and my House in court, testify, prove my case and innocence, clear up the matter for all interested, clear my name and vindicate myself, and defend my House and circle.

Also to protect against past, present, and further aggressive offensive actions and operations wrongly and pretentiously justified by false accusations and false “official” psychological and criminal classification and designation including: further supervision, infringement, tresspass, mistreatment, disruption, obstruction, restriction, incarceration, injury, pretentious and presumptuous shenanigans and mischief, sociopolitical intrigue, counterintelligence, psyops, handling, framing, investigation, espionage, theft, sabotage, rendition, deportation, etc.

Also to provide proof to disbelievers and naysayers, to disprove those who have acted in conspiracy against me in complicity, collusion, coordination, opportunism, and contribution, to untangle a web of lies, and to dispel and squash all disinformation, misunderstanding, confusion, delusion, and denial. This is not a matter of belief, this is a matter of proof and truth.

My will is benevolent, sympathetic, and fair. My intention is good, i mean no disrespect, offense, insult, ill will, or harm towards any party. I am not a critic, my serious assessment and description of things is not personal judgement.

My wish is health and harmony for all, and to live in peace, privacy, and freedom.

I require immediate rescue, relief, and remedy, the official record to be set straight, appropriate protections, and appropriate compensation settlement. 

I am seeking legal guidance, representation, assistance, and to legally resolve this matter through the grace and mercy of the court. And it’s also really easy money too, if that is a concern.

The perpetrating parties must conduct appropriate court judicial and settlement business with me in a professional and timely manner.

I am also seeking aid from anyone willing to come forward with info and intel in private confidence, or to help call them out, bear witness, and testify to this matter. I know more than a few of you who have knowledge of it, or who have observed it, or who have heard and helped to circulate the covert dissemination and hyped advertisement of state produced weaponized disinformation and false narrative. This fact proves my assertions. They had to advertise this matter themselves in order to establish, propagate, and perpetuate their offensive operations. Resultantly the perpetrators are responsible for creating a very big deal and chaotic commotion creating psychological stress, anger, distrust, mistrust, and intrigue. By lying to and disinforming the public in an “official” capacity they have manipulated and involved them in their dramatic play, ploy, and oppressive offensive conspiracy. They have in fact effectively employed the general public. Because of this my public testimony is recognizable by the court and people as admissible and carrying the weight of linchpin as the cosmic table turns. They knew at least subconsciously the chances they took and the steep stakes at risk of daring to play the cards of grossly repulsive inflammatory weaponized disinformation and psychosocial manipulation in the casino and theater of sociopolitical gaming, and of daring to go beyond the shadows to plumb the forbidden depths of dark statecraft, psychosorcery, and biological alchemy. And so beyond the shadows they fall. (https://caitlinjohnstone.substack.com/p/want-to-serve-the-empire-help-circulate).

Many have been personally distressed, confused, upset, misled, abused, seriously injured, and drastically effected collaterally by this state sanctioned domestic terrorism social conspiracy, anti-personal field counterintelligence psyop, social commotion, lynch mob, and anti-intellectual anti-Aquarian pogrom, especially in the UCLA student and faculty community, West Coast progressive communities, and the Global Grateful Dead set, scene, lot, and tour since 1989 at least. It is part of the continuation of offensive destructive counterintelligence and field mkpsyops begun in the early-mid-60’s in the Haight/Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco and the Greenwich Village of New York City.


Our innocent, optimistic, beautiful, and all too naive and unwitting rainbow family of living light and gathering of progressive intellectual community has been set upon by shadowy translucent predators, war pigs and snakes disguised in sheep’s, wolf’s, fool’s, and Angel’s clothing infiltrating us, manipulating us like a herd, preying upon our ego, fears, insecurities, ignorances, wounds and weaknesses, and culling us like Langoliers. They have exploited me to mark and hunt like-minded others. Be aware and beware.

This is the deal. This is my deal. This is our deal. It is still a very big deal on Grateful Dead tour and the street that needs to be cleared up. So now the crux of the cosmic biscuit is will you now knowingly let that deal go down? Coincidentally it does remind one of the Biblical narrative of the fate of Jesus, and of the mob’s decision (minions and allies of the Jewish leadership, aristocracy, and chief priests) to release Barabbas and condemn Jesus to crucifixion, literally choosing the path at the crossroads that led directly to the social persecution of progressives and a new Dark Age affecting much of the World and lasting nearly two millennia.

This is a very dire warning, as the saying goes “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”.

So no one knows about this matter, is that right? I hope that you care. I am looking for those who do. It seems like many are too easily swayed off balance by psychologically manipulative hype. I hope that you have not been played, manipulated, and altered. I hope that you are willing to assist me.

Willful disregard of this matter is contribution to a diabolical shadow state and world of corruption and racist injustice as it is to align oneself with psychopathology, darkness, and chaos. How does one think that they will not be affected by allowing the total oppression, robbing, and denial of lives by an offensive government administration? Do they think that they are getting the better part of a deal? It was marketed as a state sanctioned vigilante sacrificial scapegoating, and as if there is safety, favor, and advantage in the game of scapegoat musical chairs for those who sit down and shut up. But the public is actually sanctioning the same racist, brutal, sociopathic, and covert domestic terrorism, counterintelligence, and psyops tactics upon itself. What horror we allow unto others we allow upon ourselves. Through trying to help others we may help ourselves. To align oneself with truth is to align oneself with light, justice, and the creative order of the cosmos. It is light which guides us thru darkness, and which protects us from predatory animals within. Through light comes healing, learning, growth, and perception.


The Grateful Dead songs Darkstar, Touch of Grey, Fire on the Mountain, Friend of the Devil, Bertha, Sugaree, Deal, Loser, Viola Lee Blues, Truckin’, Unbroken Chain, Dire Wolf, Skeletons in the Closet, Ripple, Wake of the Flood, The Wheel, Terrapin Station, and many others describe aspects of the overall scenario. The music of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia is most concerned with what it going on sociopolitically and psychologically. Music, art, literature, and learning are all manifestations and expressions of evolutionary consciousness.

I sincerely hope this in depth report reflects a little gentle true spirit to illuminate and clarify your understanding of all things and events, and is a piece in your own overall and personal cosmic mystery of life puzzle, Dreamtime, and Cloud Atlas that provides an “omg, aha, oh yeah, duh, it all makes sense now!” realization and satori assisting with your navigation, negotiation, and zen thru the gloaming phantasmal nightmarish fields, forests, and seas of American and International psychopathology, and to your survival. After all, one must be aware of the big picture in order to see things and events in perspective. Please watch out for sudden storms, avalanche, volcanic eruption, tsunami, tempest, flood, landslides, etc. Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. It is through mistakes and tests that we are meant to learn. The more we learn the more we see. You will see how my testimonial proof makes sense, unlike the government’s literal he said she said disinformation and theatrical narrative production. You have heard their “side” of the story and matter, now you will hear mine. You may Venmo me @treeborne if you find the telling worth your time. It would assist me greatly, and i would really appreciate it.

cats small


     A quick and easy check and investigation of my accusations, testimony, report, and analysis, the abundance of facts and evidence, and court records, relevant documentation, and psychological and police incident report analysis (see appendix at bottom) is all that is needed to vet, verify, and prove my report and case in a court of truth and law. The logic, sense, and truth of this report is evident, plain, and obvious. I have already done enough investigative work and here provided sufficient evidence and material to literally prove my case beyond any doubt. My evidence is actual, factual, direct, hard, physical, solid, heavy, substantial, detailed, logical, verifiable, compelling, convincing, insurmountable, and overwhelming, whereas theirs against me is nonexistent, manufactured, fictional, lies, secret false testimony and accusation, personal feelings, prejudiced opinions, assumption, presumption, hearsay, perjured, coerced, conjectural, insubstantial, inconsequential, and therefore moot (bulls###, to excuse the technical term). Any evidence they claim to have has not been presented for my defense, and would not stand up to questioning and scrutiny. Unsupported and unsubstantiated verbal allegations, alleged statements, and prejudiced subjective interpretations are not evidence or proof, no matter from whom.

Further failure to respond, or attempt at defense to righteous justification by the perpetrators, further obstruction of justice, or to continued offense and prosecution can only be regarded as absurd, contemptuous insult, default, dismissed, and judgement made by the court in favor of the plaintiff.

It is legal to solve and prove one’s own case, is it not?

This report is comprehensive and in order. My reasoning is sound and analysis of the factual scenario logical. My legal arguments make sense and their integrity is supported by irrefutable evidence, fact, and proof. My language, detailed description, and communication of the who, what, how, why, where, and when of the matter is honest, clear, simple, and solid. I am merely a scribe who states the obvious truth. The merits of this case are incontestable. I have utilized the fundamentals of law and psychology, and also observation of the experience to explain their machinations. I have also utilized art, film, media, and a musical soundtrack to illuminate aspects of the matter. All reported details in this case report are provable in a court of truth and law, and i have proven my case six ways to Sunday. I absolutely demand a transparent, expedited, and proper vetting, investigation, and resolution by the U.S. Senate Intelligence committee or appropriate court of truth and justice. 

In plain and technical language, prose, metaphorically, and in so many words i have definitively described and stated the facts and proof which absolutely demand investigation by the U.S. government. The common sense of and intelligence in this report demands immediate respect, attention, and address. I hereby declare my testimony to be the truth. 

I hope you find this report an easy enough read and ride, worthy of your respect, chock full o’ vital information and food for thought, a fair assessment, and an illuminating experience. I hope I have done a decent job of the task. I am working to polish its unedited roughness and inevitable typos. Nonetheless, you should get the point of what I am saying, you should have some sense of what I mean. I do appreciate your patience and bearing with me. I know there is a lot left to edit. I have been put through a lot, and it is a lot to cover. 

     This shocking cold-shower eye opening revelation and mind blowing knock your sox’s off exposé should be of vital importance to those personally concerned with or professionally interested in the American Government and networks of psychopathological corruption in regional infrastructure and resource management, public health and safety, and the judicial system of relief and redress. This slam dunk home run blow-out watershed landmark case has the agency to be utilized to effect real positive governmental reform and reassessment of it’s functions and duties, and progress towards a societal organization and management free of subdivided sociopolitics, irrational sociopathic pseudoscientific (biological and psychological) philosophical adherence and propagation, and shadowpathocratic subjection to oppressive control. By addressing our most critical issues we may figure out ways to mitigate and solve them. This case and matter could be your ace of spades.



Government is the management of an organization and administration whose job and service is to maintain the welfare of the people and to coordinate assistance and relief. The shadowcracy of organized and coordinated psychopathology endeavors to control the reins of government in order to fool, confuse, manipulate, divide, control, dominate, abuse, exploit, and expend the people. 

This case is like a gift from the Gods. Expedient judicial legal process of this matter can be a saving grace and rescue lifeline to keep us all from being taken by the echoing gale and swept into the abyss of chaos, despair, and darkness. We really cannot afford to let this matter go on unaddressed for it is a crucially critical litmus test of the U.S., U.N., and International Court system, and of do we actually have an honorable justice system administration that believes in truth, honor, and proof, and not one that still ultimately exists to serve the self-interests of the racist sociopathological shadow state. There can be no objective and impartial justice in a sociopathocratic State. Lack of proper judicial response to this matter reveals the organization and influence of the shadow state.

Hopefully you hear my voice, listen to and recognize it’s veritas and gravitas, and if need be flash, grok, remember the way, take heed, take stock, check yourselves and reality, snap out of the spell you may be under or psychotrip hanging you up (we must learn to transcend), come to your senses, see the light and truth of reality, get the picture, perhaps be inspired to a good natured chuckle, cheeky snicker, or tear, see the way forward, stay clean, get yourself together mentally, do the math, do the personal transcendental psychological energy-work, exercise, and positive transformation, and learn from this report so that all of our travails, and trials endured, and sacrifices made serve to alert, inform, concern, remind, illuminate, and enlighten. Don’t be a bloody fool, go back to the school, class, auditorium, and teacher of life, experience, and the Universe. It is self-explanatory as the expression goes. We face final examinations.

     This matter could not have happened without the purposeful and deep psychologically conditioning and programming affects and effects of institutionalized racism and pseudoscience, competition (the base artificial economic game of survival), class inequality, religious psychomanipulation and abuse, ultranationalistic indoctrination, theatrical psychodrama, blanket subliminal psyops, personal abuse trauma, and the resultant psychopathology, dissociation, inattention, memory loss, apathy, and proclivity to sociopathic narcissistic collusion and conscious and unconscious self-interested participation in coordinated offensive criminal conspiracy and action as tools of the shadow state. There are a lot of people lying, and a lot of people being lied to. There are a lot of people who do not care to be fair in their consideration and judgement of things. There are a lot of people conditioned to dictation who do not care to question or study. And there are a lot of people being left out in the dark and cold about things and going ons.

As remains grossly and painfully obvious, worldly society and paradigm has never been free or fair. That is a gaslit theatrical facade and put on, cheesy production and show, sugarcoated false narrative, schmaltzy deceptive comforting story told to children, encouraging deception told to youth and young adults, collective delusion, and alternative reality. Our primary freedom of association and to the pursuit of happiness, self-fulfillment, and independent self-sustainability is actually selectively granted and arbitrarily allowed by the sociopathological shadow state.

Many define themselves and measure their worth by their work for the economic system, nation state, and it’s industrial complexes. Working competitively subdivided by indoctrination, identity, circumstances, drama, and selfish self-interest influences and maintains the inequality, unfairness, and brutality of the global sociopolitical economic system which allows people to unjustly but “legally” profit from the sociopolitical humanitarian drama and crises going on.

For example, the pharmaceutical industry grossly profits from the Covid-19 crisis, which has resulted in the unequal distribution of vaccines, which has resulted in the propagation, extension, and complication of the devastating pandemic in the Third World and Globally. 

The military industrial and contractor complex is another obvious example.

Many millions of innocent people are suffering and painfully dying for economic profit and political control? There is no sane excuse for such actions, therefore it can only be seen as an intentional and offensive crime. The sociopolitical economic system is enabling definitively offensive and dissociated madness, inequality, suffering, and death. Evidently we must rise above it or perish.

What many call responsibility might actually be working for what is ultimately a racist sociopathic ultranationalistic shadow organization and its societal control system and herd management operation which is manipulating them psychologically in order to exploit them physically in order to dominate economically in order to offensively operate,  dominate, and control militarily. The U.S. military budget has averaged 700 Billion since 2008.

Many have been conditioned psychologically to not see, acknowledge, or to even deny the oppression, imposed dramatic and physical circumstances, and pain of others (whilst ironically benefiting and profiting from it) so that they may egotistically proclaim with hubris that they “work”, “hustle”, and “earn a living” in an equitable and fair system. They ignorantly choose to believe that everyone enjoys the same level of freedom, comfort, and opportunity as they do. They like to complain about people “not working” for the capitalist state economic system but fail to appreciate that to withstand and endure the physical and psychological assault, subjugation, and horror of institutional oppression and control is to “work”, and then furthermore blame the subjugated, disadvantaged, and marginalized for the non-functionality of the World’s system of cruel competitive uncivilized inequality that they themselves willfully devote themselves to and participate in as life or death players going for self or nation in games of interpersonal manipulation, personal power and self-interest, economic “business”, wealth accumulation, street level chance and casino high stakes, Monopoly, Risk, war, long term schemes, planning, and machinations, riding bandwagons and machinations of false narrative, scapegoat musical chairs, Hide and Seek with the Devil, making deals with the Devil, selling your soul to the Devil, playing cards with the Devil with your soul as the stake, dancing with the Devil, sex and sleeping with the Devil, and the modern crime mob pyramid and underground Thunderdome in order to “get over” and work with the grinding wheel of the Worldly system, program, apparatus, and paradigm. Therefore those calling poor marginalized oppressed people a burden and liability on society are in fact the sociopathically conditioned minions of an apathetic psychopathological vampiric organization, system, and enterprise that is managing, exploiting, expending, and clowning the people. Participation in the state capitalist system should actually be optional, but the system seeks to manipulate, bind, control, subvert, and sabotage those individuals and communities whom would organize to be independent, self-sustaining, and free.

Many enjoy their horror begotten booty, spoils, gains, lands, resources, advantages, and arsenals too much to care for truth and justice. They are psychologically corrupted, dissociated, and drunk on personal power. They show an inability to process scientific logic, sense, receive and register information, or see something from an other’s perspective. News is only what they perceive affects or interests them personally.

The Shadow State and it’s minions feel that brutally offensive old school shady snaeky racist dog eat dog tactics are natural and so they may actually want chaos and may actually be engineering the breakdown of functioning coordinated civil society, civil social protection and justice infrastructure, essential services like fire, rescue, ambulance, hospital, and vital resource and food distribution so that they might take further advantage, dominate, subjugate, and control. Such is the methodology of psychopaths and racist anti-intellectual culture war. A medieval biblical dystopian Mad Max scenario suits them being most conducive to villainy, ratchetness, grime, slime, misogyny, and slavery. 

the mob rules

Basically the sociopathic personality does not want others to be at peace and happy, to experience true love, to be free to enjoy life and the Universe, or to be at home here (as they they are not), and does not want to see the world reunited and unified in oneness, sunshine, understanding, peace, love, bear hugging, tree hugging, and harmony. It really wants to impede and deprive others of their freedom and and experience of natural life. Rather than fair equality it would interfere, meddle, obstruct, subvert, sabotage, divide, and prevent such balance, allowing the world to be engulfed in flames, chaos, ignorance, and darkness, and dragging it into the grave after themselves. Sociopaths live in a world of falsehood, delusion, and psychopathology and shun the universal light of truth that can save and heal them. Daylight is needed to see one’s self, condition, and circumstances.

The thing about being out of your mind is that you are not conscious of being out of your mind. So some people really do be trippin’. Many are literally mad psychotic and interact thru the world like aggressive, turbulent offensive depressing life-draining black hole hurricane maelstrom gyres of darkness, negativity, aggression, disagreement, stress, unpleasantness, annoyance, agitation, instigation, instability, confusion, upset, complication, corruption, chaos, anger, distraction, disruption, damage, and destruction. They are sick, self-destructive, thirsty, grifting, opportunistic, invasive, exploitive, hypocritical, obnoxious, egomaniacal, can’t be wrong or admit mistake, opinionated, criticizing, condescending, jealous, judgmental, discourteous, insulting, hurtful, and shameless people. Their actions are intended to create imbalance and chaos. Their time is spent offensively trespassing, desecrating, draining, wasting, and using other people’s time, energy, and resources, and adding insult to injury. Their legacy is mad drama, horror, death, and darkness.


But the Primordial, Primal, and Eternal Law of the Forest, Jungle, Desert, and Sea is Respect, and the people of the World have offensively trespassed beyond the pale too far and for too long.


The World is wheeling off center, out of order, and out of control. It is questionable if even Jesus can save us now, whom apparently is our designated appointed champion and savior for a reason believe it or not.

Let us try to remember to try to help Jesus, the Prophets, the Avatars, the Angels, the Night Watch, and the evolutionary transcendental Order of Christ (of the Anointed) by trying to do everything we can to help the innocents and the children of the globe besieged, captivated, toiling, sick and starving, refugees from the cross-fire, suffering the injustices of a mad chaotic cold world. Their sacrifices are great. They are the true representatives of Jesus.

And also so that we may all receive God’s mercy and grace for i fear that we have been conditioned like rats and monkeys to not see, hear, feel, or speak of certain conspicuous evils, activities, and bleeding white elephants, and have been wallowing like pigs in a pen and so many lobsters and crabs in a pot being tested, played, gamed, strung along, milked, juiced, and set up, and that the horrendous redrum shenanigans that many have allowed, participated in, profited or benefited from, rationalized and acceded to, facilitated and enabled, ignored and feigned ignorance to, bent to, caved to, hid from, tsk-tsk’d, mocked, laughed at or were entertained by like eating popcorn in the bleachers of the global sociopolitical theater watching a horror movie marathon are now coming back to haunt us all like in the dramatic films The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, The Shining, Salem’s Lot, Lovecraft Country, Logan’s Run, Re-Animator, the found footage one where the group of teenagers sneak into the Bohemian Grove during a Summer Encampment ceremony, the darker Twillight Zone episodes including “To Serve Man”, and the plethora of films with giant denizens from the deep wherever awoken, freed, and pissed off by the destruction to the Ozone layer and Global Warming of our planets Atmosphere, Oceans, and Crust, mining too deeply into the Earth, destruction of Forests, assorted Undersea and Underground military activities, lethally toxic and DNA altering pollution, mountains, pits, and gyres of garbage, critically extensive damage to the biosphere, ecosystem, and environment and resultant discombobulation, and the psychopathological bad vibes of a lot of the population and general overall bulls##t going on. Apparently we have brought it upon ourselves. Apparently death was not the universal escape we may have wished for in our past lives and episodes. And so now, once again,”It’s a wrap!” as they say in Hollywood. I think we’ve seen similar scenarios play out before, so sadly prospects seem grim for our collective recovery this time considering the current state of affairs. But apparently and thankfully there may still be a few moments left to turn around to the right direction, that is if we really don’t want to die, or even worse, go to Hell. The World does seem to have a masochistic issue and unconscious deathwish it needs to work out. It really does go to show that you don’t ever know, so watch each card you play, and play it slow. 


The Madness. The Drama. The Brutality. The Atrocity. The Tragedy. The Horror. 

But, oh yeah, all that snaeky ungrateful invasion, psychopathic genocide, sadistic slavery, sociopathocratic offense, disrespectful and slick exploitive imperialism, bloody war, racist and misogynistic oppression, and rebellious recalcitrance to honor and justice happened ages and eons ago, so it doesn’t matter now, so we should all try to work on and get over our own psychological character shortcomings so that we can get over it and spend our time earning our living and our place in semi-relative freedom, we only live once they say.

But everything we do does comes back to us somehow. We are indeed ultimately subject to the laws of causality, physics, and energy. As deep as a mystic mirror, karma is a cosmic matrix. We coexist as parts of a physical circular system seeking equilibrium. Our own behavior affects the greater matrix of the eternal cosmos. Even the way we react to, think about, treat, and feel about things matters. 

We must all work very hard together to hear and focus, address, mend, and heal the horrors of this creepy green and lurid magenta florescent blacklight gaslit haunted castle and dismal Dismayland distraction and abusement park raging all aflame and compelling us to action.  

     Like in a Faerie tale of olde as in the Battle of Evermore an ancient, evil Shadow Pathocracy and it’s armies of chaos have for ages campaigned in overt and secret wars against the Realms of Terrazen on Arda and the evolutionary dawn of light, comprehension of existence, and great cosmic awakening of self-realization, maturity, fulfillment, and fruition by besieging the innocent youth and good people of Eru Illuvatar, and sowing seeds of confusion, contention, and destructive psychopathology subdividing the Tree of Universoul consciousness and its people into species, races, spectrums, and opposing factions of egocentric individuals thus enabling the invasion, binding, and possession of the peoples and lands and usurpation of the Global Round Table and Galactic Temple (only the Temple of Rock and Roll holds fast, withstands, and survives), and the shrouding of the World in woolen clouds of inky oily toxic miasma dimly and hauntingly illuminated within by the faint random intermittent flicker of electrics belying the frightful fracturing, cataclysmic clashing, and Earth shaking boooms roaring through space to shiver stone and bone.

It now appears that the U.S. government administration is defining U.S. National Security as the defense of the criminal interests of that Deified Necromonger neuromancer sorceror shadow entity sitting atop a sacrificial alter assembled atop a sky scraping pyramid tomb dictating lies, false narratives, and alternative realities to control the lives of “We the People” who have slaved to build it. We are like a herd of kine managed by masked handlers. Many have been taken psychologically, psychically, and physically possessed, or turned, or are willingly in bed with their Master of Puppets and dark Overlords of Chaos, and even offer up their babies and youth to the sacrificial alter and fire pit, or cauldron of hideous transmogrification to become brood, and collude and conspire to usher in our ultimate doom like the stone-cold batshit crazy Strigoi cults of Kronos, Moloch, Cthulhu, and others. Dissociated, demented, deranged, and ferine they believe that collusion and the offering of sacrificial innocents will appease, please, and reward them with a surprise party bloodbath Sabbath orgy frenzy, all-you-can-eat grisly ghastly barbecue, deep fry wok tempura, dumpling, tapas, hors d’oeuvre, and sashimi feast and “wine” drinking contest, and ticket for a stairway to heaven on which to escape the upheavals now upon us all as the World attempts to reset itself while the natural Cosmos protests and works to rebalance itself. They wished to be “taken” away by the flood. For them there will be no escape, except mayhaps within positive inner transformation, and God’s love, mercy, and redemption.

And if perchance some stranger or even someone close asks you if you would like to become a Vampire, my urgent warning and advice is to courteously say no, and to keep your strict distance and boundaries, because they’re being nice to you for some reason by asking. Know that you would be selling your integrity, dignity, sanity, self-control, body, and soul, and that it is a real bitch to exorcise and negotiate back.       

Do Watch this short film with care:



There is literal real actual f##king horror happening here and in broad daylight. You will experience it more so when you realize and see what has actually been going on around here. It is the what is and what should never be and the thing that should not be. We must face it or perish. If it does not scare you straight and wake you the F### up then you are already lost to death.

We have been entranced, captivated, and enthralled by a Gothic theater of deception and lost in a subliminally sadistic Melnibonean midnight Noir Halloween festival, soft-parade, masquerade ball, soiree, and part-tayy… and so now with a slow, sleepy, dreamy Itis, so subtle and sly low-key approach, and then sudden dreadful presence like a Pompeian volcano and Atlantean tsunami the fine and exotic gourmet dining, new and Old-Time music festival, dancing, risqué seduction, wild fun and group debauchery, selfie photography, spoken word poetry, and film screenings are over, the psychodramatic theatrical productions are played out, the black velvet curtains and masks are coming down, and the impending peril that we sense is anxiously close, viscerally tense, and overwhelmingly real for everyone. (*Only the live-streaming continues…).




And so with the grim, gnarly, and fragile development of infinite gravity, evolutionary and existential crisis, and extinction level event like unto an origin scenario on Bizarro Krypton, a perfect storm and cascading shitshow of deadly mutating out of control world transforming COVID-19 pandemic, racist, unfairly selective, and for profit medical system, global critical sociopathological pandemic, madness, ignorance, and existential crisis and dilemma, potential Holocaust (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/holocaust, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_(sacrifice), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burnt_offering_(Judaism)), nuclear brinksmanship and potential for nuclear war (Carl Sagan on nuclear winter @ https://youtu.be/2xBequjDEX0), darkness, chaos, upheaval, multinational war, civil unrest, global humanitarian crisis and suffering, Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of Balance), critical levels of environmental pollution, discombobulation, destruction, and crisis like unto the film FernGully, and potential inevitable epochal terraforming catastrophe for humanity, biosphere, and ecosystem (Humanity is literally destroying and dismantling its own spaceship as we sit in it sailing thru the vacuum of space. Carl “Jor-El” Sagan on the climate change crisis, psychopathology, and extraterrestrial life @ https://youtu.be/9Xz3ZjOSMRU & https://youtu.be/Hez5MyKQIMs), mystic, astrological, and historical prophecy and signs, the thunder of Horsemen, the Echoes of the Music of the Ainur, The Return of the Gods of Rock and Roll, Sultans of Swing, Kings of Hip Hop, and Slayer Shamans, the awaiting of the revelation of the AntiChrist, rivers running red and tides turning black, plagues of pestilence and locusts, displaced, destitute, persecuted, and unwanted multitudes roaming the Earth, random and unprepared for natural and sociopolitical tests, trials, and dangers from the greater Outerspace (and what would the sociopatholocial Shadow State who evidently controls government and represents the inhabitants of Earth do in such a scenario?), God knows what else, and the surreal mythically unfolding mysty psychocryptical envelopment of depressing demoralizing debilitating gloomy melancholy blues and despair, biting howling echoing winds, tumultuous obsidian seas and barreling freight train surf, dark ominous sworling stormclouds and torrential downpour, starless sky, and the sinuously billowing escape of an obscure and nebulous ichorous miasma from over the stark jagged edge of a grey mountainous crater’s brim surrounding the yawning shadowy void and chill jet awake raven’s eye of a lunar abyss on the dark side of the eclipsing moon, i bid you welcome to my nightmare. We are now at a collective crossroads. The road sign says Heaven one way, Hell the other. If this does not scare you straight and wake you the F### up then you are already lost to death.



Screen Shot 2021-10-17 at 11.31.37 PM

So please d0 ingest this red pill, and allow me to tighten your laces as we will now take a walk in my shoes down the stony track of a hidden, shadowy, steep, deep, and dark elephant sized rabbit hole. Through it you may escape the doom of the sociopathic habitrail matrix and necromonger narrative, if that is your soul’s intention. (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-39193347). I discovered it by listening to the elephant in the room. His name is Tusko. (https://www.theguardian.com/science/2004/feb/26/research.science)

The way is a hard challenging long strange trip tour journey to traverse, so please do beware to maintain your careful step, stealth, wits, and use of guardrails, to not stray from the path, to keep awareness on coms, and to explore only with your eyes, as within there be wrothful ethereal ancestor ghosts and spirits, Dementor wraiths and dark phantasm, gangs of snaeky Orcs, hordes of lost souls devolved into shrunken wretched piranha-like zombies called Gollums (for the guttural blood curdling cries made through misshapen throats), mysterious psychic sexy seductive chromatophor coat wearing shape-shifting carnivorous blobs, lawful neutral and solitary, sentinel, silent, and sable alphabeasts, random adventurers and emissaries, carnivorous sentient Flora, leviathan beasts and dinosaurs, Elementals, Titans, Furies, and an Antediluvian monster manual of creatures.

We must also try to remember to avoid touching the musty slimy moist fleshy gray egg pods (they are not Easter eggs) and each other unnecessarily and inappropriately, and to strive to overcome ego and fear (if the boots fit) for we will face crucial tests of  conscience, character and who we are, integrity, attention, and presence. We must ultimately learn to recognize, deal, cope, treat, and address the horrors of psychopathological darkness, madness, and chaos ever going on in the World, and hideously evil deeds revealed.

So then, if we listen very hard as we must to appreciate our perilous circumstances, and resultantly grow and learn to keep clean, to pay mental attention, to care for our situation, and fragile environmental cosmos, and for ourselves and each other’s welfare with a certain level of positive respect, appreciation, honor, reverence, humility, grace, mercy, patience for patients, intelligence, maturity, remembered innocence and goodness, understanding, responsibility, stability, and soulpower we may yet have time on the plastic cosmic clock to “change the road we’re on”, correct ourselves, and return to order, balance, integrity, and collective sanity, and so to negotiate past Hela’s terrible underground denizens (or to escape their traps, lairs, and free the captive population of slaves from their dungeon caves, adamantium souls intact altho skeletons wrapped in tattered rags, skin crusted from toiling in the mines, pits, and fields of crystal and stone, and working dangerous strange monstrous heavy metal machinery) and so to navigate our way thru the weird midnight Realms of Mordor and the Underworld and its eerie damp bio-luminous labyrinthine terrain, the narrow path flexuously undulating up and down and around through the spaciously vast and endless dank heady atmospheric caverns of menacing mesozoic otherworldly domains, cautiously creeping around the scary perimeters of rancid cold black lagoons, viscous boiling lakes, and silent seas to then burrow into a rough towering side wall to worm downwards (sometimes requiring crawling) thru long toothy slithering tunnels of thick black sulfurous smoke, and skirting along the ledges of shifty, slick, razor-sharp grater-edged obsidian galleries and crevasses sliding down over Styx’s pulsating arteries of molten magma and veins of glossy opalescent incandescent lava, to then trek upwards emerging into the vacuously moaning whirlwinds echoing all around as we cross a web of natural bridges connecting a field of colossal fractalline stalactites suspended over a murky abysmal sea of space, and then inching thru the icy vacuum ferociously scouring the craggy precipice rims and slippery vortex worn steps and rails spiraling down and back up around the interior walls and voids of bottomless black Stygian pits, thankfully avoiding disaster and the endless plunge into oblivion.

And so anyway, from there we may gradually ascend upon the path now illumined by the soft phosphorescent indigo glow of subterranean stardust winding upwards thru caves of twinkling and glittering amethyst and astral ultraviolet twilight to finally reemerge within an ancient yet lightly weathered and wonderfully carven with elegant cosmic Om’s and sacred geometry stone sanctuary, temple, and court surrounding a generous misty fountainhead playing in the rainbow shafts of the day’s early light streaming in through prismatic windows, and clear light emanating from the wide skylight crown of an arching aezure celestial dome inlaid with illuminated stellar constellations and quicksilver galaxies, adorned with jeweled planets, and borne aloft by mighty red and orange columns surrounded in relief by white phoenixes and elephants, black, gold, and crystal dragons and lions, gray spotted snow leopards, brown and panda bears, and by the fraiche cool fragrance infused aire of dewy radiant emerald gardens and orchards awash in the light misty rain and dulcet joyous sylvan song of roosters, owls, turtledoves, seabirds, honeybees, hummingbirds, butterfly wings, cowbells, windmills, laughter, chimes, flutes, pipes, saxophones, trumpets, harps, vibraphone, Hammond B-3 organ w/effects, grand piano, Moog synth w/theremin, Marshall stacks, guitars, bass, sitars, tambura, drums, gongs splashing, and temple bells oscillating sublime thru the invisible aqueous magical quintessence bearing the dandelion dust, pollen, lady bugs, and dragonfly nymphs of rustic wildflower, sweet berry, daisy, sage, and blooming heather meadows, misty bucolic pastures, dreamy ethereal park, and aromatic fields of tender barley and ripe tawny ganja dancing rapturously free and groovy in the gorgeous soundscapes and breezes sworling, fresh from the noble evergreen hills, valleys, and misty steppes ascending to prismatic snow crowned mountains behind, and salty from an unseen sea below.

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The leafy trail then meanders down the broad kinetic kaleidoscopic tapestry of a forested country vale alongsides intoxicating effervescent clear glassy aquasylvan streams merrily murmuring and fluidly rustling through roots of manzanita and sighing boughs of willow, babbling and frothing around speckled stones and mossy boulders, rolling thru knotty knolls covered by stands of aspen and groves of bamboo, and idling under wooden bridges to rush down rapids thru shady glens to reemerge and wind upon wide turfy misty lawns to be graced by waterlilies, orchids, peacocks, flamingos, cranes, egrets, herons, and wild horses to then spiral thru steaming geothermal healing springs pouring over and down the steps of infinity Ocean Vista tub ledges cascading showers into bubbly misty maze-like grottos and pools to then thread thru exquisitely pleasant shade and sunbeam dappled groves of coconut, date, cashew, and pomegranate, and glades of tall reeds, lotus, and koi flanked by banks of rich soil and ferns and beds of thick cushiony spiraling long grass and ivy… their satiny supple lustrous crystalline flow reflecting the mystic majestic rainbow sky, pearlescent moon, and puffy fluffy watercolor clouds drifting to the luminous opalescent aquamarine and baby-blue sapphire and lapis sea sparkling, horizon shimmering, rippling curling waves glistening and glinting… the echoes of a timeless distant tide whispering and willowing across the ivory surfwash lather and black and cinnamon sands through the warm glorious scintillescent sunlight of a beautiful new dawn.

After all, the reason and purpose of life is to experience, to learn, to comprehend, to grow, to evolve, and to transcend together as a people.


“If the Thunder don’t get ya, then the Lightning will!” -The Wheel, lyrics by Robert Hunter 


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Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time.. for y’all have knocked.. her.. up. I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the Universe.. I was not offended, for I knew I had to rise above it all, or drown in my own shit.


No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee and accuse you in judgment thou shalt refute and deem guilty in the eyes of the Lord. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, and their vindication is from me, so saith the Lord.

 -Isaiah 54:17

Cursed is the one who misleads a blind person on the road. Cursed is the one who moves his neighbor’s boundary marker. Cursed is the one who attacks his neighbor secretly. Cursed is the one who takes a bribe to kill an innocent person. Cursed is the one who perverts justice for the resident foreigner, the orphan, and the widow. 

                                                                   -Deuteronomy 27

 The seed is the word of God. Those on the path are the ones who have heard, but the Devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts that they may not believe and be saved. Those on rocky ground are the ones who, when they hear, receive the word with joy, but they have no root; they believe only for a time and fall away in time of trial. As for the seed that fell among thorns, they are the ones who have heard, but as they go along, they are choked by the anxieties and riches and pleasures of life, and they fail to produce mature fruit. But as for the seed that fell on rich soil, they are the ones who, when they have heard the word, embrace it with a generous and good heart, and bear fruit through perseverance.

-Luke 8:11-15

What Jahweh has joined together and anointed let no man attempt to put asunder.

-Mark 10:9

A lie will have many faces but the truth has just one.


Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

   -John 8:32


(the author in 89′)


     Beginning in the winter of 1989 i was subjected to the bullying harassment of a racist association of students at UCLA calling themselves “The Mountain” (my guess is that could be referring to a number of Mountains). Their aggressive behavior towards me was akin to a fascist youth group operating with impunity employing gossip, violent physical confrontation, and peer pressure. They were likely racist IntelCom kids and CIA operatives at UCLA. They had initiated a false narrative, anti-personal reputation and social scene management psyop against me because of a Mrs. (redacted)-Salk (who is White) whom i had dated, and whom had initiated the relationship. I was assailed because a White girl liked me. They had disagreed with our “interracial” relationship, instigated our parting with lies, and set about painting me as a bad character in order to protect her social reputation and honor. 

Then a friend informed me that they were gossiping at the UCLA CO-OP saying “He thinks he’s Jesus” disparaging my metaphysical study, and also notably showing their dislike for Jesus Christ, and their literal offensive intention towards me. Historically there’s something about sociopaths bullying up on innocent intellectual metaphysical melanated hippies. I decided to seek assistance and relief. I went first to my parents. What i ended up reporting to Dr. Salk in May of 1990 (for reasons that i will soon explain) was that “a group of racist UCLA students have been bullying me, physically harassing me, and attacking my philosophy and character by saying “He thinks he’s Jesus Christ”. I am and feel threatened, and fear social conspiracy”. I named Mrs. (redacted).

But, instead of referring me to the appropriate agency (UCPD, LAPD) for complaint and relief, Dr. Salk and staff at UCLA NPI took it upon themselves to aggressively cover up the matter by clandestinely twisting my report into the base of a fictional, malign, defamatory, libelous, calumnious, and weaponized psych report and false narrative that i actually held psychotic delusions that i was Jesus Christ, and that my mother was Mary the wife of Jesus Christ, and younger brother the brother of Jesus Christ.

The psych report falsely states:

“He manifested threatening behavior toward his mother and younger brother based on religious delusion about him being Jesus Christ and about his mother being Mary his wife.” And “He is suspicious of a government conspiracy since he thinks he is Jesus Christ”.

Their fictional spin on my report was meant to control the narrative and to “flip the script” on my report of racist anti-personal anti-intellectual bullying against Mrs. (redacted) and her associates, and evident detection of state sanctioned racist offensive domestic counterintelligence and psyops activity at UCLA, by casting me as a psychotic perverted conspiracy theorist.

It was actually the ramping-up of a racist, anti-intellectual, anti-social, offensive counterintelligence psyop against myself using the Biblical narrative of Jesus Christ as a template. It utilizes stratagem taken straight from ye olde sociopathocratic Statecraft playbook.

It is also likely that Dr. Salk (son of Jonas Salk, developer of Polio vaccine and founder of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies) knows the family of Mrs. (redacted) as her married name is now Mrs. (redacted)-Salk, as well as additional evidence that implies a family connection or personal association. If she knew Dr. Salk at the time or is now married to his extended family it also represents a clear conflict of interest and personal motive for his criminal actions and operation. His actions also place her under the umbrella of the U.S. Intelligence community.

They did not want to implicate and expose Mrs. (redacted)-Salk in the matter, action, operation, and cover-up so they backdated their false narrative to my time at Princeton University to before we met in the Summer of 1989, to June of 1989 when i had visited a Dr. Mark DeAntonio at UCLA NPI at my parents request concerning my performance at Princeton, and referred to by Princeton. I suspect that I had been marked by shadowy IntelCom forces at Princeton to be tracked and directed to Mr. DeAntonio, who has unsurprisingly been unable to produce any records from that time. It indicates the surveillance and racist anti-social harassment at UCLA as the continuation of that operation.

Their plan was to enable their offensive criminal actions and scheme, and to discredit and suppress my voice, reports, and testimony by manufacturing a false history, diagnosis, and narrative of polysubstance abuse, paranoid schizophrenic psychosis, violence, and perversion. I had no history of drug abuse or psychopathological behavior so they hastily and sloppily concocted one in order to 1. invoke the psychiatrist’s duty to protect, 2. to invoke the NIMH Violence Initiative, 3. to support later subsequent false accusations from Mrs. (redacted) and others, and 4. to enable a later improper “informal” restraining order. It was their premeditated offensive plan and strategy to continue to develop and utilize their weaponized false narrative and disinformation for offensive domestic counterintelligence, psychological operations, and domestic vigilante terrorism. 

A false narrative of aggressive threat and abuse towards my family was fictionalized and utilized to designate me as dangerous, and to initiate a psychiatric hold at the UCLA NPI which lasted until I was released by the court because of a lack of evidence.

UCLA NPI fictionalized an absurd unsubstantiated false narrative of hard poly-substance abuse beginning at Princeton University, fictionalizing (without evidence) the use and abuse of PCP, cocaine, crack cocaine, meth/amphetamines, and psilocybin resulting in my becoming a psychotic, violent, dangerous, mentally and emotionally unstable, incoherent, ill-composed, hallucinating, disheveled, delusional, paranoid schizophrenic scoundrel, pervert, and super-predator. There is no other record of such behavior anywhere except in their false psych reports. It was also utilized to support their false “Jesus Christ” narrative. 

UCLA NPI lied to, deceived, psychologically and emotionally manipulated, and “coercively persuaded” my family into believing that I had developed a serious psychotic illness due to hard poly-substance abuse at Princeton, and that that was why I was making such “paranoid” and “crazy” accusations against Mrs. (redacted)-Salk and her associates. They tricked, handled, maneuvered, levered, and used my family against me. They psychologically manipulated my family in order to enable and facilitate their offensive criminal actions and operation.

UCLA NPI described my metascientific study as “religious preoccupation” and incomprehensible nonsense. Mrs. (redacted)-Salk and her moneyed, conservative, and I think intelligence community related clique “the Mountain” had disapproved of, criticized, and attacked my study because of its relatively advanced development and because my fellow like-minded student and artist friends and peers, and future professionals and parents agreed with its sense and logic. I enjoyed a good standard degree of popularity. True intellectuals, we oft enjoyed serious intellectual, philosophical, metaphysical, comical, and nerdcore conversation at popular social gatherings, and at the UCLA CO-OP.

I think they felt our conversations to be at odds with their religion, philosophy, direction, and “program”. They promoted divisions of identity, ego, the illusion of dissociated individuality, race, ageism/yolo, and are anti-evolution, anti-reincarnation, and anti-cosmic karma propagating vicious cycles of drama, strife, abuse, pain, psychosis, death, not remembering the Way, and not learning progress. 

True science recognizes the oneness of all peoples, the interconnection of all things, and is (re)unifying. (https://youtu.be/G-et0sdKQ70). The wheel of reberth means that children being born today are people who have passed being reborn through the wheeling eternal dance floor and door of interaction, meaning we re-berth our own and each other’s ancestors. We are all together now one family, eternal children of the cosmos continuing thru the continuum. We have all been here before, history is looking back at ourselves, it is our story. The mind is cleansed by the s🌞ul thru rebirth, babies are not re-born criminally/pathologically minded, but we do carry our karma through rebirth with us to be worked out and exorcised. The irony. It is an evolutionary profound realization.

But, the perpetrators believe themselves to be the creators of souls. They are really on one big ego trip. They do not listen to the Universe or appreciate its metaphysics, therefore they do not believe themselves beholden to a universal physics or God, or natural cosmic consequence or limit to their offensive behavior and actions. They live in and are the Gods of their own psychopathic narrative and dissociated alternative reality.

Racism, historical, and intellectual suppression are characteristic of psychopathocracy and fascism. Institutionalized propagation of ignorance, false narrative, and pseudoscience is psychosocial programming and social engineering, a psychological operation with which to program racist, misogynist/submissive, narcissistic, ageist, ultranationalistic, animalistic, and sociopathic thought patterns. 

I had been required to take time off from Princeton. I had only been so focused on my own independent metascientific study that it affected my time for regular study. Existential meditation and metaphysical study demanded my attention. The scientific deduction and reassessment of existence and cosmos, and the self-deprogramming of false, divisive concepts of identity, mentality, and reality was of paramount importance. I was in a vital intellectual and evolutionary growth phase. In hindsight i see i should have taken a sabbatical after Harvard HS to do this and to develop my academic direction. After thirteen consecutive years of school i really did need a break, but i honestly and naively thought I could manage. I was wrong. I was a sheltered and innocently irresponsible teenager unfamiliar with a severe and unaccommodating academic institution, government, and world.

They attempted to institutionalize me right away. I went to court to contest and was released because UCLA NPI had no evidence to support their false narrative, psych report, diagnosis, and designation as a danger to others (and the duty to protect) besides unsubstantiated allegations, alleged statements, concocted fiction, and prejudiced subjective interpretation.

I had absolutely no idea yet of UCLA NPI’s false psych reporting, wrongful psychiatric designation, or criminal intention and conspiracy against me. I did not learn of their malfeasance until acquiring copies of the psych records some years later.

I blindly let the matter go and left town to go to Haight Street in San Francisco, and on tour with the Grateful Dead. Dr. West and the  CIA have since the 1950’s run offensive civilian operations (for details see: https://www.sfchronicle.com/chronicle_vault/article/When-the-CIA-ran-a-LSD-sex-house-in-San-Francisco-7223346.php, https://www.sfweekly.com/news/operation-midnight-climax-how-the-cia-dosed-s-f-citizens-with-lsd/, https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/, https://hightimes.com/culture/flashback-friday-acid-dreams-part-four/, https://medium.com/@justinward/was-charles-manson-a-cia-lab-rat-42f167277a05) in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco against the culturally progressive hippy scene and homeless kids, and have diabolically experimented upon, psychologically altered, and “turned” unsuspecting innocents into informants, bad actors, and tools using MK.

But soon enough I was field operated against on the Haight. At the time it was wild and lively and enjoying another Summer of Love (1990), it was really so very beautiful. I had acquired a car, and a girlfriend and I made frequent trips around the Bay and to Stinson beach, then home of Jerry Garcia. One day she asked me if i wanted to road trip back east to Burlington VT to get on east coast Phish tour to which I said “Sure”. But when we got there she began acting very strange (and at times her face literally physically contorted and looked like she was being possessed by a malevolent spirit). She then viciously turned on me telling the hippies we met there that “He thinks he’s Jesus Christ”, and then ditched me there. It was so far out of left field that it didn’t properly register at the time but now with 20/20 hindsight I see that she had been collaterally targeted and “turned” against me. She had said the same thing as the people harassing me at UCLA about which i had not told her about (and what UCLA NPI had written in their false psych report). I marked it as bizarre then but now see that she meant it literally and was actually disseminating UCLA NPI’s false psyop disinformation and narrative. I was then subsequently stalked and harassed on tour with the Grateful Dead and Phish by specific shady and sketchy bad actors, and continuing at UCLA upon my return to Los Angeles in 1991.

I tried to report this to my parents in March of 1991 but Dr. DeAntonio had already persuasively coereced and manipulated them into unknowing and unwitting (unwilling) compliance with their play and plot, instructing her to call him should i return to L.A. and again try to report harassment to them, which i did. And so it was that she called Dr. DeAntonio, who called the UCLA police to pick me up. It was a setup and trap as Mr. DeAntonio was previously willing in 1990 to go along with the backdating of the false narrative to before I met Mrs. (redacted), and to participate in the offensive scheme and operation, further indicating him as an employee of an offensive CIA shadow operations network. Concerning my reports of bullying at UCLA in 90′ UCLA NPI wrote “He is suspicious of a government conspiracy since he thinks he is Jesus Christ”, so when i tried to report subsequent harassment in 91′ they used that to support their previous false statement, a set up and trap.

The UCLA NPI report falsely states:

“The family reportedly has obtained a restraining order to keep him from them. His violation of that order precipitated this hospitalization.”

My family did not obtain a restraining order. Therefore one was informally and improperly obtained by other means in coordination with the authorities, and  and falsely ascribed to my family.

The LAPD have since then informed me that Mrs. (redacted) claims that i stalked her (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158445648261067&id=36474716066). This crucial matter demands immediate investigation. It was their pretentious and premeditated countermove to my previous initial report and accusation against her a year earlier. Apparently UCLA NPI and the LAPD presumptuously and pretentiously treated her false allegation as true. There was no investigation of the matter, or at least not one that involved myself. I was not informed or questioned concerning said false accusation nor given the opportunity to defend myself.

The UCLA NPI psych report also refers vaguely to unspecified “psychosocial issues”, likely indirectly referring to the matter with Mrs. (redacted)-Salk. They used that, and their false psych report and diagnosis to invoke the psychiatrist’s Duty to Protect, and to effect an “informal” restraining order. My naturally frequent proximity was used as the pretentious excuse with which to effect its enforcement. It was their set up and plan for the concealing of Mrs. (redacted)’s part in the play and scheme, my forced institutionalization, and initiation of the psychiatrist’s preemptive “Duty to Protect” and NIMH Violence Initiative which has consisted of subsequent covert surveillance, supervision, and offensive handling and direct intervention via counterintelligence and civilian psyops. They were in fact setting me up to be played in their National sociopolitical vigilante spectacle lynch mob theater (https://calendar.eji.org/racial-injustice/sep/05).

I was illegally railroaded to punitive institutionalization at another government associated facility, the Meadowbrook Behavioral Health facility in Mar Vista, Ca. The 91’ psych report falsely states that i waived my right to contest in court and willingly accepted it. The truth is that i was told that i did not have a choice or say in the matter, which I youthfully, naively, and foolishly accepted. I was lied to, tricked, and deceived because in court the matter of Mrs. (redacted)’s false accusation and UCLA NPI’s false psych report and diagnosis would be revealed and their offensive machinations exposed. They did not want me to know what was actually going on, their snaeky shenanigans behind the scenes.

They incarcerated me for a year there and they were slick about it. At first they acted like it would be a short and temporary stay, which they stretched out to three months. Then they were like “Sorry, three more”, and then again and again until it became a year (the time limit for a violation of restraining order). There was never any treatment for or mention of UCLA NPI’s fictional psychchological issues, they were basically removing me from social circulation and “disappearing” me for a year. I was so inexperienced, naive, and trusting of the U.S. Institution that i could not have imagined such foul play and treachery afoot. I was ruthlessly taken advantage of by seasoned institutionalized racist U.S. pathocracy. I was railroaded like a ni##er in a woodpile.

They have continued to utilize their false psych report and narrative to mistreat my reports of conspiracy and domestic terrorism as a paranoid hallucination in order to cover the actual offensive criminal conspiracy involving Mrs. (redacted)-Salk.

     I have always been intellectually, artistically, and musically inclined, and did well enough in school attending “gifted” programs, and honors and advanced placement classes. I graduated from the Harvard School in Los Angeles to enter Princeton University in the Fall of ’87. I was 17. My metaphysical intention became serious at Harvard. It was in the meta-sciences that i discovered ultimate meaning and truth, and personally applied myself. I am a true seeker and Aquarian soul-brother, and do not subscribe to the divisive, irrational, and most often immoral neo-pseudoscientific belief in “race”. I am from a Family Tree with multicontinental roots (Africa, Asia, Europe, and America), and community with intercontinental branches, and progressive tradition of hard-working Salt of the Earth and intelligentsia in academia, art, music, business, labor, and public service. They considered me a competitor with potential, and threat in their sociopolitical running race. I had qualified for their offensive eugenicist directive and repressive campaign against black, interracial, and Aquarian freedom, talent, independence, success, and advancement to positions of societal responsibility. (https://calendar.eji.org/racial-injustice/nov/10)     

It was the time of the infamous Central Park Five Travesty, and institutional and social racist prejudice and aggressive repressive competitive antagonism was high. I was a young socially advantaged and educated “inter-racial” Afrobrown young man attempting to report a young White woman and her clique of cohorts for bullying and hate crime. It was only a short time ago that such an accusation (mine against her, or hers countering mine) would likely get the non-white person obligatorily lynch mobbed. It was their prejudiced opinion and policy that the non-white person had to “officially” be in the wrong and guilty (“White is right”).

It is their sociopathic inclination to narrative manage and offensively act in order to conceal their own shady behavior in order to protect their reputation and outward image of integrity. It was all about the perceived social embarrassment to white supremacy. It was not about what was falsely alleged, but that a white woman (or her people) maliciously wanted someone dramatically assailed, beaten, terrorized, or murdered in order to protect her reputation and avoid embarrassment. Back in the day a white woman could have a slave beaten or killed at her command, the shadow state was her dog. And their attitude is whatever they did to you, it was your fault. It was that societal reality and ingrained entitled power tripping homicidal “Karen” mentality that caused the Tulsa Incident and Massacre of 1921 that left over 300 innocents dead. (https://www.theatlantic.com/sponsored/hbo-2019/the-massacre-of-black-wall-street/3217/). The lynching murder of 14 year old Emmit Till in 1955 is another example of that dynamic. Carolyn Bryant Donham was 21 years old when she falsely accused Mr. Till of grabbing and verbally threatening her; “he said [he had]—done something – with white women before. I was just scared to death.” She admitted to this lie in 2007. Fictitious narratives and false accusations and conversations kill.

I had known Mrs. (redacted) for a few months before the drama commenced. We lived in the same neighborhood adjacent to UCLA. I grew up there, and had many local and student friends. She was an undergrad from out of town. We were both part of the same lively and popular International social and party scene at UCLA and at the UCLA CO-OP, and in the Grateful Dead, New Age, and artistic community. During that time we hung out, partied, exchanged gifts of endearment, went to the Theater, lingerie store, Grateful Dead shows, etc.

It was “The Mountain”, a racist anti-intellectual clique of students at UCLA who initiated the manufactured drama that caused our parting (a jealous lie from her roommate and i was dismissed). It was then that the offensive bullying commenced, and it was all about controlling the narrative of the scenario. They couldn’t let me be, they had to jock, stalk, and slander, even approaching and intimidating my associates, trying to portray me as a bad character as cover for her social reputation, and literally acting around me like a high school popularity drama production like in the film Mean Girls. I surmise they may have also purposefully misconstrued out of context a poetic line from a personal letter (see: https://calendar.eji.org/racial-injustice/jan/2). Not long ago black men were lynched for flirting with white women, and now racism is generally understood as being false pseudoscience, and a psychopathologically spawned and propagated psyop to the denial and conscious erasure of evolutionary and sociopolitical history, our ancestral root, and our universal soul. The racist shadow state does not agree with America’s rising progressive consciousness.

Racism spawned this matter, and feeds and sustains their false alternative narrative. The racist sociopath pathology cannot admit to being in the wrong, therefore their offensive M.O. is to manufacture pretentious weaponized falsehood with which to blame the other, and with which to justify offensive criminality against them. “Every wrong has a reason” they say. 

Their cruel actions were all about racist competition and neutralizing a relatively advantaged and popular cool/good kid present in some of the most influential sociopolitical scenes and theaters in the world (Harvard-Westlake, Princeton, UCLA, Los Angeles, and the Grateful Dead set). Beautiful and intelligent lightly hued ladies liked and agreed with me intellectually, metaphysically, and sexually, therefore the shadow state racists felt they had to “jam up my program” and put me in my “place”. I had to be defamed, lamed, hemmed up, pent up, derailed, career ruined, life destroyed, thunder stolen, assed out, reduced, castrated, keel hauled, washed up, monitored, supervised, not allowed to freely associate, and socially jockeyed, intervened, and disrupted in order to block, sunder, separate, and prevent romantic and sexual relationships (especially “inter-racial”), and children. They are running targeted racist segregation and neutralization operations to destroy lives, and to prevent them.

This matter is part of their offensive eugenicist anti-interracial culture war. The racist sociopath personality remains the same. They do not want their daughters and sisters, brothers, and sons to be with non-white people. Not long ago misogynist racist white-supremacy used to own, handle, manage, use, rape, and control Afro and “inter-racial” people, white women, and society. They controlled, rearranged, and bred people like animals. The policy of family separation is an offensively deliberate psychic psyop torture and mindf#ck.

They do not recognize or appreciate everyone’s common ancestral root and universal existential oneness. They believe that “different races” should not agree intellectually or sexually, or reunite and be at home together. They do not want cultural and global reunion and societal progress. They are trying to obstruct evolutionary progress. It was only recently that anti-miscegenation laws were declared unconstitutional in America (Loving v. Virginia, 1967). Racists also immorally use their psychopseudoscientific beliefs to claim forceful misogynistic ownership of women, and for the preservation of their perceived “race” and national identity. They refuse to respect the lives of others. They do not recognize the generations of and billions of people who do not subscribe to the pathologically false historical narrative and divisive pseudoscientific philosophy of race. Racist sociopaths work to prevent people from being at home together in freedom, truth, sunshine, and love.

One basic standard psyop tactic they have employed against the multicultural, interracial, and international Grateful Dead, Aquarian, and progressive communities is to first infiltrate the scene, then levee false accusations against individuals and groups within creating psychodrama, stress, upset, distrust, and instability in order to invade, play, corrupt, divide, conquer, and destroy the circle of community, home, safety, and protection that it is for progressive and interracial people. 

Institutionalized racism at its basest, their actions were all about “protecting” a white woman’s reputation, career, and perceived honor and  virtue (see: https://calendar.eji.org/racial-injustice/nov/8 ). They had deemed me guilty of violating their law of “interracial” relations with her as racists consider interracial relationships to be rape. It is like how they consider the Obama Presidency the rape of their White House and Country.(https://calendar.eji.org/racial-injustice/nov/10).

images (39)


She apparently is a willing participant in their countermove against me, but we have also seen them ruin and murder women of their own “race” for being deemed “ni##er lover”, “race traitor”, “whore”, “white trash”, or for resisting their psychological and physical coercion. But the echoes of a lover’s Tell Tale Heart and a White Cat’s wail cannot be ignored through the walls of brick and mortar cover-up they have constructed. (psst. wink-wink, nudge-nudge.)

The U.S. shadow state is capable of psychologically altering, reprogramming, and turning progressive evolutionary-minded independent women into racist, sociopathic, psychopathic, and possessed Stepford Wives as “treatment” and “fix” for their “undesirable” behavior. They utilize psychological manipulation and instability, and drug induced dissociation, amnesia, hypnosis, and physical/sexual abuse/trauma to disrupt and twist conscious focus and thought pattern, and to program false memories and paradigm in order to induce sociopathic psychosis with which to mold and bind a knocked up locked in submissive plaything and jouet cadeau, corrupted tool, and f###ked up toxic breeding incubator. Actual The Handmaid’s Tale nightmare reality. Misogyny and racism are sociopathic, jealous, selfish, possessive, abusive, toxic, ill, and dangerous bedfellows.

The F###ing Horror.

Of course the psychologically insecure can also be bought, intimidated, or coerced into assent, cooperation, participation, and even theatrically acting and making false accusations by the menacing pressure of a racist shadow government produced lynch mob conspiracy operation, or by the offer of money, favor, or privileged government employment. Mobs, money, and power can bring out the worst in people.

The fact that UCLA NPI and the LAPD improperly and clandestinely handled the matter so sneaky, concealed their false psych reports from me, did not inform or question me about Mrs. (redacted)-Salk’s false accusations, did not allow me to defend myself, mistreated me so unjustly and brutally, and presumptuously acted with such extreme prejudice actually says it all.

According to California law Mrs. (redacted) should not have been able to obtain an “informal” restraining order alone, hence the involvement of UCLA NPI. UCLA NPI then falsely ascribed the informal restraining order to my parents, and used the false psych report and diagnosis to override all. That is how they denied my right to contest their actions in court and illegally railroaded me to punitive institutionalization and permanent supervision.

We did not perceive what was actually going on. We did not suspect such aggressive offensive misconduct and deceitful and manipulative method and treachery. We were not aware of the diabolical and racist history and character of UCLA NPI and so blindly walked into their set up, lair, and trap. Our foolish trust in the United States psychiatric institution and Government was insidiously taken advantage of. We were manipulated, played, and gamed psychologically. I was so inexperienced and naive at the time that i could not have even imagined such evil foul play being afoot. We were bamboozled and “Shanghai’d”. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bamboozle, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/shanghai)

Their simple offensive play is classic cheeseball textbook Cointelpro 101, in order to discredit my already established intelligence and destroy my positive public persona and popularity so that my reports of collegiate bullying and subsequent reports of psychiatric misconduct, domestic terrorism, civilian psyops, social conspiracy, and lynch mob would not be recognized or addressed by government.

This matter reveals U.S. psychiatric employee criminal misconduct and “preemptive” domestic counterintelligence and psyop activities against youth at UCLA (racist and anti-intellectual defamation, bullying, and subsequent cover-up), and a continued U.S. counterintelligence/psyops program/pogrom against “minorities”, “interracials”, the Grateful Dead and New Age Aquarian minded communities, and those they label “New Left” and progressive.

Their actions against myself also show an obsessive interest in Jesus Christ. They falsely and fictionally portrayed me as believing i was Jesus Christ, and as also being a violent, dangerous, hard poly-substance abusing, hallucinating, incomprehensible, disheveled, psychotic paranoid schizophrenic scoundrel and pervert with sexual psychosis, as well as other false padding (e.g. “Subject thinks he talks to Nietzsche.”) in order to pretentiously mistreat me as a dangerous hippy wannabe cult leader “Black Messiah” and potential terrorist in order to pretentiously justify the extraordinary and extreme measures of removing and cordoning me off from natural societal circulation and “respectable” society, the stripping of my constitutional/civil/human/existential rights, freedom, reputation (made persona non grata by “official” means), and subsequent invasive supervision, handling, intervention, disruption, obstruction, and mismanagement of my life and personal affairs.

Jesus, a Christ (meaning one anointed by God, and of the mystic Universal Evolutionary Order) is recognized as a universoul brother, healer, teacher, and as representing intellectual, personal, and evolutionary maturity, universal enlightenment, gnosis of God, and sociopolitical progress being the legitimate heir of Kings David and Solomon, descendants of Adam and Noah. The Biblical narrative of Jesus Christ compels one to read between the lines and to reconsider what the actual scenario is as it appears to be a “big lie” false narrative management and historical cover-up. The state portrays him as a self sacrificing holier-than-thou suicide but it was more likely a criminal coup d’etat, cold-blooded murder and regicide, and anti-progressive pogrom by the sociopathocratic aristocracy of Israel and plutocratic oligarchical Roman empire for sociopolitical, philosophical, religious, economic, and racist reasons: because of his Aquarian philosophy, because he loved a “commoner” of the “Others” and resultant dramatic sociopolitical intrigue, and because he was of the disposition to address pathocratic corruption and governmental injustice and with the authority to implement progressive reform and societal paradigm. 

The state’s church has used mysterious, metaphorical, mythic, and historical institutionalized narrative management for psychological effect and drama, to cover up the crime, and to erase and rewrite history for sociopolitical exploitation. Jesus was targeted by state sanctioned civilian psychological operations, and then fed to the resultant mob by Pontius Pilatus. The usurpers then murdered, and like plagiarizing poseurs used Jesus for sociopolitical power and control, disguise, psychological manipulation, and economic profit. They used him as their cover for institutionalized Holy War, invasive and oppressive brutality, imperialism, slavery, misogyny, and sexual abuse manufacturing antipathy, rancor, and animus towards the man they claim to represent, and activating and utilizing that subconsciously preconditioned and programmed animosity for psychological operations. Like a character assassination they are trying to make him look bad and as if they reflect his character so that people will blame him for their abuse. That is a classic sociopath abuser/victim manipulation method to redirect and weaponize the emotions they themselves have caused. The institutionalized Narrative of Jesus Christ is one of ritual sacrifice. He represents the innocent babe for the sociopathologial mob to re-enact their abuse trauma on, and to express and take out their anger on.

They have manipulated that abuse towards the re-normalization of state manufactured narrative, sociopolitical theater, orchestrated oppression and brutality, public spectacle lynch mob and pogrom, alibi for participation, and public apathy. State produced and socially engineered sociopathological collusion is the racket, play, and stratagem employing their cult of followers and sympathetic public as “bad actors” and collaborators.

Methodically they singled me out and disseminated their gossip of “He thinks he’s Jesus”. Then when i reported their harassment they clandestinely laid that same bum psych rap and weaponized false narrative on me thus setting me up to be played, exploited, operated against, made a pariah and publicly abused, stalked, terrorized, spectacle lynch mobbed, and mercy killed in a grotesque attempt at a staged “historical” reenactment, and the writing of my life’s story.

The state’s Jesus Christ narrative places the decision of life or death in the hands of the mob placing the ultimate responsibility for his murder on the people. Similarly today’s sociopathological thrall and throng does not care that I am innocent. They only  have attention and care for the government’s psychodramatic theater and enterprise directing their hate and offering them a scapegoat and sacrifice to terrorize and lynch mob. 

Foundational institutionalized racism and violence accounts and allowed for this crime. The history of Racism and Cointelpro at UCLA and UCLA NPI is well documented. UCLA is a U.S. government institution. The FBI and CIA (etc.) recruit and operate at UCLA. UCLA NPI is a CIA established and funded asset. Ultimately, it was Dr. Salk’s (et al) intention to cover up my report and the matter, to “take care of” and “fix” me, and to manage the situation utilizing his false psychological report and diagnosis combined with Mrs. (redacted)-Salk’s false accusation as the pretentious subterfuge with which to frame and set me up for permanent punitive covert supervision and intervention, offensive psyops and domestic counterintelligence, and domestic vigilante terrorism conspiracy and lynch mob.

nazi hospital 2

German scientists had done “research” in the field of psychology using torture techniques at Camp King, Auschwitz, and Dachau. The U.S. Government continued the German’s work with the same German scientists in projects Bluebird and Artichoke. Allen Dulles began the MK ULTRA program on April 13, 1953, shortly after he became CIA Director on February 26, 1953. Dulles said in an April 10, 1953 interview that this was a concerted effort by the government to perfect methods to control the human mind for several purposes including but not limited to interrogation, mass propaganda (psychological warfare), and an assassination program. In fact, the term psychological warfare first entered English speech in 1941 with the translation of the German term Weltanschauungskrieg (world view warfare). Allen Dulles was also very instrumental in Hitler’s rise to power in Germany by financing the Nazi coup in 1933. 



     At the time (1969-89) UCLA NPI (http://magazine.ucla.edu/depts/hailhills/ahead-of-its-time/) was directed by Dr. Louis Jolyon West (CIA) (https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3zonC2EGYQrcWRRU0VzVWdaZDZoSXEyZTBqaHJrcnhpTWE0/view, https://thewhiteroseii.wordpress.com/2011/03/08/156/, https://www.winterwatch.net/2021/02/louis-jolyon-west-johnny-on-the-spot-mind-controller/)A major shadow state player, he was a U.S. Air Force colonel and CIA asset with a personal martial interest in psyops and behavioral control. He worked with Sidney Gottlieb (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidney_Gottlieb) and Richard Helms (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Helms) in the development of the U.S. CIA MK program (the use of the German K for Kontrolle is telling, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/mkultra-the-perversion-of_b_535231) and Monarch project (Manchurian Candidate). They have done a terrible thing and possess a horrible power in MK ULTRA. 

He is an “official expert” on psychological manipulation, psychosocial operations, small group (and family) manipulation, coercive persuasion, hypnosis, amnesia, creating false memories, psychological and personality alteration, multiple personalities, LSD (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_lysergic_acid_diethylamide) and other psychoactive substances, drug abuse, alcoholism, violence, domestic terrorism, psychological warfare/military applications, interrogation, torture, and cults and secret societies (see: https://hermetic.com/_media/key23/cultofcthulhu.pdf).

“Trained in Group Dynamics at the British Tavistock Institute, the “mother” agency for most of the postwar Anglo-American intelligence and “dirty tricks” apparatus, and having studied Korean War Veterans who had endured and survived torture and brainwashing, Dr. Louis Jolyon West became an expert in small group manipulation. Tavistock’s Group Dynamics taught how “thought control” could be very successful in small group “encounter” or “therapy” sessions; entire groups could be manipulated by correctly directing tensions within the group. West coupled his expertise in group behavior with his knowledge of the effects of hallucinogenic drugs. He studied the behavior of drug-ingesting hippies in isolated communes. As a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University (1966-69), West gained access to the large population of flower children, runaways, and hippies that was flooding into California. West was running his LSD/group dynamic studies in California during the early days of what he termed a “cultural transition.” West said that in the early days of the cultural transition, LSD symbolized “entering a new way of life and casting off the old.” West did “field work” in the Haight-Ashbury district, Berkeley, and Los Angeles (at UCLA). West studied the use of drugs for controlling group behavior and said that drugs can be used “as adjuncts to interpersonal manipulation or assault.” He also saw their usefulness in other controlling ways. “The role of drugs in the exercise of internal political control is also coming under increasing discussion. Control can be imposed either through prohibition or supply. The total or partial prohibition of drugs gives government considerable power. An example would be the selective application of drug laws permitting immediate search, or ‘no knock’ entry, against selected components of the population, such as members of certain minority groups or political organizations.” But, West continues, “government could also supply drugs to help control a population. This method, foreseen by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World (1932), has the governing element employing drugs selectively to manipulate the governed in various ways.” (crack cocaine, marijuana, and the pharmaceutical methamphetamine and opioid crisis).

Sounding like an evil mastermind, crafty mad scientist, fascist strategist, and alien overlord he is actually coldly and clinically referring to the American public as if a host or herd of slave animals, literally devising ways to take people’s freedom, and to attack, control, and destroy lives. The “governing” and the “governed” is defined by pseudoscientific “race” and political philosophy. They are the governors and lawmakers “governing” the public in order to maintain their sociopolitical control. It is therefore likely that the U.S. crack cocaine, opioid, and methamphetamine epidemics and crisis were engineered by the U.S. shadow state.

He helped to initiate the use of psychiatry in the evaluation of criminal and terrorist behavior and using such psychiatric “expertise” as testimony in criminal trials, apparently resulting from his part in the U.S. government framing and execution of a U.S. serviceman for the rape and murder of a 3 year old girl (on the Fourth of July, 1954) that was apparently the result of Dr. West’s MK research and experimentation at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. Apparently Dr. West used drug induced hypnosis to manipulate and wrongly condemn the U.S. soldier in order to cover up of the truth behind the atrocity. The 29 year old serviceman was recently remarried with two children, and had no history of violence. So why did he commit such horror? The soldier was an unwitting participant in Dr. West’s clandestine MK ULTRA experimentation. It suggests that the objective of the experiment was to turn a normal healthy individual into a child molester and murderer for the purposes of blackmail, extortion, and control. The facts suggest that his hypnotic suggestion programming involved LSD and child sexual abuse, that he had been slipped LSD and “suggested” before the incident at an off-base bar, and that the incident was a “successful” field test and operation. The incident speaks to the wickedly evil and diabolical nature of MK ULTRA, project Monarch, it’s orchestrators, administration, and umbrella of cover up.

Dr. West’s cohort of colleagues may actually be psychotic cold-blooded murderers who took too much LSD themselves (the shocking and shady incident details @ https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/). It was not the last time that they would “off” an elephant in the room @ https://www.theguardian.com/science/2004/feb/26/research.science, https://www.okgazette.com/oklahoma/lsd-experiment-at-zoo-in-1962-killed-elephant/Content?oid=2963955. Also the matter of his involvement with Jack Ruby (assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald) has seriously grim implications @https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2017/dec/19/mkruby/.

download (7)

The highly suspect death of scientist Frank Olson on November 28, 1953 is another MK program related incident @ https://frankolsonproject.org/the-story/, https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/sep/06/from-mind-control-to-murder-how-a-deadly-fall-revealed-the-cias-darkest-secrets. Frank Olson was an unwitting participant in a CIA LSD test to see “what would happen if a scientist were taken prisoner and drugged – would he divulge secret research and information?” (Gottlieb). Apparently Mr. Olson failed his test of confidence. His body was exhumed and examined in 1994 by forensic pathologist James Starrs who concluded “I think Frank Olson was intentionally, deliberately, with malice aforethought, thrown out of that window.” He also wrote: “I was emboldened to ask how he (Gottlieb) could so recklessly and cavalierly have jeopardized the lives of so many of his own men by the Deep Creek Lodge experiment with LSD. ‘Professor,’ he said without mincing a word, ‘you just do not understand. I had the security of this country in my hands.’” By “national security” he means the concealment of the offensive martial intent and scope of the U.S MK program, and the cover up of treasonous malfeasance against the people.

In 1972, in partnership with pal and crony Governor Ronald Reagan, Dr. West attempted opening and directing a psychological research facility in the hills of West Los Angeles called the UCLA NPI Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (see: https://treebearblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/1492/, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3zonC2EGYQrcWRRU0VzVWdaZDZoSXEyZTBqaHJrcnhpTWE0/view?usp=drivesdk). Founded in racist pseudo-neuroscience the center was to develop “behavioral indicators, profiles, biological correlates“, and to assist “school administrators, law enforcement personnel, and governmental departments to detect and control overt expressions of “life-threatening” behavior by identifiable individuals and groups.” Among the programs planned were genetic, biochemical, neurophysiological, and psychological studies of “violent” individuals. The groups described by West as most prone to violence was young black and brown (and “interracial”) urban males. Two local junior high schools, one predominantly “black” and one predominantly “brown”, as well as penal prisoners and mental patients were to provide the experimental subjects . Also included are “hyperkinetic” children. Kinetic means of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith. Biological kinetic energy is the result of the interaction of the mind with the biological cosmos. He is actually talking about targeting innocent youth like X-Men “mutants”, which may have something to do with his participation in the STARGATE program (https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP96-00789R003300210001-2.pdf).

The purpose of his proposed Violence Center was to use the “treatment models” developed on military servicemen, in prison facilities, and on the American public during the CIA’s BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, and MK ULTRA and MONARCH brainwashing and mind control research program and projects of the 1950’s-1970′s (http://whale.to/b/caul.html) to “treat” “predelinquent” youth for the “alteration of undesirable behavior” before they became a “problem”. He proposed a wide range of treatments including psychological, psycho-surgery, experimental drugs, chemical castration, and incorporating computer databases to track “predelinquent” youth (with no criminal record) for “preemptive treatment“.

Their control of society depends on deceiving and indoctrinating the youth, therefore they screen the youth to filter, separate, and single out those they deem “undesirable”, “unfit”, “resistant”, “uncontrollable”, and “problematic” in order to initiate psychologically violent and traumatic neuropsychiatric and surgical experimentation, and likely physical and sexual abuse in order to dissociate, manipulate, program, alter, bind, handle, control, monitor, and utilize them as agents and avenues through which to attack the family and community. It is as simple to manipulate, injure, bind, and control a person psychologically as it is physically.

It is the political and racist abuse of psychiatry employing MK on the U.S. populace under the guise of psychiatry. MK is tantamount to dark witchcraft, sorcery, and dungeon torture. It is so f##ked up and far out you don’t want to believe it, but here is the historical record. The appalling audacity of the program itself, it’s experimental development using unwitting citizens as expendable lab rats, and it’s brutal cover-up are morally reprehensible and unconscionable villainy. 

The purpose of MK ULTRA is for offensive domestic operations against the American left, communists, the scientific evolutionary progressive community, hippies, “racial” minorities, and foreign governments whom they see as a threat to their designs of White supremacy, “national security”, and World domination. It is offensively evil to brainwash and alter people psychologically yet they evidently rationalize and self-justify such action in order to enable, facilitate, or support false dramatic or sociopolitical narratives, political designs, racist or misogynistic social designs or philosophy, social injustices, cover-ups, sabotage, objectives, missions, take overs, regime changes, or coup d’etats.

In his 1956 paper titled “The Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility” Dr. West reports how using “new drugs” effective in “speeding the induction of the hypnotic state and in deepening the trance that can be produced in given subjects” he has found a way to “take the memory of a definite event in the life of an individual and, through hypnotic suggestion, bring about the subsequent conscious recall to the effect that this event never actually took place, but that a different fictional event actually did occur.”

That the U.S. government employs such methods and people of such character and allows the targeting and abuse of innocent people and youth “preemptively” and with impunity is telling. And that they also operate and teach at UCLA, and run the UCLA NPI. It is likely that they have also been clandestinely “treating”, altering, and turning youth at local high schools, young adults and adults at UCLA and elsewhere, and young adults and adults in the military, in the Veterans Administration, in the penal system, through community youth and policing programs, in state psychiatric facilities, and in state and contracted residential drug rehabilitation and mental health treatment facilities. Apparently there’s a lot of staff permitted drug use and  predatory youth and adults molesting and exploiting trauma dissociated patients going on. They look like Harkonnen trap house mkpsyops conditioning facilities.

Apparently it may be part a gradually expanding institutionalized MK deployment against the general public. Their motivation is the prevention of “racial replacement” as they see it, and the preservation of White supremacy. MK ULTRA is a large scale military mind control program meaning it is theoretically possible that over the last 70 years (and operating under the gaslit umbrella of public ignorance, amnesia, and disbelief) they have offensively psyop’d, brainwashed, altered, and “turned” a very large number of people creating a metastasizing and globe threatening sociopathic cancer, shadow state cult, and covert tactically coordinated arm operating domestically and Internationally. In MK psyops they believe they have a covert, undetectable, untraceable, and unaccountable weapon, and means of molding people and society to their liking. The sociopathic personality seeks to bend reality and the will of others to fit it’s own false narratives.

It is likely they have altered and turned influential people in strategic societal and governmental positions domestic and foreign. Imagine the strategic possibilities, like sociopathic demigods playing with people like toys, puppets, pawns, and tools in the sociopolitical theater, and as agents of chaos to facilitate and enable great evil. It is like a Twilight Zone episode. Sociopathic slavers, fascists, and mind kontrolle.. of course they would. Never forget who they are and what they have already done. In MK psyops they have found a means and weapon through which to control and mold the minds of the people.

Gottlieb – “My Good Friend, I had been wondering whether your apparent rapid and comprehensive grasp of our problems could possibly be real. … you have indeed developed an admirably accurate picture of exactly what we are after. For this I am deeply grateful. We have gained quite an asset in the relationship we are developing with you.”

West – “It makes me very happy to realize that you consider me ‘an asset, surely there is no more vital undertaking conceivable in these times.”

Gottlieb and West orchestrated operation MIDNIGHT CLIMAX (1954-65) (https://podcastnotes.org/joe-rogan-experience/1459-tom-oneill/, https://www.sfchronicle.com/chronicle_vault/article/When-the-CIA-ran-a-LSD-sex-house-in-San-Francisco-7223346.php, https://www.sfweekly.com/news/operation-midnight-climax-how-the-cia-dosed-s-f-citizens-with-lsd/) which conducted LSD MK experiments on unsuspecting men in faux brothels in San Francisco and New York City. Dr. West also ran LSD MK experiments and offensive field psyops on unwitting hippies through dummy hippy and trap houses in the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco and in Greenwich Village in New York City, at faux front houses at UCLA and surrounding neighborhood, at country farm communes, and in faux spiritual establishments on both coasts during the 1950’s-90’s (https://hightimes.com/culture/flashback-friday-acid-dreams-part-four/), and it is likely that he created the infamous Helter Skelter (Boogaloo) cult named “The Family” as a domestic terrorism and psyops cell and control apparatus within the hippy (and Grateful Dead) community and as the means through which to brainwash and turn innocent unsuspecting hippies into racist psychotic killers, minions, and tools of the shadow state. The Manson cult murders are likely the result of CIA offensive MK psyop experimentation directed by Dr. West, like the Lackland air force base atrocity of 1954. (https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/films/0/charles-manson-murders-cia-conspiracy-theory-lsd-labs-truth/, https://medium.com/@justinward/was-charles-manson-a-cia-lab-rat-42f167277a05, https://www.vox.com/2019/8/7/20695284/charles-manson-family-what-is-helter-skelter-explained). The Jonestown massacre incident would be a the next level of magnitude in MK psyop f#ckery, and after that would be “turning” nation states into fascist sociopathological cults. We should also appreciate offensive sociopathocratic statecraft on the interplanetary and intergalactic level like in Frank Herbert’s Dune, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, and George Lucas’s Star Wars.

As an adjunct to the interpersonal manipulation and assault of the target, the process often involves “spin-washing” the mind by mega-dosing with a powerful psychoactive like LSD, STP, PCP, methamphetamine, ketamine, or other naturally sourced or engineered substance so that one loses one’s mental concentration, focus of and orientation in physical space and time, ultimate sense of sense, stability, self, identity, meaning, reason, and grip on reality itself

The mental disruption creates a dissociation that renders the victim defenseless and susceptible to psychological, physical, and sexual violation and abuse, handling, manipulation, hypnosis, molding, imprinting, reprogramming, domination, binding, possession, and control. They use pharmacological and trauma induced amnesia and hypnotic suggestion for the programming of false memories, narrative, information, ideas, thought patterns, paradigm, and remote control mechanisms and instructions. Their methods of messing people up on drugs and making them crazy in order to dissociate and kontrolle them may be crude and sloppy but it is effective. They have also developed a fast field method of “zapping” people utilizing an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) mental concentration disruption device.

And you’re like wait, they f##king did whut? The mad medieval horror. It is like Nazi experimentation and torture. It is the dark diabolical side of alchemy and witchcraft. Sidney Gottlieb is an adept biochemist also known as “The Black Sorcerer”. 

Like the Joker in Batman, the U.S. government knows how to induce malignant narcissism, dissociated anti-social psychosis, and schizophrenia in good mentally healthy people turning them into monsters and sociopathic vampires. https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/hearings/95mkultra.pdf, https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/

We may discern the psychopathology of a person by the way they interact with and treat other people. If people you know, family, loved ones, friends, associates, have been behaving unlike themselves, acting “funny”, strange, exhibiting sociopath pathology or other psychopathological behaviors, acting bizarre, offensive, out of order, illogical, like they’ve been “zapped” or brainwashed, experiencing amnesia or false memories, acting dissociated and disconnected from reality and factual truth, extra-egotistical or narcissistic, inconsiderate, selfish, sudden uncharacteristic extreme weight gain, shady, corrupted, contrary, hurtful, disturbed, deranged, demented, creepy, showing sings of an alter-ego or multiple personalities, or acting as if possessed and bound by an evil malevolent hostile recalcitrant spirit, and are wondering what the ACTUAL F##K is going on, this may possibly be the explanation. 

They “enjoy” the diabolically vicious vampire tactic of manipulating, twisting, and turning people against each other. They use psychological, psychopharmalogical, and psychic attack to create insecurity, instability, holes, wounds, and abnormal psychological issues and psychosis from which to mold keys to manipulate and exploit to craft alternative narratives and pathological psychodrama, levers, and triggers with which to manipulate, bind, control, and command submissive dementia and dissociated psychosis. They turn people into sociopaths that they control.

 They also use MK to “bite” and “turn” friends, lovers, and family against one another, and to murder each other, and to invade, divide, treacherously subvert, betray, sabotage, disintegrate, and conquer houses and communities from within. The Nazi’s are infamous for this.

Like in the film The Exorcist, the psycho sociopathic demon entity tries to confuse, drown, and break the psychic spirit lifeline connecting the hosted and possessed to their family, friends, culture, and community by goading, f###ing with, confusing, upsetting, angering, playing, redirecting, and misleading them with psychological psychodrama. It is like a Biblical horror movie.




Though the center was aborted by public outcry in 1973 (see notes #1), the same criminally offensive psychiatric and psychological operations have continued to this day. In the 1980’s President Reagan implemented anti-terrorism measures facilitating the return to domestic civilian psyops and counterintelligence (https://consortiumnews.com/2017/10/13/the-legacy-of-reagans-civilian-psyops/) that enabled The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Federal Violence Initiative (1986) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_Initiative, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1czKVyVHmCzya5vi8Xhqd5Y7K8pmGGsdy/view, http://greens.org/s-r/19/19-07.html). It is a stealthy revamped reboot of the frascist research and programs developed at the UCLA NPI Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence. The program is designed to identify young people who may be “prone to violence or anti-social behavior” for targeting with experimentation, “treatment”, tracking, supervision, intervention, and extrajudicial f#ckery. The program also involved research on primates:

“If you look, for example, at male monkeys, especially in the wild, roughly half of them survive to adulthood. The other half die by violence. That is the natural way of it for males, to knock each other off and, in fact, there are some interesting evolutionary implications of that because the same hyper-aggressive monkeys who kill each other are also hypersexual, so they copulate more and therefore they reproduce more to offset the fact that half of them are dying. Now, one could say that if some of the loss of social structure in this society, and particularly within the high impact inner-city areas, has removed some of the civilizing evolutionary things that we have built up and that maybe it isn’t just the careless use of the word when people call certain areas of certain cities jungles, that we may have gone back to what might be more natural, without all of the social controls that we have imposed upon ourselves as a civilization over thousands of years in our own evolution. This just reminds us that although we look at individual factors and we look at biological differences and we look at genetic differences, the loss of structure in society is probably why we are dealing with this issue.”

This is Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin speaking in Washington D.C. at a meeting of the NIMH in 1992 likening young “inner-city” people to primates. We should appreciate the behaviors of predators and herd tho, and the use of animal psychology in their methods of social control, and their effectiveness. In July 1988, he was appointed by President Reagan’s VP George H. W. Bush to head the ADAMHA (the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration). He also directed the NIMH. Bizarre, absurd, insulting, and rich in comedy, his condescending racist prejudice is plain. Institutional racism is by definition when a government entity (UCLA NPI, NIMH) behaves and acts like a prejudiced racist sociopathic person. They evidently viewed me as an inferior animal and “free radical” social pathogen to be removed from the student and public body.

The shadow CIA through the NIMH and UCLA NPI has produced an offensive racist spectacle lynch mob conspiracy and commotion, anti-social psyop, and anti-interracial pogrom within the Grateful Dead and greater community through the employment of a shadowy cult-like organization named “The Family”, a racist poseur group within the Grateful Dead/hippy/street/traveler community apparently created by Dr. West as a subversive domestic terror, MK psyops, and anti-personal operations cell (https://www.furious.com/perfect/gratefuldeadlsd.html). They are racist maniacal extremists and government spooks covertly and offensively operating under a gaslit umbrella of impunity. They have stalked me disseminating and hyping the official government manufactured disinformation and narrative produced and directed by UCLA NPI ever since the field operation’s beginnings on Haight street in San Francisco in 1990, on tour and lot with the Grateful Dead etc, and in the hippy community in general in order to propagate and maintain a domestic terror spectacle lynch mob social conspiracy. They mark and hunt like-minded others through me.

Dr. West and his shadow CIA program may be behind multiple cults sharing similar M.O.’s like subcell incarnations of the same umbrella corporation. Consider the International Foundation, also called “The Family” or Fellowship (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Fellowship_%28Christian_organization%29). It is an ultraconservative Christian, politically anti-communist and anti-“subversive” business and government leadership organization and program founded by Abraham Vereide in 1935 (succeeded by Douglas Coe in 1969). It operates through a network of regular nationwide prayer meetings and nonprofit corporations. Their board is largely composed of Democratic and Republican senators and representatives. It conducts international diplomacy behind closed doors. It became the National (Presidential) Prayer Breakfast in 1953, two months before CIA Project MK ULTRA was initiated. It’s activities and access would make an excellent front for offensive U.S. MK and psyops. (https://www.britannica.com/topic/The-Family-international-religious-movement, https://newrepublic.com/article/154763/familys-big-secret-hiding-plain-sight). Also the Navigators, whose collegiate chapter organized in 1951.

 Apparently the U.S. MK program may be part of a diabolical U.S. shadow state master plan to gradually retake and maintain complete control of American society and global empire through the strategic mind kontrolle of its people, set in motion by the American shadow state and Nazi infiltration facilitated by CIA director Allen Dulles and Operation Overcast (Paperclip).


When MK ULTRA was uncovered it is no wonder why Helms and Gottlieb destroyed, redacted, and disappeared the majority of its files in defiance of federal investigations (a shady “red flag” move).

Apparently the shadow CIA has been developing and running a top secret offensive domestic/foreign MK brainwashing and psyops program and have as the record shows experimented upon, psychologically tortured, brainwashed, altered, and expendably disposed of their own personnel not once, but at least twice in order to conceal their nefarious operations. Dr. Louis West’s protégé at UCLA NPI, Dr. Jonathon Salk acted against me with a arbitrary license to kill. For how long shall we look at this bloody white elephant in the room before we recognize what it means? Sometimes the truth is actually so horrible that we don’t want to see it. Maybe we should make sure they aren’t running a MKbrainwashing factory and operations on students at UCLA, a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and breeding psychological vampires.


They know they have crossed a red line. Evidently West and Gottlieb are members of the same psychopathocratic shadow cabal that still ultimately rules the U.S. government. Former Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (COINTELPRO) are also members. A Senate Judiciary Committee and court of justice must again address the U.S. psychiatric institution. They must be held accountable for their arbitrary malfeasance and the destruction of many innocent lives. We must address the viscous cycle of psychopathocratic society and psychological, physical, and sexual abuse at it’s institutional base and cultivating and propagating hub.

The U.S. shadow state’s continued subscription to and propagation of racist, egocentric, divisive pseudo-scientific philosophy and dissociated sociopathic paradigm is a direct form of psychosocial programming. (See: https://www.thelancet.com/action/showPdf?pii=S0140-6736%2804%2917619-8, https://treebearblog.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/1492/)

Also criminally absurd is the attempted use of subjective definitions and technical (legal) language as couch, deceptive front, and rebranding for such snaeky and vicious criminal methods, e.g.: “coercive persuasion” and “behavioral modification” can actually mean psychological and physical violation, manipulation, brainwashing, alteration, and handling (MK). When the multiple meanings and senses of words are ambiguously, dishonestly, and ridiculously played with, twisted, and effectively redefined what then defines truth, honesty, proof, science, reality, authority, responsibility, work, life, home, love, respect, good, bad, right, wrong, illegality, and crime? I mean they’re not technically lying, right? They operate in an alternative lexicon and World of their on devise. Their base reality is not founded in ultimate reality and therefore illogical. Meaning matters like integrity, truth, and reality matters. The Devil’s bulls### and machinations are in the order of detail. Coupled with psychological and emotional manipulation and disorientation language can be used as an adjunct and mechanism to psychological conditioning and perceptual programming, making people susceptible to social and physical control. The result has been a society with literal psychopaths in positions of “responsibility” and “authority”.

     tree of life    

Evolutionary Aquarian consciousness and societal paradigm is reemerging like a tree growing from the Earth and maturing in the Sunshine, but sociopaths do not care for the beautiful and existentially profound self-realization of being the Tree of Univers🌞ul Oneness and eternal coexistence, Fountain of Life, regeneration, healing, health, and Divine Light consciousness, and biological and psychological order. They are motivated by psychopathological self-absorption and egomania, insecurity, selfishness, control, domination, sadism, and exploitation. Their dissociated disposition is destructive and intention offensive. Their sociopathic M.O. does not abide allowing others to exist and thrive in freedom, peace, and love.

I have found metaphysical study, and the ancient mental exercise and healing exorcise of mentally listening to mantra (e.g.: “To Respect/Appreciate the Way in Order.”) and breath to be a most vital and necessary lifeline, way of holding and locking one’s mental focus, cultivating one’s peaceful center, consciousness, core, root, and keep within, and a crucially effective psychic defense against their offensive, invasive, disruptive, psychological, psychic, energetic, physical, and psychological modes and methods of attack, psychological manipulation, subjugation, control, MK, and possession. Also group psychic energetic bum rush.

I was independently studying some of the same subjects as they: mind and consciousness, metaphysics, cosmos, cosmology, physics, mathematics, history, society, philosophy, psychology, meditation, yoga, mindful awareness, psychological healing, psychic, mystic, and energetic phenomena, ecology, biology, culture, and our evolutionary, mental, and organic potential (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXbpRkwiXpQ).

I am a serious student of The Eternal Cosmic Way. It is founded in the scientific observation of the cosmos and listening to consciousness as they are self-explanatory. My conclusions on the fundamentals of existence, the Way we coexist, cosmic paradigm, ultimate reality, and metaphysical and spiritual philosophy include:

  • Our divine Cosmos is an eternal fountain of life, light, and self-aware consciousness.
  • The infinite space and Ocean of Light of the Universe. Geometrically a sphere/plane(t) cannot exist without infinite space.
  • The eternal river of time, life, and soul, and wheel/door of reberth/rebirth. Now cannot exist without eternity (Astrophysics). Likewise we cannot exist now without existing eternally (Metaphysics). Together we reincarnate thru a continuing evolutionary cycle and overlapping wheel of stagger(age). We don’t create souls, we re-berth souls.
  • The learning process of experience, and development of self, intelligence, and consciousness (evolution, from physical into mental). Our soul’s natural potential and intention is cosmic comprehension and transcendental self-realization.
  • God is real in the sense of being the seat, axis, and judge of this divine physical cosmic court, house, and mystical temple of light, truth, respect, oneness, and natural law. God is universal cosmic order, organism, harmony, and law, like physics. God is the Cosmos. The Cosmos is alive. We are the Cosmos. We exist within the Cosmos in order to respect the Cosmos.
  • Universal s🌞ul (JahLight I and i, the One i), the eternal Tree of Life, the divine sacred circle of breath, communication, and true conscious reflection, Gaia (the Earth and Cosmos is a living, conscious being and organism. The Sun is the womb and heart of the Earth). This means everyone (in the Universe) is of one eternal soul and Tree of Life, therefore race, species, age (“yolo”), and other technically superficial and arbitrary subdivisions of identity are ultimately misconceptions based in misperception. 
  • Science and common sense proves all humans are a single family descendant from one ancestral root in Africa (https://youtu.be/G-et0sdKQ70), and that the Tree of Life evolved from the Ocean and Earth as part of a Solar System. One root, one heart, one soul.
  • The mental, physical, metaphysical, elastic, multidimensional, holographic, energetic, mystic, supernatural, and cosmic nature of the Universe. The Cosmos is cosmic. The physical material cosmos is the expression of a unified field of energy.
  • Interpersonal interface (physical, direct, mental, passive, communication, erotic, and sexual) is a fundamental component of the actual bioelectromagnetic synergetic fountain of cellular regeneration and unlimited longevity (the Torus, the actual Fountain of Life and youth), along with nutrition, medicine, exercise, maintenance, peace, love, respect, appreciation, and freedom. We exist as parts of a unified circular self-sustaining cosmos and cosmic system therefore what some call age is really only caused by lifestyle deficiency and stress, free radical damage, lack of ultimate metaphysical comprehension, or separation from ones’ soulmates. Anti-scientific, anti-intellectual, and anti-spiritual racists and ageists do not appreciate eternal soul and being, the wheel of reincarnation and evolution, or mirror of oneness and coexistence (Symitree).


(Report continued below gallery. Make sure to use your zoom focus!)


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Trump supporters storm Capitol building in Washington

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He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.

-Adolf Hitler


     Out to prove me wrong and out to get me, they did this to turn the ears and minds of the people, and especifically fellow and future youth against me, and to conceal the truth of the matter from them. They declared me ill and unfit in order to denigrate, defame, and diminish my good status and standing, and to isolate and remove me from social circulation and natural life. Also to disparage, stigmatize, and discredit my study, beliefs, and culture, and to discredit my popular status as a good cool serious “Head” intellectual, and my meditations, insights, and opinions on Life, Existence, Coexistence, the “Order of Things”, the “Reason and Meaning of Life”, the “What It Is”, the “What’s Going On”, the “Real World”, the “Truth of the World”, the “The Real Story”, the “Birds and the Bees”, and what is “Cool and Hip”.

We must really appreciate the alarming and ominous significance of intellectual, scientific, and evolutionary denial and suppression as it is nothing new. White Nationalist and supremacist Christian extremism has proven itself at least the equivalent to Islamic extremism in this respect. The Nazi’s also pursued a purposeful interest in Ancient and Antediluvian history, and the dark abominable arts of psychosorcerous surgical neuropsychiatry, and genetic alchemy and alteration. https://www.good.is/articles/jrr-rolkien-nazi-letter?utm_source=upw&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=1, https://www.billionbibles.org/sharia/hitler-muslim-brotherhood.html, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relations_between_Nazi_Germany_and_the_Arab_world, https://www.google.co/amp/s/amp.dw.com/en/how-nazis-courted-the-islamic-world-during-wwii/a-41358387

Their racist counterintelligence psyop against me was only part of their longstanding international assault against the continuing resurgence and rise of free independent intellectual thought, the Aquarian school of philosophy and science, the coalescence and health of progressive independent and Aquarian communities and society, cosmic universoul self-realization and consciousness, Indigo consciousness, the self-realization of reincarnation and evolution, paradigm shift and social and cultural progress, personal freedom, enlightened independence, the realization of personal and ultimate transcendental evolutionary intention and fruition, and the re-harmonization, reintegration, and reunion of the human family, and with the cosmos and ecology. This has been going on since the mystic arcane esoteric societies, popular Eastern philosophy movements, and country spiritual revivals of the 1st American Blues and Jazz Age, a siege against the Afro, 2nd Jazz Age, Minority, “Interracial”, Grateful Dead, Rocker, Hip Hop, and New Age communities in order to create negative drama, disruption, and division, and to facilitate infiltration, racism, whitewash, brainwash, subversion, neutralization, hi-jack, and destruction.

The Grateful Dead, Merry Prankster, New Age Aquarian, Jazz, and progressive intellectual communities represent those recovering from and evolving passed the worldly paradigm and psychological control of the shadow state. As such they have been aped, infiltrated, monitored, control operated against, and preyed upon by racist psychopathic misogynist shadow state psyop poseurs. Their basic general psyop tactic was to first infiltrate the scene, then levee false accusations against individuals and groups within creating psychodrama, stress, and instability in order to invade, corrupt, divide, conquer, neutralize, and destroy the circle of community, love, home, safety, and protection that it is for multicultural intellectually progressive hippies, artists, and “interracial” people.

Their operations against myself spawned a self-perpetuating destructive commotion and collateral conspiracy within the Grateful Dead and street/gypsy communities. These are scenes which in the 60’s already had their share of creepy predatory characters, shady tour buses, and scary cults so they were able to give me a bad reputation and stigma solely through sustained grapevine gossip, dissemination of “official” disinformation and false narrative hype, and contrived he said she said drama.

Dr West and his LSD and methamphetamine MK research and experimentation conducted at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and through the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic (https://medium.com/@justinward/was-charles-manson-a-cia-lab-rat-42f167277a05), and clandestine offensive operations conducted from their CIA front “hippy house” base and trap house lab in the Haight-Ashbury (https://theintercept.com/2019/11/24/cia-mkultra-louis-jolyon-west/) neighborhood was the subversive destructive catalyst and reason for the early Haight-Ashbury/Bay Area/West Coast psychedelic hippy scene’s decline by 1967.

A fundamental aspect of Aquarian philosophy and true hippy mentality is the recognition of truth, and embrace of humanity’s and Gaia’s one mental soul in sunlight, and universal physical ancestral root in Africa (and the Sea of Light). Also beliefs in eternal light cosmos (OM), the wheel of reberth/reincarnation, the self-realization of being eternal children of the cosmos, and natural polyamory (not jealously, selfishly, possessively monogamous). Love is not a self-centered ego gratification thing, but a spiritually mystic, and intellectual agreement thing, a shared being, consciousness, and intention to learning, light, peace, harmony, goodness, self-realization, mental maturity, evolution, transcendence, and a shared awareness, appreciation, respect, and comprehension of The Way we all eternally coexist as One Tree of Life, and of what’s going on around us in the world. Home is a place where Everyone lives.

The late eighties was during the fourth wave of Aquarian intellectual rebirth since the 1st and 2nd Jazz and Woodstock generations as their kids matured and reunited. The Aquarian community serves as an international, multicultural, multi-generational nexus for the spiritual, artistic, intellectual, and evolutionary vangard, therefore it has been destructively besieged upon by the shadow state in order to alter the progressive and promising course global society was on. The sociopathological U.S. shadow state works to prevent people from being at home together in freedom, truth, lovelight, and happiness.

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead:

Jerry Garcia in the Golden Gate Park

Grateful Dead © Jim Marshall Photography LLC




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pig and v

pig and v 2

Ronald “Pigpen” McKernan (legendary founding member of the Grateful Dead) and his lady Veronica “V” Bernard. They too had to “deal” with American racism. He likely was also targeted by U.S. government covert shadow ops, in addition to other progressive and influential anti-racist musicians and artists including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, et cetera.

Dig this relevant sample playlist of the musical spirit and consciousness of Aquarius, true Americana, and global evolutionary progression and awakening. Excellent for mash-up and mix.

(report continued below setlist)


(With interspersed conversation with John McLaughlin and the guru Sri Chinmoy on meditation)














































































































     The May 1991 UCLA NPI psych report correctly states that I was on probation from an arrest for possession of a few doses of LSD. What happened is that UCPD had seen me innocently hopping a fence, and so proceeded to bum-rush, assault, and kick me to the ground. Their report falsely states that i became combative. They coerced my parents into unwitting cooperation with their scheme by using the threat  of conviction and telling them that institutionalization would be a better alternative than prison.

“The patient has a conviction for drug possession. He has been placed on a drug conversion (the ‘con’ in ‘conversion’ is then literally written over in pen to spell ‘diversion’) education program in lieu of a trial and sentencing. However, the patient has only attended scant required sessions. At this point, the parents report that the court is strongly considering pursuing a trial for felony drug possession charge unless the patient completes a drug diversion program.” (Discharge Summary Legal History 5/11/91).

Another false nebulous bullshi# statement. “Scant required” is by definition what is required. Judicial pressure and coercion of my family was necessary to their scheme because cover-up was their intent.

They lied to, deceived, psychologically manipulated, and coercively persuaded my family into believing that I had become psychotically ill from hard poly-substance abuse at Princeton (to utilize and “explain” my performance there). Their intent was to disrupt and manipulate my family and support, to alter their perception of reality, to utilize them against me, and to further manage and handle them. Psychological manipulation (and subjugation) is when people are coerced and or compelled to act out-of-order with what is natural and normal familial response, and with what is rational and reasonable.

“The family also requested that I be available for them, given the stress of dealing with their son’s illness. I have agreed to be available in that capacity and have told them that I am considering starting family therapy for them, although it needs to be clarified whether this would be appropriate if I have to follow their son individually. One possibility that has been discussed is that I follow the whole family, including the patient, for family therapy. I will be investigating for supervisorial possibilities to assess the appropriateness of this approach. The family understands that my role in their treatment is somewhat nebulous at the time of discharge.”

Damon Wolfe M.D., UCLA NPI

More bullshi#. The family group “therapy” never happened, nor any “therapy” or discussion with me ever concerning their fictional psych diagnosis and issues. But i was surreptitiously designated psychotic and dangerous, “followed” by U.S. intelligence, and my life and personal affairs monitored, “supervised”, intrusively investigated, disrupted, and restricted. UCLA NPI’s (and CIA) “supervision” and “treatment” has been questionable, covert, shadowy, and “nebulous”. I and my family have been brutally mistreated and handled. They meant to disrupt my family, circle of friends, and community, and we were greatly and adversely affected.

The UCLA NPI psych report dated 5/18/91 says that I was given Ativan for “behavioral control”. I was also given the brain dampening and numbing Neuroleptics Haldol and Lithium. My drug screens were clean for intoxicants including LSD. It was plainly an attempt at behavior modification and control, at “conversion”.

The U.S. Psychiatric Institution has rendered me officially discredited and helpless, disallowing for my testimony, challenge, and self-defense, imposing legal mayhem on me using an obvious and ridiculous loophole. The psych-op is both the cover story and pretentious reason for the offensive shadow operations, whilst also being the means of cover-up. It should not be so easy to derail, frame, depose, and rob a person of their freedom, voice, social office, intellectual respect, and life with a psychiatrist’s pen and as if by the of hand of God. When i report and complain of being domestically terrorized, i am purposefully mistreated as if i am a hallucinating and dangerous paranoid schizophrenic. I am trapped in a Catch-22. I am being taken advantage of. Rendering a person defenseless and helpless whilst abusing them is sadism, is subjugation to brutality, torture, and rape.

Soon after my release from over a year of wrongful penal mental institutionalization, Mrs. (redacted)-Salk was involved in a set up to frame me for a small amount (ten dollars worth) of a controlled substance. She had got a mutual friend to approach me to help her (the mutual friend) find some, but it was really a shady set up and frame entrapment. I was a fool to their scheme, an innocent youth, and what i did i did innocently. I did not deal, and like any college environment the eternal ritual of “partying” naturally went on. In fact, i had partied with Mrs. (redacted)-Salk and our mutual friend Mrs. (redacted) on numerous occasions. Nevertheless, they did this to (un)officially (as i was not arrested, charged, or tried) classify, misrepresent, demonize, and criminalize me as a “drug dealer” (and using the LSD possession court matter to compound) in order to trap and place me under another extensively permissive umbrella of invasive investigation. Of course this incident and matter implicates Mrs. (redacted)-Salk as being under the umbrella of the U.S. intelligence community.


That “official” disinformation was then disseminated by “The Mountain” at UCLA, and to the American shadow state and public silent majority. A full-on counterintelligence and zersetzung operation, i was branded a drug dealer, harassed, and run out of town with mortal threat; then tracked, stalked, and hounded from town to town, state to state, coast to coast, the Hawaiian Islands, the Rainbow Family Gatherings, the Music Festival circuit, on tour with the bands The Grateful Dead and Phish, and “homeless” on the street and in the country by clandestine U.S. government operations and operatives, “The Mountain”’s network, the Ku Klux Klan, racist Northern California “Occupy” vigilantes, and a racist mob-like cult-like organization claiming to represent the Grateful Dead community and GDF (Grateful Dead Family) calling themselves “The Family”(https://www.furious.com/perfect/gratefuldeadlsd.html). They have been disseminating official disinformation produced by the U.S. government at UCLA NPI, maintaining social conspiracy, and running offensive psyops in the Grateful Dead/Hippy community.  

A shadow CIA spawned conspiracy of liars, manipulators, bad actors and spooky actresses, their intention was commotion, chaos, disruption, division, and to use me as a scapegoat and as part of a larger long-term psychological and sociopolitical master plan and play for power, control, and total domination. It was a normalizing precedent and precursor to the psyop methods used by the American shadow state to create the current sociopolitical crisis unfolding since 2015. 

It was covertly and aggressively propagated, and especially in my surrounding neighborhood of Los Angeles (neighbors, recreation center, YMCA), The UCLA student community, Venice Beach community, the Grateful Dead and Hippy/New Age communities, the Hip Hop community, the street/roofless/traveler communities, and the “Black” and “Minority” communities.

I was targeted, outcast, and made into a domestic refugee and pariah gypsy as government had turned society against me. UCLA NPI has cast me as the scapegoat and linchpin of a state produced drama in the sociopolitical theater. Their company of trained bad actors and spooky actresses has offensively and professionally played and acted around me, lying to and manipulating their audience in psychosocial counterintelligence operations and obstructing my social movement in an official capacity. Through official disinformation they have created commotion, drama, and drastic changes affecting my life personally, socially, economically, and health-wise so that i might superficially appear the part of a poor homeless mentally ill social misfit loser and loner, in order to fit their dramatic narrative, role, and theatrical script. They have affected my life like how the Duke Brothers handled and used Louis Winthorpe III and Billy Ray Valentine in a sadistic social psychology experiment in the film comedy Trading Places.

Relentlessly i have been besieged and obstructed socially while surviving “homeless” on the street and on the road. I am being stalked, psyop’d, and terrorized by an aggressive, menacing, maniacal, and invasive U.S. government shadow operating network disseminating the official false disinformation, lies, slander, defamation, and assorted he said she said false accusations in a smear campaign to paint and portray me as a dangerous “bad news character” (scapegoat, example, public enemy, reject, pariah, loser, clown), the pretense with which to retroactively justify offensive operations, racist segregation ops, mob conspiracy, brutality, apathy, lynch mob, and murder.

Like East German Stasi Zersetzung and U.S. COINTELPRO tactics, associates, friends were coerced, intimidated, and “turned” against me by psyop spooks approaching them with their false official narrative. My community was lied to and misled. Defaming disinformation, and staged drama produced and managed by bad actors and spooky actresses had the effect of creating more drama, stress, distrust, mistreatment, disbelief and ignorance, racism, confusion, intimidation, fear, upset, danger, avoidance, antipathy, abandonment, scorn, and re-victimization. (https://treebearblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/cointelpro-zersetzung-tactics/

They plainly meant for me to be ruined and killed as the result of the scenario they have engineered and manipulate. They call it a “self-fulfilling prophecy” (they think it humorous like a joke). It was a set up and frame. Their intent was to isolate, alienate, cordon off, demonize, scapegoat, terrorize, and lynch mob through the controlled dissemination of official disinformation. The use of social and surgical gossip, word of mouth, the grapevine, social stigma, and accompanying duress, intimidation, psychological manipulation, and pressure and menace of government sanctioned lynch mob has worked to create a self-perpetuating social conspiracy. They pretentiously disseminate the official disinformation and offensively operate against me as if they are doing a necessary public service with a preemptive duty to protect.

Offensive domestic counterintelligence is misusing the power and apparatus of organized government, infrastructure, society, and psychology to meddle with, play God with, besiege, and control people’s lives. It is a clandestine conspiracy against citizens, and personal life supervision, disruption, obstruction, and dismantling. It is intrusive investigation and handling employing undercover agents and provocateurs, informants, bad actors, spooky actresses, and goons in offensive psyops. It is being “officially” out-caste and made persona non grata, marginalized, ostracized, alienated and isolated, segregated, discredited, fired, blacklisted, deprived of the benefits of freedom and the means of survival and health, disabled, impoverished, made “homeless”, domestically terrorized, psychologically tortured, vigilante lynched mobbed, murdered. One is technically and literally treated like an enemy of the state by the nation that rules the government, and as if one is owned property of the state. It is for neutralizing those they disagree with. It’s purpose is social and political control, control of the individual, and opposition to free independent thinking and universal intellectual evolutionary societal progress. I have been cruelly taken advantage of by the cold blood oiled and seasoned apparatus of U.S. institutional racism and sociopathocracy. I have been toyed with. It is as if those presuming to be the Gods of the World have outcast, exiled, condemned and doomed me to a dark wild brutal bizarro maney perilous private invisible limbo hell-hole Adult Swim Heavy Metal Gibli medieval Metalocalypse dystopia dimension matrix labyrinth prison of which they are the lords and dungeon & game masters.

In 1989 the East German Stasi employed between 500,000 and 2 million people (Walmart and McDonald’s employ similar figures). We can assume figures are at least the same for their counterparts in the U.S. Intelligence Community. They enjoy a comfortable income and life of privilege and impunity from their dirty work destroying the lives of others (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lives_of_Others). 

Like a psychosocial lab experiment and rat in a cage i was designated public enemy, pariah and innocent ritual sacrificial lamb/goat for the mob of American racism, ignorance, intolerance, paranoia, madness, hype, resentment, discontent, anger, malice, blood lust, and violence, and to fan the flames of those things. The social psychology at play is insidious. It was an experimental field-day trial-balloon that unchecked did naturally snowball to saturation over time. A population misled, confused, conditioned, programmed, willing, and encouraged to amnesia, apathy, disbelief, ignorance, corruption, crime, selfish self-interest/absorption/preservation, indignity, opportunism, division, conflict, violence, death, and following the U.S. institution as if lemmings misled, deceived, fooled, underprepared, and ignorantly oblivious to the cliff, spellbound and enthralled like in the films The Matrix, They Live, Get Out, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Host (2013), Dreamcatcher, The Mist (2007), The Alien saga, The Tomorrow War, Edge of Tomorrow, StargateSG1, The Exorcist, The Village (2004), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Blade has been a most conducive environment for such simple and familiar psychosociopolitical mob methods. The general population would most likely not stand a chance in such scenarios. Even with these films popularity it still seems too difficult for most to imagine, grasp, or even recognize a diabolical invasion of hivemind psychic predators managing them like a herd and preying on them like kine to brainwash, spellbind, “turn”, possess, and exploit like expendable and delectable meat puppets, let alone how to navigate and negotiate their way thru it. I can only speculate what most would do if they looked out their doors and windows to see Nazi and Confederate tanks and transports advancing down their streets, again. 

It took only fifteen years for the U.S. propaganda machine to flip the script, findings, and popular narrative of Vice President Nelson Rockefeller’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (1975); Senator Frank Church’s Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (1975-6); and Senators Edward Kennedy and Daniel Inouye’s joint Senate Select Committee hearings on Project MK ULTRA (1977)(http://www.druglibrary.org/Schaffer/History/e1950/mkultra/Hearing01.htm) from appalling front-page news and reality, to paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theory.

The U.S. shadow government has been orchestrating domestic terrorism. Generations of youth with knowledge of this matter have been low-key misled, conditioned, and programmed to believe that covert vigilante lynch mob conspiracy action and murder is o.k. if condoned, ignored, and allowed by parents, the State, the Church, or Powers That Be. Their intent is to re-normalize such psychopathology and behavior in American society. The U.S. mental health institution, police and judicial system, social hype, and internet networking have been abused for the purposes of personal offense, social conspiracy, targeted persecution, racist injustice, covert racist personal segregation ops, eugenics, intellectual suppression, psychological manipulation and conditioning, population control, societal engineering, and criminal cover-up.

Also, It was during my time at and after Princeton that i:

1. Found my academic and creative talent and professional direction in the metasciences, meditation, psychological and physical healing, writing, and the arts. I was looking forward to developing creative endeavors and economic enterprise with peers and community. The perpetrator’s intention was to ruin my career.

2. Had a vibrant community of like-minded associates, friends, and soulmates. The permanent and ongoing counterintelligence operation targets my social and personal life. They have officially stripped me of my rights and freedom of association. They have used the official false psych and criminal designations and secret false accusations to pretentiously justify stalking, tracking, monitoring, intrusive supervision, disruption, and separating me from others under the preemptive “duty to protect” and the NIMH Violence Initiative. All about racist hate and eugenicist competition, they have aggressively targeted and meddled with my personal and social life since i was a teenager utilizing cyber and communications surveillance, stalking, counterintelligence, and social psyops.

The U.S. family separation and segregation policy is nothing new. Towards that end they targeted and went after my ladies, friends, associates, and community collaterally like a modern day lynch mob pogrom. This can be proven through investigation. I believe mkpsyops was also offensively employed. The U.S. government really should be investigating this extremely serious matter.

I have since been separated from community and soulmates as a result of their operations. I am a fish out of water. I have also torn ourselves in half and into pieces trying to protect them from the collateral targeting of a menacing, murderous, sneaky, conniving, maniacal, fanatical cult-like pogrom-like government produced lynch mob hounding my trail. They have used me to mark and hunt others.

Looking back now at my youth with the knowledge of 20\20 vision i would have done some things differently. I didn’t know what was really going on yet. I assumed the worst and I was right. With the grace of God and The Way i am looking forward to our reunion one day soon. This is a call to you. Please find me (at treeborne@gmail.com).


The whole thing really knocked me for a loop initially. For a good minute i was in like a dazed and confused stupor and state of shock, and conscious denial about what was happening. I had not figured out the details of it yet. Imagine the surreal nightmare of being set upon by the racist U.S. shadow state (my own government!), domestic terrorism, and mortal threat of lynch mob as a teenager. I imagine it was akin to the shock and horror of the innocent child abused by it’s own parents.

They want me alone and alienated for: 1. Offensive personal psyops and psychological torture. To separate people is cruel, heart wrenching, gut wrenching, and as effective as physical starvation. People need love like air, and like trees need to be rooted in Earth, and need water and sunshine. We are stronger together. 2. To fit their false portrayal and narrative as a psycho, dangerous, reject, kook, loser, homosexual, weirdo, asshole. 3. Eugenicist reasons. To prevent community participation, friendships, romantic relationships and participation in natural life, and the responsibility of procreation and reberth, and the being at home together in the fountain of life in the garden of Eden and healing in mystic agreement (fruition, and the fulfillment of life). 4. To separate me from those in intellectual and metaphysical agreement and to prevent community growth. 5. To prevent business networking.

This is a case of targeted eugenics, targeted personal social disruption and isolation, anti-“inter-racial” racist separation and segregation ops, institutional psychological violence, offensive psyops, domestic terrorism, and vigilante lynch mob based on Mrs. (redacted)-Salk’s false accusation of stalking made on top of UCLA NPI’s false negative psych report and portrayal concocted to cover up my initial previous report against Mrs. (redacted)-Salk and her clique for racist anti-personal anti-intellectual bullying (and likely CIA supervised cointelpro and psyop activity) at UCLA. https://treebearblog.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/cointelpro-zersetzung-tactics/

The U.S. government also continues in the offensive use of romantically planted undercover operatives in offensive handling and cloak and dagger operations, including the psychological and physical coercion, alteration, and “turning” of lovers into informants and spooky actresses. When handling was deemed necessary they would assign a plant for anti-personal psyops under the false pretenses of an undercover (under-the-covers) investigation, or clandestinely “zap”, manipulate, handle, and direct lovers in deceptive and destructive operations. It was done for life-energy draining psychological, emotional, and physical abuse, to spend and waste my time, to theatrically manufacture and manipulate social drama for anti-personal  espionage and maneuvering like in George Orwell’s “1984”, and for making false accusations, testimony, and reports in the capacity of an agent of the U.S. government. It is an old cloak and dagger ruse to play a close or romantic role in order to “take out” and “lay down” with a dagger through the heart to twist and emotionally manipulate, play, take advantage of, spell-bind, captivate, use/exploit, set up, milk, flip on, and betray like a “sucker”.  (https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/28/secrets-and-lies-untangling-the-uk-spy-cops-scandal?CMP=share_btn_tw, https://nypost.com/2018/07/18/russian-spy-offered-sex-for-role-in-special-interest-group-feds/). The tactic utilizes and exploits that U.S. institutionalized racism and prejudice which allows for brown people to be imprisoned, terrorized, tortured, and murdered on the lies of a white woman, government operative, or police officer.

In 2001 i was assaulted by Santa Monica Police officers in an incident set up by a romantically planted operative in the Grateful Dead scene, a Mrs. (redacted). In the years prior i had made reports to the Berkeley PD, the LAPD, the Police and Court on Kauai in Hawaii, and the FBI in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles concerning stalking, social conspiracy hype and slander, and violent harassment in Los Angeles and Venice Beach, San Francisco, Berkeley, the North-West, Hawaii, New England, Tuscon and the South-West, and on tour with the Grateful Dead. The scene of the incident was a weekly Grateful Dead cover band show at a small bar and music venue in Santa Monica. I was targeted there by surreptitious bigoted gossip, part of the continued UCLA NPI/CIA psyop against me in the Grateful Dead scene perpetrated and perpetuated by a mob of racist posers claiming to represent the shadowy “Family”, and therefore being employees working for an operational front of the United States Government. (https://www.furious.com/perfect/gratefuldeadlsd.html).

There has been judicial misconduct and cover-up of the incident. The police incident report is an unbelievable fictional narrative that portrays me (155lbs, no combat training/skills) as a crazed karate expert who did melee with and inflicted damage upon five officers for several minutes before finally being taken down (See SMPD report and breakdown in the appendices section at bottom). The report and testimonial accounts are rife with discrepancy and contradiction, as well as other issues. It is all hastily and sloppily concocted fiction.

What actually happened was that Mrs. (redacted) had said that she would drive me home after seeing the weekly Grateful Dead cover-band show we usually attended. But she had been acting strange recently, and capriciously changed her mind afterward at the gas station across the street. It was after 2am on a rainy Monday morning. We were the only vehicle there. I calmly tried to change her mind. After a minute or so she got out of the car and went to the other side of the attendant’s booth (out of sight) threatening to call the police, so i got out of the car to gather my belongings (laundry and gear) and find another way home. I told her i was doing this so that she would not call them. But before i could leave the police arrived, too fast as if the event was a set up or contingency. They rolled in stealth with lights off so that i did not notice them until they were already out of their vehicles and aggressively approaching me. They came at me like a violent suspect, immediately and offensively bum rushed and tackled me, first slamming me against the car, and then to the ground. They then attempted to skull/curb me (to crush/fracture the skull by applying extreme pressure). The only reason they stopped and I lived was because it was taking too long and becoming too obvious what they were trying to do as shouting “stop resisting” only buys so much time. They tried to murder me in order to take care of my nuisance. They then arrested me. I did not assault police officers or resist arrest, and the alleged minor injuries to the officers are contrived, the result of their out of control aggression, or intentionally self-inflicted.

To my surprise it was introduced at my recognizance hearing that Mrs. (redacted) falsely testified that i hit her, which was accepted by the court improperly and without evidence, and was the reason why i was not released on my Own Recognizance. The entire proceedings had a wierd surreal air of bulls##t about them. And so why wasn’t that allegation in the police report? It shows that she either lied to the police when she called them, or that the lie was contrived after the fact by the state as part of their cover up. She also made another false statement alleging “psycho” behavior, attempting to utilize my previous wrongful institutionalization to support it. 

The incident was a set up. The gas station video was suppressed so that they could concoct a false police report. There were cameras that would have shown all events. We were parked directly next to the attendant’s booth, and the police cars were directly in front of it. It also seems that the police coerced the attendant (a brown hued man with the last name of Islam) into cooperation. They made me sit alone in an underground dungeon-like cell for 3-4 days in Santa Monica (to allow my head to de-swelI as it had swollen considerably) before moving me to the Twin Towers facility in downtown Los Angeles. I was given insufficient and improper council by the public defender. There was never any questioning of me by anyone as to what happened. I was not asked to make a statement. I was not offered or shown police reports. I had wanted to go to trial, but the witnesses, Mrs. (redacted) and Mr. Islam, failed to show up to court multiple times (of course). In hindsight we now see that that was because a trial would have exposed the false SMPD report, and greater offensive operations and criminal conspiracy. I was then advised by the public defender to take a deal or suffer a prolonged sentence of over a year. I went along with their “deal” as i was suffering from head trauma and concussion, and a fool to their snaeky tricky tactics. I still had not realized the institutional depth and scope of the conspiracy.

They then prosecuted and imprisoned me based on their false police reports and testimony, Mrs. (redacted)‘s false testimony, witness tampering, suppression of video and photo evidence, misleading and inappropriate legal council, non-disclosure of police report and evidence to me, and judicial and procedural misconduct, to a three-month jail term in the twin-towers psych-ward during which time I was harassed and verbally taunted by guards, and by inmates because of disinformation disseminated by guards.

A razor-blade shank was “found” in a 3 a.m. search on my cell only that i shared with a gentleman with a large Nazi Swastika tattoo. It was not mine, but i was held responsible. Apparently a hit was ordered and then foiled or aborted, or the guards planted it to further entangle me in their systematic oppressive process.

During release when waiting in the final holding cell for my name to be called on the speaker the guard said my name but then also to my surprise taunted in a conspiratorial tone “And this is why you aren’t going home, ha ha ha…”. I then found out that i was being sent to the psych ward at Loma Linda University Hospital (7th Day Adventist). This is the site of Dr. Ross Adey’s ELF technology lab, developer of weaponized ELF mental disruption technology (http://www.constantinereport.com/cia-mind-control-history-uclas-dr-w-ross-adey-brain-telemetry/). There they “reassessed” and attempted to re-institutionalize me.

     There is an historic coordination and collusion between the U.S. government and it’s familiarly and sympathetically associated public (invisible empire of the silent majority). It is a racket, system, and culture that was founded to benefit one group while fooling, playing and holding at a disadvantaging, repressing, subjugating, controlling, and using the others. It is an institutional system designed to enable and facilitate racist injustice and to maintain White National supremacy. The use of offensive domestic counterintelligence, orchestrated social theater and martial drama, and domestic psychological operations and mind-control is a dystopian nightmare already realized. The guilt and admission of these crimes uncovered by the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI in 1971 was formally addressed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States (1975); Senator Frank Church’s Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities (1975-6); and Senators Edward Kennedy and Daniel Inouye’s joint Senate Select Committee hearings on Project MK ULTRA (1977). When caught and exposed the perpetrators suspiciously destroyed, redacted, and disappeared most of the program files in defiance of federal investigations. This case reveals the continued and ongoing offensive deployment of Domestic Counterintelligence and MK psyops against the American people.

The computer, cellphone, and internet development of the 80’s and 90’s expanded the U.S. shadow state’s surveillance, targeting, counterintelligence and psychological operational capability exponentially. I surmise that Dr. West stepped down as Director of UCLA NPI in winter of 1989 to work full-time orchestrating covert psychosocial shadow ops against the “leftists”, “socialists”, “globalists”, “liberals”, “hippies”, “minorities”, and “progressives” whom he felt were trying to “destroy American society”. Their efforts at social engineering and cultural whitewash were unfortunately somewhat effective in stemming the tide of freedom, intellectual and evolutionary development, and social progress and reunion stemming from the Civil Rights and Artistic movements of the post WW2 1940’s-90’s.

The late 1980’s into 1990’s saw a marked resurgence of racism and institutional injustice in America, and repression against the social progress being made thru civil rights and integration. Today in 2021, institutional structural racism, corruption, violence, and offensive psyops is yet a critical issue. It is therefore reasonable that this matter be immediately and properly addressed and investigated. Tellingly It has not because the vetting of this report would find the accused and the organization they work for guilty as accused, and so therefore vigilance is not their concern or interest, vigilantism is.

For 30 years now the greater U.S. government has allowed and sanctioned the criminally offensive actions of the perpetrators at UCLA NPI, and obstructed my efforts at civil justice ensuring the development this terrible matter. Why? 

I am being stalked and operated upon by U.S. covert ops disseminating weaponized state produced disinformation causing drama and domestic terror. They pretentiously act as if they are acting with a preemptive duty to protect. I am isolated, alienated, impoverished, and alone. I have been physically separated from my partners and soulmates. It is like doing hard time in an isolation ward cell in which I have been imprisoned in the suspended animation and abuse of the Sociopolitical State Theater of False Narrative.

Some of the offenses i can claim damages for in court:

  1.  They lied to, deceived, emotionally and psychologically manipulated, and forcefully coerced my family and associates using “coercive persuasion”.
  2. They targeted me with offensive psychological operations, domestic counterintelligence, domestic terror, and purposefully life endangering weaponized disinformation with the intent to incite violence and lynch mob. They have actually manufactured, produced, and manage a self-perpetuating offensive social conspiracy campaign and lynch mob. I have been subjected to extreme physical and psychological stress and hardship. They mean to break my will.
  3.  False psychological diagnosis and reports. Libel and calumniation. They “officially” discredited my sanity, defamed my character, ruined my reputation, produced and direct a social conspiracy, monitor, intervene, and disabled my social, personal, business, career, and financial life. False mental-illness designation and reputation is that serious. Talking behind someone’s back is sneaky, but the government covertly disseminating weaponized disinformation behind your back is the snaekiest next level.
  4.  Wrongful institutionalization and incarceration.
  5. Denied my right to defend myself against the false accusation of stalking from Mrs. (redacted)-Salk. That matter was purposefully kept secret me.
  6.  Violation of my Civil, Constitutional, Human, and Existential Rights. The deprivation of the existential and unalienable rights as stated in the U.S. Declaration of Independence of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

And so to summarize:

I reported racist anti-intellectual bullying at UCLA to UCLA NPI. Because of institutional racism and personal conflict of interest Dr. Jonathan Salk of UCLA and staff at NPI attempted to cover up the matter with a false psych report and by institutionalizing me, but i was released by the court due to a lack of evidence. I was not made aware of the clandestine false negative psych report concocted by UCLA NPI. A year later upon my return to Los Angeles i attempted to report to my parents of the continued stalking and harassment, but was overridden by their premeditated plotting and coordinated countermove involving the secret false accusation of stalking from Mrs. (redacted). I was not informed or questioned regarding said accusation, and apparently because of UCLA NPI’s previous false psych report, diagnosis, and portrayal her story was accepted as credible by the LAPD. Thusly i was set up and illegally railroaded to wrongful institutionalization and incarceration. UCLA NPI had lied to me saying that i did not have the right to contest the matter in court, and then wrote in their psych report that i waived my right to a court hearing and willingly accepted it. They deceived me because in court i would have discovered the matter of UCLA NPI’s false psych reports and Mrs. (redacted)’s false accusation and exposed their offensive malfeasance, thusly they did not want me to know what was going on clandestinely behind the scenes. I had sensed a menacing threat in the shadows and behold, i was right.

This is a matter of systemic structural systematic institutional racism and oppression. It is the political abuse of psychiatry by employees of UCLA NPI as umbrella for the cover-up of 1. offensive racist anti-intellectual bullying activity at UCLA, 2. apparent U.S. government domestic counterintelligence and civilian psyops activity at UCLA, and 3. subsequent punitive supervision, intervention, segregation, domestic counterintelligence, civilian psyops, domestic terrorism, and spectator lynch mob. 

I have investigated the misconduct, malfeasance, and resultant incidents, and indicated what demands further investigation by appropriate government administration: the Dr. Jonathan Salk/Mrs. (redacted)-Salk relationship and conflict of interest, the false accusation of stalking made by Mrs. (redacted)-Salk to the LAPD, the illegal “informal” restraining order, who coordinated and arranged what, the misconduct by the SMPD and Santa Monica Judiciary, et cetera.

The forms have been respected, met, and satisfied in order, yet my requests and pleas for assistance remain unaddressed by government administration. My accusations and assertions have not been challenged which is telling as that would require investigation and the vetting of this report and brief.

The defense has proven, and rests its case. Any attempt at defense to righteous justification by the perpetrators, further obstruction of justice, or continued extrajudicial prosecution and persecution can only be regarded as absurd offensive contemptuous insult, dismissed, and judgement made by the court for the plaintiff.


Enough of this horror!

We have all seen enough for many lifetimes.




This brief includes only a sample of the many serious, documented, verifiable, recent, and resultant incidents that have occurred since the matter began.

Thank you so very much for listening. God bless your good work. Please do what you can to assist and rescue the people of this Univers☀️ul Earth. Your time, attention, and respect is very much appreciated. I and i survive.. OM NFA⚡️DTF. All Along the Watchtower. Don’t you let that Deal go down…

Let your cerebral computer marinate in this intel/info lasagna gnarsauce. I hope i have presented it in a palatable and satisfying manner.



Please remember to follow and check out the vital, intertwining, and informative links.

The truth writes and corrects itself. Please do refresh and return for constant check, edit, correction, and improvement as i am editing this report online. I also may have corrected something you disagreed with. Thank you for bearing with it’s roughness and length, it is a lot to cover and edit. I am working hard to get it up to standard and court worthy. I hope that my communication is simple and comprehensible. Please excuse any and all inconsiderate, incomplete, wordy, redundant, unprofessional, inevitable typos, or as of yet unedited writing. Please excuse layout irregularities due to frequent glitches in the WordPress program.

Redaction is for reason of courtesy.

Legal Disclaimer: against the surreptitious theft or “obtaining” of intellectual property, and use of this content for film, any form of media, and all forms of plagiarism. I have been thieved of writing, so beware of mimics, plagiarists, poseurs, charlatans, frauds, opportunists, and dangerous sneakes in sheep’s or wolf’s clothing. No disrespect, of course. You know who you are. I would appreciate their return.

Please do comment and advise. Email or DM if necessary for further detail or explanation.

(notes, psych and police report breakdown analysis, and links appendices are located below gallery)



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Acts of punishment thus designate who is in our community by clearly defining who is not in our community. Social solidarity is purchased through the punishment of deviants.

                    – Mark Colvin

A linchpin endures the most difficult position to be in, within any complicated human structure. They take on opposite alignment in order to effect balance between all parties. This is neither ass kissing nor fighting against. It is both. To effect a greater good for all. They serve the greater good and not them self.

                    – Anonymous














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Flyer from UCLA Bruin Walk dated July 17, 1973:

“Stop Psychosurgery and the UCLA Violence Center!!”

Demonstrate Thurs., July 19th , Noon, Murphy Hall.

Despite protest across the state, the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence officially became part of the UC System on July 1st. The Center is now functioning at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI). The Violence Center has been established to develop ways of suppressing violent behavior, including ghetto rebellions and “hyperactivity” in children. Chemical and physical methods of control will be tested on prisoners in penal facilities throughout the State, including Vacaville and Camarillo. The basic assumptions of the research are racist. They include considering fighting back against rotten conditions a disease, and naming the correlates of violent behavior as being, “young, male, urbanized, and BLACK.” One of the projects for Center research is called “Violence Prediction and Brain Waves.” The description of this project states that the SURGICAL REMOVAL OF PARTS OF THE BRAIN has been somewhat successful in controlling violent behavior in epileptics. (The violence and the epilepsy are not necessarily related.) It can hardly be a coincidence that the NPI has recently hired Dr. Frank Ervin, co-author of Violence and the Brain which deals with exactly the same topic as this project. Dr. Erwin is the foremost psychiatric advocate of “psychosurgery,” or surgery on the brain to modify behavior. Another project will involve applying behavior modifying techniques used on “marginally retarded and emotionally disturbed children” at the UCLA NPI to “violent young offenders” at Camp Kilpatrick. Experiments on these children can be done without parental consent, because all of them are made wards of the Court before they are put in the camp. The campaign against the Violence Center is accelerating. It has already resulted in the California Commission on Criminal Justice (CCCJ) and the State Senate Committee on Health and Welfare refusing to fund the Center due to its controversial nature. Join the campaign and help us shut this racist Center down!

Coalition Against Psychosurgery and Human Experimentation S.D.S.


“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

-Aldous Huxley, Tavistock Group, Address at UC Berkeley Medical School, 1961


Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f(d). That statute contains the following definitions: The term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.


“Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States (or its territories) without foreign direction, committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objective.”

-James F. Jarboe, former domestic terrorism section chief, counter-terrorism division, FBI


“In the need to develop a capacity to know what potential enemies are doing, the United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the messages that go through the air. (…) Now, that is necessary and important to the United States as we look abroad at enemies or potential enemies. We must know, at the same time, that capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left: such is the capability to monitor everything-telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide.

If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology. (…)

I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return. (…)

We have seen segments of our Government, in their attitudes and action, adopt tactics unworthy of a democracy, and occasionally reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. We have seen a consistent pattern in which programs initiated with limited goals, such as preventing criminal violence or identifying foreign spies, were expanded to what witnesses characterized as “vacuum cleaners”, sweeping in information about lawful activities of American citizens. The tendency of intelligence activities to expand beyond their initial scope is a theme which runs through every aspect of our investigative findings. Intelligence collection programs naturally generate ever-increasing demands for new data. And once intelligence has been collected, there are strong pressures to use it against the target.

The Committee finds that the domestic activities of the intelligence community at times violated specific statutory prohibitions and infringed the constitutional rights of American citizens. The legal questions involved in intelligence programs were often not considered. On other occasions, they were intentionally disregarded in the belief that because the programs served the “national security” the law did not apply. While intelligence officers on occasion failed to disclose to their superiors programs which were illegal or of questionable legality, the Committee finds that the most serious breaches of duty were those of senior officials, who were responsible for controlling intelligence activities and generally failed to assure compliance with the law. Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that, the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas would protect the national security and deter violence.”

–Senator Frank Church, From the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, 1975-76


Their obvious intent was to ridicule, discredit, humiliate, alienate, exploit and imperil. Note the extremely prejudiced and irresponsible language, and using the actions of a few to broadly generalize, politicize, and negatively stereotype the many.

new left memo.png


“FBI guidelines issued by Attorney General Edward Levi in 1976 in the wake of COINTELPRO revelations accorded civil liberties greater respect. But these guidelines were effectively undercut by Ronald Reagan, with an executive order and new “counter-terrorism” guidelines, large parts of which are classified “secret”. The result was hardly surprising: “The record before this court,” Federal Magistrate Joan Lefkow stated in 1992, “shows that despite regulations, orders and consent decrees prohibiting such activities, the FBI had continued to collect information concerning only the exercise of free speech.”

“The Price of Dissent”, Bud and Ruth Schultz, 2001


Reports and Analysis:

In these we see to what lengths corruption in government is willing to go to cover its criminal offenses.

A.) Proof of a federal clandestine operation being conducted. The first email is from 8/15, after the lawyer agreed to help me, and i am sending him reports and info. The second is from 8/21, after he had received a threatening, intimidating phone call from a federal agency (or rogue group within). That is mob intimidation, cover-up, and obstruction of justice.



B.) The typically unbelievable and fictional false psych and police reports with a stereotypical racist false portrayal written to make me look crazy and bad, hastily and sloppily fabricated with much discrepancy and contradiction. These cases demand review and investigation.

1. UCLA NPI psych report breakdown, May 1990 and March 1991

These statements (among others) made by UCLA NPI are fictional, and falsely ascribed to myself and my parents.

a.) That i threatened to harm my family and physically assaulted my Father.

What actually happened was i was that i was telling my parents of the bullying and harassment from Mrs. (redacted) and her clique. I now know that my mother had been instructed by Dr. DeAntonio to call him if i did so. My parents “alleged” report is the false retroactive pretext for calling DeAntonio, who called the UCPD. I did not assault and push my Father around. They grossly exaggerated my Father’s alleged statement that i “pushed him” (singular). They did this to support their false narrative of an aggressively violent and psychotic personality resulting from hard “poly-substance abuse” at Princeton, and their false narrative of stalking Mrs. (redacted)-Salk which was utilized for subsequent institutionalization, incarceration, and punitive supervision.

They also referenced an arrest incident where i was unnecessarily and aggressively bum-rushed, assaulted, and injured by a group of young, violent, racist cops for trespassing through the VA at night (on a path that is open to the public during the day). The UCPD officers falsely reported that i assaulted them (to justify my arrest and search, and to falsely portray me as violent, unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous).

b.) That I had a poly-substance abuse illness beginning at Princeton, including specifically the use of cocaine, crack, pcp, psilocybin, and methamphetamine, and was also “taking drugs on the street” after:

“Father noted that Jason and his Princeton friends used numerous drugs including mushrooms, lsd, thc, pcp, crack, cocaine, speed, etc, which has continued to present.”

The report also falsely states that i professed to the use of cocaine and pcp.

The Administration at Princeton was predisposed to require time off, as well as severe re-entry requirements. Princeton is an historically U.S. Government associated, conservatively-right institution. There is no record of the specified hard poly-substance abuse at Princeton as it did not happen. I passed classes my first semester, and took a required leave after the second. I really only needed more time off. It was Princeton who referred me to UCLA NPI. Both institutions cooperated with U.S. COINTELPRO and MK ULTRA development. It was at Princeton in a speech to alumni on April 10th that CIA director Allen Dulles addressed the subject matter of MK. The MK Ultra program was officially sanctioned on the 13th of the same month. Also consider UCLA NPI’S Center for the study of the Violence: http://www.constantinereport.com/dr-louis-jolyon-west-the-ucla-neuropsychiatric-instititute-and-fascists-in-white-coats/ . Dr. West was the presiding chair at UCLA NPI when the drama began. Former U.S. president Reagan was Governor of California in 1972 and a partner in Dr. West’s Center for the study of Violence at UCLA. President Reagan implemented anti-terrorism measures in the 1980’s that enabled civilian psyops and the return of the Violence Initiative in 86′, allowing for their illegal and offensive actions against me.

c.) That I held psychotic religious delusions that I was Jesus Christ, that my Mother was Mary the wife of Jesus Christ, and my Brother the brother of Christ.

“Manifested threatening behavior toward his mother and younger brother based on religious delusion about him being Jesus Christ and about his mother being Mary his wife”, “The family reportedly has obtained a restraining order to keep him from them. His violation of that order precipitated this hospitalization.”

d.) That I was “found” wandering naked in public. Actually i was only turning off the sprinklers directly to the side of our front door, recessed from view, on my small, quiet, secluded, familiar street, when my parents pulled into the driveway. I was wearing shorts only.

e.) Besides this, the UCLA NPI psych reports contain additional false reporting, padding, and embellishment meant to support and substantiate the false diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia.

f.) “A conservatorship was granted by the court. The patient chose not to contest the conservatorship.” – That is a lie. I was told that i did not have a choice. Their report even says elsewhere that i was upset and disappointed about it, showing that i did not choose it. I was illegally railroaded by UCLA NPI. It was Mrs.Vantress’s surreptitious allegation of stalking that enabled their action. I was not informed of that or allowed to defend myself.


2. SMPD incident report analysis/breakdown


Officers Marnell and Smetzer. Smart and Bitorf. Pace (solo). Sergeant Wiles.

The whole of the report lacks integrity and is false. The accounts do not match or make sense. The reported times are out-of-order. The multi-cam video “disappeared”. The unbelievable and fictional account testimonies indicate collusion between the SMPD and Mrs. (redacted), and the forced coercion of Mr. Islam (the gas station attendant). The judge and public defender are also implicated through their mishandling of this matter. The report is one-sided and presents only testimony from Mrs. (redacted). There is none from myself, and i was never asked to make a statement or testify. I did not assault police officers or resist arrest.

a.) Officer Marnell (reported receiving initial call at 2:05)

He falsely reports that we were in the car when he and Smetzer arrived. Police procedure is to instruct her to not go back to the car, especially if she had said i was acting crazy and her lie about me hitting her (if that was not invented later). She did not come back to the car. I was collecting my things outside of it to leave when the police arrived. Treachery is why Mrs. (redacted) and coercion why Mr. (redacted)(the gas station attendant) did not show up to court delaying proceedings indefinitely until i finally took their deal after being threatened with a long jail sentence, as was their tactic. That is why i was never shown these police reports, nor provided with due and appropriate counsel.

He falsely reports Mrs. (redacted) as “visibly shaken and upset (near tears, continually cupping her hands to her face)” and repeatedly yelling “stop” and “just stop” in an attempt to make her look caring and sympathetic to me. This contradicts officer Pace’s testimony of her saying, “Heh, heh, he wasn’t doing what the officers told him to.”, meaning she was actually laughing at how the four officers brutally manhandled and attempted to skull me. What she also meant was “Ha, ha, he didn’t get out of my car when i told him to” (in personal maliciousness). The truth is that she did not care for my well-being, and purposefully endangered it. She also reported that “She did not see (me) punch or kick at any of the officers” meaning i did not assault or resist the officers.

“Vampire lesbian” is their fiction, used in attempt to make me look “crazy”, and to falsely corroborate her and the police’s stories.

He unbelievably describes a fight between myself (150 pounds, no combat training or skills), and 4-5 large fit trained policemen taking over several minutes, with additional further struggle on the ground (while each is holding a limb).

He falsely states Sgt. Wiles arrived on the scene after i was cuffed and arrested, contradicting officer Pace’s statement that he saw 5 officers holding me down when he arrived and before i was cuffed. Also contradicting Mrs. (redacted)’s statement of “seeing 5-6 officers on top” of me.

b.) Officer Smart (reported monitoring call for assistance at 2:00)

He falsely states they received a call to assist. The truth is they bum-rushed me alongside Marnell and Smetzer.

He falsely reports that Mr. (redacted)(gas station attendant) says “he saw w1 and s1 drive into the gas station together and pull up to a gas pump. Both w1 and s1 exited the vehicle and began arguing.” The statement directly contradicts the testimony that we argued in the car for 20 minutes (Mrs. (redacted) lied in her statement to officer Pace), or that she left the car and returned to it. This also contradicts officer Marnell’s statement that we we’re in the car when they arrived. Also Mr. (redacted) does not mention the police, when they arrived, or what happened after.

There is no video of the incident because “Mr. (redacted) said the incident was not captured on video tape as the camera only films the general area of the cash booth.” But we were parked directly next to the booth, and the police in front of it. And so the police did not retrieve the video recording because of what the attendant said? That’s unprofessional, not following procedure, unbelievable and suspect. It also allowed for the writing of a false incident report, and false corroboration.

c.) Officer Pace (reported monitoring call for assistance at 2:01, arrived after the incident.)

He reports that Mrs. (redacted) reported to him that “She believes he has a mental problem and he has told her in the past that his parents committed him to a mental institution.” That’s not what i told her; i told her of being wrongly institutionalized and domestically terrorized. It shows that she chose not to help me, and to play, betray, and distance herself from me, and to add to and compound the injustice. It also shows the connection of events to it’s beginning at UCLA NPI.

He reports that Mrs. (redacted) says “when the police first arrived, she was standing outside her vehicle…”. This contradicts officer Marnell’s statement that we were in the car when they arrived.

Mrs. (redacted) also testified: “The officer walked up to him and put his hand on (me), unknown where. (I) pulled away and appeared to be “trying to get away”. The next thing she remembers seeing happening is seeing 5-6 officers on top of (me). Each officer was holding a different body part of him and the officers were yelling “stop resisting”.”

This contradicts the testimony made by officers Marnell and Smart that i attacked them and there was a ten minute long melee and struggle on the ground. It shows the lack of coordination of Pace’s story with Marnell’s and Smart’s concerning my absence of aggression, as Marnell and Smart were careful to coordinate theirs. It does also say that they were shouting “stop resisting” when they already had control of my body, an officer for each limb. It also contradicts the testimony that officers Marnell and Smetzer arrived before Smart and Bitorf (answering their call for assistance).


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Tarasoff v. Regents of University of California, and the “Duty to Warn/Protect” (They attempted to make the matter resemble the Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California case, to pretentiously justify their offensive measures against me. They rendered me defenseless by designating me mentally incompetent, functionally incapable, discredited, and my testimony unreliable. I was not given the opportunity to defend myself against her allegations or whatever evidence they claim to have. Remember this is the same time period as the infamous Central Park Five travesty.)




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http://www.democracynow.org/2016/5/11/tortured_killed_driven_to_suicide_whistleblower 78

The UCLA NPI Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, and civilian e