ATTENTION:URGENT:WARNING. Firsthand case report brief regarding racist, criminal, and offensive U.S. Domestic Counter-Intelligence and Terrorism Activities

This is a formal report and brief to Whom it May Concern addressing offensive, reprehensible, and egregious criminal misconduct perpetrated and begun at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) by the team of Jonathon Salk M.D., Mark DeAntonio M.D., (the Infamous) Louis Joylon West M.D. (Chairman of UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute from 1969 to 1989), Martin P. Szuba M.D., Bruce Kagan M.D., Emily Kim M.D., Damon Wolfe M.D., and Thomas Strouse M.D. (the current medical director at the Stewart and Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA).

This matter also involves continuing criminal, deceptive, and sneaky U.S. Federal Government behavior and illegal activity that concerns and affects everyone: racist Cointel-Pro, Orwell’s Big Brother, and Intellectual and Psychiatric Fascism. Weaponized psychiatric diagnosis and Institutionalized Structural Violence. I have been lied on, domestically terrorized, and exploited by corruption in government. This is also a matter of organized corruption (within government) organizing (public) corruption, therefore you may ignore this report at your peril and to your doom.

I respectfully, humbly, and hereby accuse Dr. Jonathon Salk, Mark DeAntonio M.D, and Mrs. (redacted)-Salk of participation in Conspiracy to Wrongful Institutionalization, Cointelpro, and Orchestrating Public Lynch Mob, and the rest with collusion. A typical example of U.S. Institutional racism and injustice, they have misused their respective positions in the American Institution, Government, and Society, to assail and brutally besiege me using its pre-existing and ongoing apparatus, network, resources, and system of societal manipulation and control including covert and offensive pre-emptive Counter-Intelligence Operations, covert and offensive public relations/management/manipulation Psychological Operations and Campaign, and the employment of the KKK, Underworld Organizations, and other radical elements. Criminal programs involving the employment, manipulation, and attempted control of sociological, political, psychological, emotional, economic, negative, chaotic, and dangerous forces.

I have been targeted, singled out, falsely diagnosed, portrayed, and libeled, wrongfully institutionalized, incarcerated, and criminalized, falsely accused and corroborated, stalked, hounded, monitored, supervised, restricted, domestically terrorized, assaulted, and subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of segregation, separation, alienation, isolation, deprivation, oppression, persecution, torment, torture, injury, ordeal, and nightmare. I have been robbed of my Freedom and Time. Like a slave i have been “Owned”.

All abhorrent and appallingly pretentious reasons claimed to justify their offensive actions and ongoing foul play have not been made known forthright to allow for my defense, on par for shady covert cointel-pro operations. It was their intent to disguise their brutality and write the matter off by selling their criminal actions to the general public as justifiable supervision and condoned vigilantism on a mentally ill villain. Government Manufactured Show and Scapegoating.

The forms have been respected, met, and satisfied in order yet my petitions for aid and redress remain mistreated with disdain and scorn by law enforcement and Federal Government. I have not been challenged on these accusations, which is telling as it would require vetting of my reports and analysis. Or are they using their false psychiatric designation to discredit my testimony, an obvious loophole. Nevertheless, the passage of time has provided the evidence (the pieces to fit and dots to connect) with which to comprehensively understand and prove my investigation and analysis of this matter. Considering the extremely serious gravitas of these accusations, the history of the American Government, CIA, FBI, UCLA/UCLA NPI, Los Angeles and Santa Monica P.D., specific individuals involved, plain, simple, and compelling reason and motive, the incontrovertible evidence and proof of criminal offenses, wrongdoing, conspiracy, and the obstruction of justice; this matter and report demands immediate vetting and investigation, and that the guilty parties and company be held responsible and accountable. The U.S. record of offense and guilt demands vigilance.

Statutes of Limitations do not apply because:

1. I am accusing the U.S. Institution and government agencies. I have been reporting this ongoing matter from the beginning. The Government has shown a flagrant disregard and purposeful negligence of duty. 2. The matter is a crime that took some years to discover and to realize its full detail and extent, and to prove my case. The evidence revealed and presented itself over time. 3. Proof of egregious psychiatric misconduct, deception, and cover-up by UCLA NPI. 4. I was declared mentally ill (wrongly), thus suspending the statute of limitation. Also, misuse of the false psychiatric designation as a loophole to the obstruction of justice. 5. Cover-up and obstruction of justice by the Federal Government and law enforcement, including making intimidating calls to lawyers and others. 6. Injury to myself and others. Cruel and unusual punishment. Psychological and physical torture. 7. It is an ongoing situation and operation resulting in life-threatening danger to myself and threat and collateral targeting and damage to the general public, a result of their efforts to cover up the Truth and maintain a Lie and manufactured alternative narrative and reality.

Using Organized Mob methods, the U.S. Federal Government has obstructed my efforts to have this matter properly addressed and report investigated and vetted, including threatening phone calls to lawyers and legal organizations. In 2008, a lawyer in Los Angeles handling my case received a call from a federal agency telling him what a “terrible person” i am, informing him “that it would not go well for his business” if he helped me. He then withdrew from doing so, saying “This is out of my League.” (meaning Hardball) (see reports and analysis section below). The woman at the ACLU told me the obligatory “I’ve got a gun to my head, i am very sorry.” This is only more proof of a clandestine Federal operation being conducted. A scruple-less travesty of government and most unpalatable affair, the Police and Federal authorities have snow-jobbed me, sabotaging and burying my efforts to retain assistance, attempting to keep this horrible matter swept under the rug of cover-up. Their desperate attempt to save reputation, and opportunistic self-interest, is being valued over honor, responsibility, and the lives of innocent people. Horrendous criminal offense has been exercised, and damage inflicted with impunity. The amount of time this matter has been left on the table unaddressed, and the lengths gone to obstruct justice proves my case. This long term cover-up indicates a powerful and influential rogue element, group, company, and mob within the U.S. Government with an alarmingly ominous agenda.

A simple, quick, and easy investigation of my accusations, testimony, detailed analysis, evidence, records, reporting, documentation, and psychological and police incident report analysis (see section below), is all that is needed to verify, vet, and prove my report and case in a Court of Truth and Law. The logic and sense of this report is evident, plain, and obvious. I have already done enough investigative work to prove my case beyond any reasonable doubt. My evidence is direct, hard, verifiable, and substantial, whereas theirs against me is fabricated, falsified, perjured, coerced, conjectural, and insubstantial (“bullshit”, to excuse the technical term). In light of the facts which are plain to see, and to which i have applied careful treatment and objective analysis, the scenario i outline and explain is perfectly believable. The U.S. Institution and specified entities are most capable of this crime considering the historical precedent and ongoing social and political events, issues, crisis and emergency. One need not be a Holmes, Drew, Bond, Scooby Doo, Einstein, Douglas, Garcia, Xavier, or an unfortunate recipient of racist institutional misconduct, abuse, and trauma to recognize the obvious significance, implications, deductions, and conclusion… the terrible tip of an horrendous iceberg.

I do this to alert and warn the general public, and to give Court Forum to this matter. Also to defend against past and further actions and intrigue by the U.S. wrongly and pretentiously justified by false and “official” psychological and criminal classifications and designations, including: further mistreatment, incarceration, injury, pretentious shenanigans, obstruction, infringement, restriction, mischief, theft, deceit, manipulation, rendition, deportation, et cetera. Also, to clear my name and vindicate myself and House, to provide proof to disbelievers and naysayers, to dispel confusion and delusion, and to disprove those who have acted and conspired against me in complicity and collusion.

I require immediate relief, remedy, the record to be set straight, appropriate protections, and appropriate reimbursement and recompense.

My will is benevolent, sympathetic, and fair. I mean no ill will towards any party.

I am seeking legal advice, and assistance. Also aid from anyone willing to help, and testify, as i know many have witnessed this drama. I hope this information clarifies your understanding of things. Please ask additional questions to satisfy scrutiny.

My reasoning and analysis is logical. My argument makes sense. My understanding of the matter is plain. All aspects of my report and case are provable in a Court of Truth and Law. I hereby testify that this report is the truth.

This information and unsurprising revelation should be of great interest to those concerned with networks of corruption in regional infrastructural management and public safety (“Government”). This is a case that can make some real positive change. Hopefully, people will listen, remember, and learn from this matter, and my travails, work, and experience will serve to alert, inform, concern, and enlighten. It could not have happened without a certain level of general inattention, memory loss, and manipulation of and apathy from the people. But there is still time, it is not too late…


(the author in 89′)

It was in May 1990 that i reported to Dr. Jonathon Salk MD at UCLA NPI of racist and anti-intellectual bullying perpetrated against me by a Mrs. (redacted) and her clique of associates, students at UCLA (begun the previous Autumn when i was 19). Their mean and aggressive behavior towards me was like that of an organized racist/fascist youth group used to and expecting impunity and following an offensive directive, including physical intimidation, slanderous gossip, and peer social/religious/political pressure. When a friend informed me that they were spreading “He thinks he’s Jesus” in their disagreement with and as insult to my (in their opinion pretentious) meta-scientific study and conclusions, i decided to get help. What i ended up reporting to Dr. Salk at UCLA NPI was:

“A group of UCLA students have been physically harassing me, and attacking my philosophy and character saying “He thinks he’s Jesus”. I am and feel threatened, and fear social conspiracy”. (I named Mrs. (redacted).)

What UCLA NPI did was to use, twist, and incorporate my report as the base of the false fictional narrative that I held psychotic religious delusions that I believed myself to be Jesus Christ, and that my Mother was Mary the wife of Jesus Christ, and my younger Brother the brother of Jesus Christ.

Their report falsely states:

“He manifested threatening behavior toward his mother and younger brother based on religious delusion about him being Jesus Christ and about his Mother being Mary his wife.” Also, “He is suspicious of a government conspiracy, since he believes he is Jesus Christ.”

These fictional statements (of such gravitas, and presented without any actual or real evidence) were meant to establish a false narrative of violence, psychosis, and perversion as counter-measure to my initial report of racist bullying and detection of cointelpro activity in the UCLA student community. They were also utilized to pretentiously justify an improper restraining order that UCLA NPI later arranged. They would continue to develop and utilize that narrative for false official designation, domestic counter-intelligence, and domestic terrorism.

They also falsely described my meta-scientific study as “religious preoccupation” and incomprehensible nonsense. Mrs (redacted) and her clique “the Mountain” had attacked my study because of its relatively advanced development, and because my fellow student and community peers; future professionals, parents, and leaders, agreed with its logic and sense. We often enjoyed serious philosophical and metaphysical conversation at social gatherings, and at the UCLA CO-OP. I think they may have felt it to be at odds with their Christianity, their philosophy and intentional direction, and that it did not work for their sociopolitical “program”. It has been found that true science is unifying, whereas they promote false divisions, ego, separation, and are anti-reincarnation. I have always been intellectually, artistically, and musically inclined, and did well enough in school attending “gifted” programs, and honors and advanced placement classes, graduating from the Harvard School in Los Angeles to enter Princeton University in the Fall of ’87. I was 17. My metaphysical intention became serious at Harvard. It was in the Meta-Sciences that i found ultimate meaning and personally applied myself.

The first time they attempted to institutionalize me was in May of 1990. I went to court for my release, and the D.A. would not pursue a 30-day hold as there was insufficient evidence to substantiate UCLA NPI’s story, psych reports, diagnosis, and recommendation for forced institutionalization. And so I was released. At the time i had no idea of UCLA NPI’s false reporting, criminal intention, and conspiracy against me. So then, upon trying to report a year of increasing harassment (and on Tour with the musical group The Grateful Dead) to my parents, i was again unfortunately delivered to UCLA NPI in March of 1991, where i was illegally railroaded to institutionalization.

The UCLA NPI report states:

“The family reportedly has obtained a restraining order to keep him from them. His violation of that order precipitated this hospitalization.”

This is a false statement. My family did not obtain a restraining order. The use of the word “precipitated” indicates that it was the violation of a restraining order alone that was the actual reason for my incarceration, not the fiction culled and twisted from alleged statements made by my parents and myself. Also the use of the word “reportedly” begs clarification. The report uses “apparently” liberally as well. I was never made aware of a restraining order. I was not served any notice papers. Nevertheless and in any event, one does need to substantiate allegations in order to attain a restraining order, therefore one may not have actually existed, or was an improper and fabricated counterfeit, or had been surreptitiously obtained by them and falsely ascribed to my family.

I was informed by the LAPD some years later that Mrs. (redacted) had falsely accused me of stalking tho. Therefore i deduce that this, and my previous reporting of her clique’s bullying (and my detection of cointel-pro activity at UCLA), was the actual reason why my Mother was advised by Dr. DeAntonio (in 1991) to call him should i return to L.A. and again try to report harassment, which i did (on Tour with the Grateful Dead and on Haight Street in San Francisco), and so it was my Mother who called DeAntonio, who called the UCLA police to pick me up. They also did that to cover up Mrs (redacted)’s part in the whole affair whilst using her false accusation and their false psych report and portrayal to invoke the psychiatrist’s “Duty to Protect” which was used to justify a restraining order, forced institutionalization, supervision, restriction, and covert and offensive cointelpro ops. California law allows for this. Also according to California law, neither my parents or Mrs. (redacted) should have been able to obtain an unsubstantiated restraining order. Hence the use of the false psych report and diagnosis to override all.


And so it was that they manipulated, maneuvered, and used my parents against me. A set-up and trap as DeAntonio was previously willing in 1990 to go along with the backdating of the false narrative to the summer of 1989 to before I met Mrs. (redacted), and to be a participant in the scheme (Dr. DeAntonio is a close working associate of Dr. Salk and Dr. West). So when i tried to report to my parents about the continued bullying on Grateful Dead Tour and travels i was caught up in their web like that.

I nor my family had comprehended what was really going on. We did not perceive or suspect such systemic offensive misconduct, deceitful and manipulative method, and aggressive treachery and sabotage. Our misplaced trust in the United States institution (and “authority”) was taken advantage of. I was blinded by youthful naivete. Concerning my report of bullying at UCLA in 89′ and 90′ UCLA NPI wrote that i had fears of a “government conspiracy since he thinks he is Jesus Christ”. So when i tried reporting subsequent harassment on Tour with the Grateful Dead in 91′, they used it to substantiate their previous false statement.. a set up.

I was involuntarily confined, and institutionalized, and as i discovered some years later was fitted with a hastily and sloppily fabricated, unsophisticated, libelous, and condemning psych report and profile that falsely portrays me as believing myself to be Jesus Christ (et cetera), and as being a violent, dangerous, hard poly-substance abusing, hallucinating, psychotic, incomprehensible, disheveled, paranoid schizophrenic, scoundrel and pervert with sexual psychosis (Oedipal Complex), as well as other fictional false statements (“Subject thinks he talks to Nietzsche.”, etc.).

They used that to mislabel and mistreat me as a dangerous psychotic hippy wannabe potential cult leader “Black Messiah” in order to pretentiously justify the extreme measures of extra-judicially removing me from society and freedom, the stripping of my constitutional/civil/human rights, reputation, and “respectability” (made persona-non-grata by “official” means), and the invasive supervision, management, and control of my life and personal affairs. Their simple and offensive play is textbook Cointelpro 101. To discredit my already established intelligence and positive public persona totally so that my reports of bullying, and later domestic terrorism, lynch mob, psychiatric misconduct, and conspiracy would not be recognized or addressed by government.

Also to facilitate public apathy, and provide alibi for participation. Jesus Christ was Lynched by the State for social, racist, philosophical, and political reasons. The actual Jesus represents universal enlightenment. The various histories compel one to read between the lines to reconsider what was and is the actual scenario. They used institutionalized and fictionalized historical recount, and for sociopolitical and psychological effect and drama. Clearly, they intended to normalize such criminal brutality. Accordingly, they singled me out and laid a “Bum Rap” on me, setting me up to be played, exploited, lynch mobbed, and “mercy killed”.

This matter uncovers and reveals the continued, ongoing, criminal, offensive, and brutal “pre-emptive” COINTELPRO against “Minorities”, the Grateful Dead/New Age/Universouly/Aquarian minded communities, and those whom the U.S. labels as “New Left”, and “Progressive”. I am from a tradition of multi-cultural hard-working intelligentsia, academia, art, music, business, labor, service, and leadership. My youth, inexperience, innocence, naiveté, and conditioned misplaced trust in the United States institution was ruthlessly taken advantage of. Pre-established Institutional racism in America allowed and accounts for this. This reveals U.S. employee misconduct, but more so, continued U.S. domestic counter-intelligence activity at UCLA (racist and anti-intellectual defamation and bullying, and subsequent cover-up). The history of Racism and COINTELPRO at UCLA and UCLA NPI is well documented (see links and notes below). UCLA is a U.S. government institution. The FBI and CIA (etc) recruit and operate at UCLA. The CIA network includes UCLA NPI. Ultimately, it was Dr. Salk’s (et al) intention to cover up my report and the matter, to “take care” of me, and to “manage” the situation by setting me up for permanent supervision and cointelpro.

At the time UCLA NPI was headed by Dr. Louis Joylon West (CIA). He also chaired UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry. He is a major participant in the development of the MKUltra (note the German K) and Monarch brainwashing and mind control program (Manchurian Candidate), and is an “official expert” on psychological manipulation, small group manipulation, coercive persuasion, hypnosis, creating false memories, psychological and personality alteration, psychological warfare, psychological operations, cults, LSD (the infamous Elephant O.D. Incident) and other psychoactive substances, alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, domestic terrorism, interrogation, and espionage. In 1972, in partnership with friend Governor Ronald Reagan, he attempted opening and directing a psychological research facility in the hills of West Los Angeles called the UCLA NPI Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (See notes below). The center was to develop “behavioral indicators, profiles, biological correlates”, and to assist “school administrators, law enforcement personnel, and governmental departments to detect and control overt expressions of life-threatening behavior by identifiable individuals and groups.”. Two local junior high schools, one predominantly “Black” and one predominantly “Brown”, as well as penal prisoners and mental patients were to provide the experimental subjects. Among the programs planned were genetic, biochemical, and neurophysiological studies of “violent” individuals, including “hyperkinetic” children. The group described by West as most prone to violence was young, black urban males. The purpose of his proposed Violence Center was to use the “treatment models” developed in California prison facilities during the CIA’s brainwashing research programs of the 1960s and 1970s, to treat “pre-delinquent” children for the “alteration of undesirable behavior” before they became a “problem” to society. Dr West considered and advocated a wide range of treatments including chemical castration, psycho-surgery, experimental drugs, and incorporating computer databases to track “pre-delinquent” youth for the “pre-emptive” treatment of youth with no criminal record. Though the center was scuttled by public outcry in 1973, the same racist and fascist pseudo-scientific philosophy, and criminal and horrific psychiatric experimentation continues to this day (and at other facilities, see notes and links below). Also, in the 1980’s President Reagan implemented anti-terrorism measures that facilitated a return to domestic counter-intelligence activity, further enabling their actions. West was also a pioneer in bringing psychiatry into the evalua-
tion of criminal behavior and using such psychiatric “expertise”
as testimony in criminal trials. Clearly eugenicist, they viewed me as a virus to be removed from the student and public body. The U.S. Institution’s continued adherence to racist, prejudiced, divisionary pseudo-scientific philosophy is alarming. See,,

It is also possible that Dr. Salk (Son of Jonas Salk, developer of the first successful Polio vaccine) knows the family of Mrs. (redacted), as her married name is now Mrs. (redacted)-Salk, and she has a son named Jonas. It seems there may be a connection. If she knew and is now married to the family of Dr. Salk it would represent a clear Conflict of Interest and personal motive for his criminal actions against me. Of course his actions also imply that she and her fellow perpetrators may be part of the U.S. Intelligence community.

They did not want to implicate Mrs. (redacted) in the crime and cover-up, so they backdated their false narrative to my time at Princeton University (before I met Mrs. (redacted) in September of 1989), to June of 1989 when I visited Dr. Mark DeAntonio at UCLA NPI (at my parents request, concerning my academic performance). Mr. DeAntonio and UCLA NPI have been unable to produce records from that time. DeAntonio emotionally and psychologically manipulated, and coerced my parents into unwitting (unwilling) compliance with their scheme and plot. To do this, and to substantiate a false diagnosis of psychotic illness, they fashioned a false negative portrayal and unsubstantiated narrative of hard poly-substance abuse at Princeton. UCLA NPI lied to, mislead, manipulated, and coercively persuaded my family to believe that I had developed a serious psychotic illness due to poly-substance abuse and that it was the reason for my “sub-par” performance at Princeton. They (UCLA NPI) falsely and fictionally reported without evidence the use and abuse of psychedelic mushrooms, cocaine, crack, meth/amphetamines, and PCP (lol), resulting in my becoming a psychotic, violent, dangerous, mentally and emotionally unstable, incoherent, ill-composed, hallucinating, disheveled, delusional, paranoid schizophrenic scoundrel.

Academic “performance” is not a measure of mental health, nor an indication of poly-substance abuse. I did not hard poly-substance use, lose my sanity, or ability. I had merely become so focused and involved with my meta-scientific study and meditation that it affected my time and attention for other subjects. That period was an innocently irresponsible, yet vital intellectual growth phase. I performed well consistently thru high school. At Princeton i found myself naturally and honestly preoccupied with the scientific deduction and reassessment of existence and reality (Metaphysics), and society, and with the self-deprogramming of false and divisive concepts of identity, mentality, and cosmos. I was seriously meditating, it demanded my attention. I was still developing my academic course direction. I should have taken time off after Harvard HS to do this. I was also tired (burnt) from twelve consecutive years of school, and needed a rest from the demanding regimen. I honestly thought I could manage all this and a full academic course load at the same time. I was wrong. I was a financially irresponsible teenager, immature, innocent, and naive to an un-accommodating academic institution, government, and World.

I think that they may have also considered me competition to the intellectual “authority” of the U.S. Institution, as i was studying much of the same subject matter as they: the Meta-Sciences (mental and physical), Mind and Consciousness, Cosmos, Physics, Philosophy, Meditation, Psychological Healing, Mindful Awareness, Psychic and Mystic Phenomena, History, Ecology, Biology, Evolutionary Potential, etc. My conclusions (on the fundamentals of existence and reality), and metaphysical and spiritual philosophy include:

1. Eternal and Divine soul/mind/body/life/cosmos/space/being is pure Light Fountain. 2. The Infinite Universe. 3. The Eternal River, Wheel, and Door of Life/Rebirth/Reberth (Reincarnation), and that together we reincarnate thru a continuing and overlapping wheel of stagger. 4. The Learning and Development process of Consciousness and Experience (Evolution), and our natural potential and intention being Comprehension, and Ultimate Self-Realization. 5. Universal Oneness (Jah-Light I and i Self), and the Tree of Life (meaning Everyone of the Universe is of one eternal S☀️ul and Family, meaning “Race”, “Species”, “Age” (“yolo”), and other technically arbitrary superficial subdivisions of identity are misconceptions based on false concepts. 6. Science proves all humans are a single family who migrated from Africa, and Life from the Ocean and Earth. 7. The mental, holographic, and energetic nature of physical reality.

(With convo w/JM on meditation)

Their cointel-pro was part of an international assault against free independent intellectual thought, Aquarian thought and spirit, Univers☀️ul Self-Realization and Consciousness, the self-realization of Reincarnation and Evolution, the rise of Universal Philosophy, Voice, and Family, Paradigm Shift and social and cultural progress, personal freedom, the realization of personal and ultimate evolutionary intention and fruition, Aquarian society, and the Reintegration and Reunion of the Human Family and Ecological Community. They did this to turn the ears and minds of people, and especifically fellow and future youth, against me. To denigrate and defame, to diminish my stature, to disparage and stigmatize my study, beliefs, and culture, and to discredit my status as a serious intellectual and my meditations on Life, Existence, the “Birds and the Bees”, the “What’s Going On”, and “The Real Story” in general. We should really appreciate the alarming and ominous significance of scientific and creative intellectual suppression and denial, as it is nothing new. White nationalist and supremacist Christian extremism is equivalent to Islamic extremism in this respect.

This was part of their cointel-pro against the “Black”, and Grateful Dead/New Age communities to create negative drama, disruption, and division in both, and to facilitate racism, whitewash, infiltration and subversion by alt-poseurs and operatives in the Grateful Dead/Hippy/New Age scene, to neutralize it. Dr West and the Federal LSD experiments conducted at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) played a part in the Haight-Ashbury Psychedelic Scene. The Merry Prankster, Grateful Dead, and New Age communities have been monitored ever since. The times was during the apex of the wave of Aquarian intellectual rebirth from the Jazz and Woodstock generations as their kids matured. The Grateful Dead and other popular bands are a powerful social, economic, and cultural influence.

The May 1990 UCLA NPI psych report reports that I was on probation for possession of LSD from an arrest in Westwood. The UCLA PD report falsely states that i became combative. What actually happened is that UCPD had seen me hopping a fence, and so proceeded to bum-rush, assault, and kick me to the ground. They coerced my parents into cooperation using also the LSD legal/court matter and threat of conviction, by telling them that institutionalizing me would be a better alternative than prison. The report reads:

“The patient has a conviction for drug possession. He has been placed on a drug conversion (the con- in ‘conversion’ is written over in pen to spell ‘diversion’)/education program in lieu of a trial and sentencing. However, the patient has only attended scant required sessions. At this point, the parents report that the court is strongly considering pursuing a trial for felony drug possession charge unless the patient completes a drug diversion program.” (Discharge Summary Legal History 5/11/91).

This is another false and nebulous “bullshit” statement. “Scant required” is by definition what is required. Coercion of my family was necessary to their scheme because cover-up of criminal Cointelpro was their intent. So they lied to my family to deceive them, psychologically manipulating and coercively persuading them into believing that I had become psychotically ill from poly-substance abuse at Princeton, to explain my “sub-par” academic performance. Their intent was to disrupt and manipulate my family and support, to alter their perception of reality, to utilize them against me, and to further manage and handle them.

“The family also requested that I be available for them, given the stress of dealing with their son’s illness. I have agreed to be available in that capacity and have told them that I am considering starting family therapy for them, although it needs to be clarified whether this would be appropriate if I have to follow their son individually. One possibility that has been discussed is that I follow the whole family, including the patient, for family therapy. I will be investigating for supervisorial possibilities to assess the appropriateness of this approach. The family understands that my role in their treatment is somewhat nebulous at the time of discharge.” (Damon Wolfe, MD, UCLA NPI).

The family group “therapy” never happened, nor any “therapy” or discussion with me ever concerning the fictional psych issues and diagnosis. Nevertheless, i was designated psychotic and dangerous, “followed” by U.S. intelligence, my life and affairs monitored, “supervised”, intrusively investigated, and restricted. My family has been mis-“treated”, and UCLA NPI’s supervision and treatment has been questionable, shadowy, covert, and “nebulous“. Psychological manipulation (and subjugation) is when people are coerced and or compelled to act out-of-order with what is a natural and normal response, and with what is rational and reasonable. They meant to disrupt my family, extended family, circle of friends and community, and we were adversely affected.

The UCLA NPI psych report dated 5/18/91 says that I was given Ativan for “Behavioral Control”. I was also given the mind dampening and numbing Neuroleptics Haldol and Lithium. My drug screens were clean for intoxicants including LSD. That was clearly an attempt at behavior modification and control.

The report also refers to unspecified “psychosocial issues”. I think it likely that UCLA NPI falsely holds that I stalked Mrs. (redacted), and that they used this and the psychiatrist’s “Duty to Protect” to pretentiously justify forced institutionalization and their surreptitious vigilantism and handling. The LAPD have verified to me that Mrs (redacted) was indeed an issue by informing me that she claims that I had stalked her, which implicates her of course. So, to counter my initial accusation against her, she pretentiously and falsely claims to have been stalked by me. I surmise they may have also purposefully misconstrued out of context a line from a personal letter to her, as we had a personal relationship. I knew Mrs. (redacted) for a few months before she dismissed me and the drama commenced. In that time we hung out, partied, exchanged gifts of endearment, went to the lingerie store, the Theatre, Grateful Dead shows, etc. It was after we parted ways that the offensive bullying commenced from her clique of racist and intellectually intolerant associates at UCLA who called themselves “The Mountain”. Her false allegation of stalking was not disclosed to me, and I was never questioned, so I did not have the opportunity to defend myself against said allegations. Acting in coordination, they may have used her accusation in addition to their psych report to surreptitiously obtain a restraining order. Evidently, i was being falsely portrayed with the racially prejudiced stereotype of being disturbed, dangerous, and having obsessive designs on Mrs. (redacted). We lived in the same neighborhood adjacent UCLA. I grew up in the neighborhood, and had many friends who lived there including next door and directly across the street from her. She was an undergrad from out of town. We were both part of the same social and party scene at UCLA, and at the UCLA CO-OP, and the Grateful Dead and New Age community. So did they pretentiously assume her allegations to be true, and use my proximity to call a Violation of Restraining Order? The penalty is up to one year in jail and psychological treatment. Did they reveal that to my parents? Also that would be coercion, institutionalization being the better alternative to jail. I was institutionalized and incarcerated for one year. The 91’ psych report falsely states that i waived my right to challenge and willingly accepted it, and the granting of a conservatorship to my parents. The truth is i was told i did not have a say or choice in the matter. I was railroaded.

A veritable “Perfect Storm” of manufactured circumstance and drama, my youthful inexperience, innocence, gullibility, naivete, and conditioned and susceptible misplaced trust in the United States institution was violently taken advantage of by seasoned Institutional Racism and corruption. It was not so long ago that such an accusation, mine against her, or hers countering mine, would get a black man openly lynch mobbed, whoever the white female was, connected or not. It was their prejudiced opinion and decision that the black person had to be guilty. It was such an accusation that led to the Tulsa incident and massacre that left over 300 dead. Emmit Till is another example. It was because i was a young “Black” man attempting (in 1990) to report a young “White” woman and her clique of cohorts for bullying and hate crime.

As Bob Priest, a psychologist at Rusk state mental hospital summed it up: “You know in the old days they’d take him out and hang him, or whatever they had to do, but in modern day times there was a better way to do it. Send him to Rusk. Say he’s crazy.”. In order to discredit, declare ill and unfit, remove, and subject to the nightmare of institutional racism and institutionalization, followed by bold and overt old-fashioned vigilante “Street Justice” brutality. It’s been a modern-day lynch mob from the start, and Mrs. (redacted)-Salk was the reason. To cover up my reports of bullying against her and her clique, a serious hate crime. To remove my rights and liberties, i was falsely classified a dangerous psychotic, and designated a threat to Mrs. (redacted), in order to “Flip the Script” on me, thus enabling them to pretentiously invoke the psychologists “Duty to Protect” (see link below), thus allowing them to withhold knowledge and information from me crucial to my defense, thus railroading me circumventing my right to challenge in court, thus allowing them to confine and institutionalize me, also enabling them to take further “official” judicial, and covert extra-judicial vigilante domestic-counterintelligence measures upon my release, as well as allowing for collateral damage and targeting (Many people have been hurt and affected). They have used it as the base and fuel of an aggressively self-perpetuating, ongoing, and obvious cointel-pro op and covert social conspiracy, to discredit, defame, cover-up, Lynch mob, and “mercy kill”. They cast me as the scapegoat and linchpin of a fictional manufactured drama in the social and political theater. Their employed actors and actresses have acted “around” me, lied to, and manipulated their audience. They attacked and besieged, portrayed and painted, and effectively affected my life socially, economically, health-wise, and materially, so that i might superficially seem the part.

The U.S. Psychiatric Institution has rendered me officially discredited and helpless, disallowing for my testimony, challenge, and self-defense, imposing mayhem on me using an obvious loophole. It should not be so easy to derail, depose, and rob a person of their voice, respect, and life with a psychiatrist’s pen, and as if by the of hand of God. When I report and complain of being terrorized, i am purposefully mistreated as a hallucinating and dangerous schizophrenic. Rendering a person helpless whilst abusing them is sadistic, is subjugation to brutality and torture, is rape. It is like those presuming to be the Gods of the World have outcast, exiled, and condemned me to a perilous private invisible Limbo hell dimension labyrinth of which they are the Dungeon & Game Masters.

Also, It was during my time at and after Princeton that I:

1. Found my academic and creative talents and professional direction in the meta-sciences, meditation, psychological healing, the arts, and writing. I would have had a lucrative career, and other independent creative enterprises with peers and community.

2. Met friends, associates, and soulmates. The permanent and ongoing cointelpro-op targets my personal and romantic life. All this time they have used their false designations to justify stalking, monitoring, and intrusive supervision and restriction to disrupt and prevent relationships (and procreation) under the false pretenses of the “Duty to Protect”. I was separated from many loved ones as a result. Others i separated myself from trying to protect them from collateral targeting and a dangerous, offensive, pogrom-like mob. This is a case of targeted racist fascist eugenics, anti-“inter-racial” racist segregation, and targeted personal racist social segregation, disruption and separation.

3. Had a community of Family and like-minded friends.

These are the things that are necessary and matter in life. All this was heartlessly taken from me as i was paturing to young-adulthood. I was robbed. To ruin my life and career. To cover-up COINTEL-PRO activity at UCLA, and to vigilante Lynch Mob based on Mrs (redacted)’s false accusation of stalking and UCLA NPI’s false negative portrayal.

Soon after release from a year of penal mental institutionalization, Mrs. (redacted-Salk ) was involved in a set up to frame me for a small amount of controlled substance. She got a mutual friend to ask me to help her “locate” some, but it was really a set up and frame entrapment. I was an innocent youth and what I did I did innocently. I did not deal. And like any college environment, “partying” naturally went on. In fact i had “partied” with Mrs. (redacted-Salk) and our mutual friend Mrs. (redacted) on numerous occasions before and after the drama was initiated. Nevertheless, they did this to (un)officially (as i was not arrested, charged, or tried) classify, misrepresent, demonize, and criminalize me as a “drug dealer” (and using the LSD court matter to compound) in order to place me under another extensively permissive umbrella of “investigation”. Of course this incident and matter also implicates Mrs. (redacted)-Salk as part of the U.S. intelligence community.

Knowledge of the event was then disseminated to their network of police and intelligence community, and “Invisible Empire” of sympathetic public associates and conspirators. A full-on cointelpro operation, i was branded a “drug dealer”, harassed, and run out-of-town on mortal threat; then tracked, stalked and hounded from town to town, state to state, coast to coast, Hawaii, the Rainbow Family Gatherings, and “On Tour” with the bands The Grateful Dead and Phish by Mrs. (redacted)’s elitist clique/association named “The Mountain”, a racist poseur mob claiming to represent the Grateful Dead community claiming “GDF” (Grateful Dead Family), U.S. government employees and intelligence operatives (CIA, FBI, ?), Law Enforcement, the Ku Klux Klan, and racist Nor-Cal Occupy “Vigilantes”. I had been targeted and made out-caste into an internal refugee and gypsy as society was literally turned against me. I have been viciously and relentlessly meddled and interfered with socially, obstructed employment-wise, and made to survive “homeless” on the streets all while being violently persecuted by an aggressively bold, malevolent, menacing, threatening, and invasive mob and network as they disseminated and hype unchecked the “official” false psych disinformation, the lie that I stalked Mrs. (redacted), the drug frame lie, slander, defamation, more lies and false accusations that falsely corroborate and substantiate the false psych reports, and then more to compound those lies, and all of it false hearsay without evidence or proof, a smear campaign and character assassination to negatively portray and paint me as a “bad character”, to play and use me in the role of tool and linchpin (scapegoat, example, infamous public enemy, pariah, martyr), and to use as the pretense with which to engender and retroactively justify mob conspiracy, brutality, apathy, lynch mob, and murder. A conspiracy of liars, actors, and manipulators, their intention was commotion and mayhem, and to control and use me as a piece in a long-term game of psychological and social-political manipulation, theater, engineering, and miseducation. They played with my life and as part of a larger sociopolitical conspiracy; a racist, religiously fanatic and intolerant, anti-hippy/new age, anti-reincarnation, anti-“inter-racial”, intellectually and socially regressive fascist endeavor for power and control.

Cointelpro is offensively misusing the power and apparatus of organized government, infrastructure, society and psychology to play God with and besiege people’s lives. It is how to get people neutralized, surreptitiously conspired against, personal life monitored, intrusively investigated, disrupted, and controlled (including the employment of “agents”: informants, actors, goons, plants, handlers, and provocateurs), subjected to physical and psychological hardship, made unpopular, negatively portrayed and painted, out-caste, ostracized, isolated and alienated, discredited, fired, blacklisted, deprived of benefits of freedom and means of survival and health, disabled, impoverished, made “homeless”, ruined, domestically terrorized, tortured, vigilante lynched mobbed, murdered. One is technically and literally treated like an enemy by the Nation that rules the government, and as if one is owned property of that Nation. It is for targeting those they disagree with as rival opponents to be “neutralized”. One’s life is disrupted, obstructed, handled, dismantled, managed, governed, used, and controlled, and as if they have the right to do so. It’s purpose is social and political control, control of the individual, and opposition to independent thinking and universal intellectual evolutionary progression. I was taken advantage of by a callously impersonal, cold, well-greased, and offensive apparatus. I have been cruelly toyed with.

They meant for me to be ruined and killed as the result of the scenario they have engineered and manipulate. They call it “self-fulfilling prophecy” (meant as a mocking jest). It was a set-up and frame. Their intent was to isolate, alienate, demonize, scapegoat, and lynch mob me through the controlled dissemination of their “official” disinformation. The use of social and direct gossip, word of mouth, social stigma, and the accompanying duress, intimidation, and menace of lynch mob has worked to create a self-perpetuating social conspiracy. And they disseminate the “official” disinformation as if they are doing a necessary public service (with a “duty to protect”). It was aggressively propagated, especially in my surrounding neighborhood in Los Angeles (neighbors, rec center, YMCA), The UCLA student community, Venice Beach, the Grateful Dead and Hippy/New Age communities, the Hip Hop community, the progressive intellectual community, the street/roofless/traveler communities, and the “Black” community. Friends and community dispersed, disappeared, abandoned, were intimidated, broken, sold-out, or betrayed me because of my being lied on, institutionalized, and targeted by U.S. domestic counter-intelligence, conspiracy, and lynch mob. Friends and lovers were “turned” against me. I was ostracized, designated out-caste public enemy and social pariah.

Defaming disinformation and manufactured drama created by psychiatrists, the police, clandestine agents, or goons in a crowd, scene, or community had the effect of creating distrust, stigma, disbelief, ignorance, deception, racism, confusion, condescension, intimidation, fear, danger, avoidance, antipathy, apathy, abandonment, betrayal, scorn, and re-victimization. I was treated like a herd animal, like a ritualistic sacrificial lamb or goat to the mob and conspiracy network of American racism, prejudice, intolerance, paranoia, confusion, madness, hype, resentment, discontent, anger, malice, blood-lust, and violence; and to fan the flames of those things. They were literally given a “field-day” “trial-balloon”, which unchecked did snowball and cascade exponentially to saturation over time. A populace misled, confused, conditioned, programmed, willing, and encouraged to amnesia, apathy, disbelief, ignorance, corruption, self-interest/absorption/preservation, and blindly following U.S. “authority” as if glamoured, spell-bound, and enthralled like the popular movies “The Matrix”, “They Live!”, “Get Out!”, or “Dreamcatcher” has been a most conducive environment for such simple, unsophisticated, brutal, and familiar sociopolitical mob tactics. It has proven a real test of humanity, humility, and personal integrity for all. Unfortunately, their efforts were somewhat effective.

The U.S. has been orchestrating domestic harassment and terrorism. Regenerations of youth since then with knowledge of this matter have been misled, conditioned, and miseducated to believe that covert vigilante lynch mob conspiracy and murder is justifiable and acceptable if condoned and allowed by parents, the State, or the powers that be. Their intent was to re-“normalize” such action. The U.S. mental health, judicial and police system, social propaganda, and internet networking were misused for purposes of personal offense, targeted repression and persecution, cover-up, racist injustice, intellectual suppression, covert racist segregation (youth/personal) and separation, programming, social and psychological manipulation, population control, and eugenics.

In 2001 i was assaulted by SMPD officers in an incident set-up by a possible romantically planted informant/field operative in the Grateful Dead scene, a Mrs. (redacted). There has been cover-up of the incident. The Santa Monica PD incident reports are a totally fabricated and unbelievable fiction that portrays me (150lbs) as a crazed karate expert who did melee with and inflicted damage upon five officers for several minutes before being taken down (See SMPD report below).

What actually happened was that Mrs. (redacted) had said she would take me home after a seeing a Grateful Dead cover-band we usually attended as intended, but she capriciously and maliciously changed her mind afterward at a gas station. We were the only vehicle there. I calmly tried to change her mind (as it was after 2am on a rainy Monday morning). After a minute or so she got out of the car and went to the other side of the attendant’s booth threatening to call the police, so i got out to gather my belongings (laundry, gear) and find another way home. I told her and she knew i was doing this, so she could have not called or called them off. Before i finished and could leave the police arrived, too fast, as if the event was a planned contingency and set-up with the intent to arrest. They rolled in stealth with lights off so that i did not notice them until they were already out of their vehicles and approaching me on foot. They immediately and offensively bum rushed me, slammed me against the car and to the ground, then attempting to skull/curb me (to crush my skull by applying extreme pressure). The only reason they stopped was because it was taking too long as to be obvious what they were trying to do, as yelling “stop resisting” only works as cover for so long. They then arrested me. I did not assault police officers or resist arrest, and the alleged minor injuries to the officers are contrived or self-inflicted. Mrs. (redacted) made false testimony on scene, and the story was also later fabricated and improperly introduced in court that she said I hit her. That was accepted by the court improperly and without evidence, and was part of the reason why i was not released on my Own Recognizance. So then, why was that introduced in court days after the incident and during my recognizance hearing? And so why wasn’t that in the police report? And why was her word taken for truth? It implies that she may be a federal employee. And with no evidence produced in court, no pics of her injury (unless they were fabricated secret evidence). I believe the gas station video was suppressed, as there were cameras that would have shown all events. Evidently so they could invent a false police report. We were parked directly next to the attendant’s booth, and the police cars were in front of it. It seems also that the police coerced the i presume immigrant attendant (his name being Islam) into bearing false witness, corroboration, and cooperation (perhaps also offering full citizenship, or threatening deportation). They made me sit alone in an underground cell for 3-4 days in Santa Monica to allow my head to un-swelI (as it had swollen considerably) before moving me to the Twin Towers facility. I was given totally insufficient and improper council by the public defender. There was never any questioning of me by anyone as to what happened. I was not asked to make a statement. I was not offered or shown police reports. I had wanted to go to trial, but the witnesses, Mrs. (redacted) and Mr. Islam, failed to show up to court multiple times (of course), lasting weeks. They were determined that I go to jail. I was then advised to take a deal (which I did as i was suffering from concussion, and was naive to their tactics and the scenario), or suffer a prolonged sentence of over a year. They then prosecuted and imprisoned me based on their false police reports and testimony, Mrs. (redacted)‘s false testimony, witness tampering, suppression of video and photo evidence, misleading and inappropriate legal council, non-disclosure of police report and evidence to me, and judicial and procedural misconduct, to a three-month jail term in the twin-towers psych-ward during which time I was harassed and verbally taunted by guards, and by inmates because of the guards dissemination of disinformation. A razor-blade shank was “found” in a 3am search on my cell only that i shared with a gentleman with a large Swastika tattoo. It was not mine, but i was held responsible. Apparently an assassination was ordered, and then foiled or aborted, or the guards planted it to further entangle me in their systematic process. Upon release they attempted to re-institutionalize me, sending me to the psych ward at Loma Linda University Hospital (7th Day Adventist, site of Dr. Ross Adey’s ELF technology lab (See link below). The police report is plainly unbelievable, testimonies and accounts do not match, and other issues. It’s all obvious, evident, sloppily crafted fabrication comfortable in impunity and not concerned with scrutiny or an honorable justice system. (see report and analysis below)

The timing also coincides with my return to Los Angeles. I had previously made reports to the Berkeley PD, the Police and Court on Kawaii in Hawaii, the FBI in San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, and the LAPD concerning ongoing stalking, hype, meddling, and violent harassment in Berkeley and San Francisco, and during my previous travels to New England, Hawaii, Venice Beach, the South West, the North West, and on tour with the Grateful Dead. She allegedly made statements concerning my “psycho” behavior, and her knowledge of my being previously institutionalized are supposed to jibe with and substantiate UCLA NPI’s previous false diagnosis of me. It also shows the connection of events to their beginning at UCLA NPI. She also made that description of me so that I would be mistreated with extreme violence, which I was. She could have helped my case but maliciously decided not to, and the gas station set-up and incident was a premeditated action. Its an old maneuver, to play a close role in order to betray. And why weren’t the feds simply vetting my earlier reports of criminal misconduct at UCLA NPI, and being targeted by abuse and domestic terrorism on Grateful Dead Tour and on the street? It was because of the familiar and treacherous institutional racism that allows for tanned people to be imprisoned, terrorized, and murdered on the word of a White woman, or to protect her reputation. Even more so if she is of the U.S. Intelligence community. Again, this is how I was “handled”, “dealt with”, and “taken care of”.

It has been 30 years now that the U.S. Government has allowed this to happen. And all this time i have been being set up to further extreme action, the sociopolitical “putting-to-use”, and cruel sadistic torture-play (of disruption, separation, deprivation, persecution, torment, and hardship) before the “mercy-kill”. Only twenty years earlier in 1970, what i detail in my report would have been expected, and of course we have the terrible and horrible historical record of what did result from such scenarios and tactics.

There is a historically familiar collusion between the American government/institution and their sympathetically associated public (including the KKK), a system and culture that was founded to benefit one group while holding at a disadvantage, subjugating, controlling, and using others. The use of orchestrated brutality, offensive domestic counter-intelligence, and psy-ops/mind control is a worst imaginable nightmare realized, as was U.S. Slavery. Guilt of that crime has already been uncovered by the Weathermen group in 1971. It was not formally addressed by the Senate until 1976. When caught, they said they would stop, but this case proves that they did not. The computer and internet development of the 80’s and 90’s expanded their operational capability exponentially. I surmise Dr. West passed on his title as Director of UCLA NPI in 1989 in order to work full-time for U.S. Intelligence (CIA, etc), covert Psychological-Operations, and efforts against the “leftists”, “socialists”, “liberals”, “violent minorities”, “hippies ”, “globalists”, and “progressives” who they saw as trying to “Destroy American society”. Evidently and unfortunately, their efforts to whitewash and control were momentarily successful in stemming the tide of freedom, intellectual and evolutionary development, self-realization, and social progress stemming from the Civil Rights and Artistic movements of the 1950’s-80’s.

Institutional racism is yet still an extremely serious issue for America. Therefore it is reasonable that this matter be properly and immediately addressed, and transparently investigated. It has not because the vetting of the testimony, evidence, information, and intelligence in my report would find the accused, and the organization they work for, guilty of and responsible for the continued, offensive, and criminal use of domestic terrorism, vigilantism, Lynch Mob, domestic counter-intelligence/COINTEL-PRO, psychological manipulation/coercive persuasion, Psychological Operations, intellectual suppression, cover-up, obstruction of justice, violation of Human, Civil, and Constitution rights, et cetera. And apparently institutional position is passed on to the like-minded, therefore vigilance is not their concern or interest, but vigilantism is.

These are some of the things i can claim damages for in court:

1. They lied to and deceived my family, a form of psychological manipulation and forced coercion.

2. Targeted me with counter-intelligence, intentionally life endangering disinformation, and with intent to Lynch Mob and Murder. They actually engendered and created a Lynch Mob.

3. Libel. They “officially” discredited my sanity and character, and ruined my reputation, thus disabling my social, business, and financial life. False mental-illness designation, and reputation, is that serious.

4. Wrongful institutionalization and incarceration.

5. Subjected to extreme physical, and psychological hardship.

6. Violation of my Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights.

And so here we have it. I was besieged by campaign because of my complexion, culture, philosophy, scientific conclusions, societal position, and because i detected offensive covert cointelpro activities at UCLA. Apparently their personal and racist motivation is the influence, governing, and control of society, and of the mind and perception of the people.

This report is only a brief. Many additional investigatible incidents have occurred since the matter began.

Thank you for listening. God Bless your honorable, hard, and fearless work. Please do what you can to assist, help, and Rescue the People of this Planet Earth. I thank you for your Time, Respect, and Attention. I and i Survive…

I mean no personal disrespect or offense to any party. Please excuse all loud, ungraceful, inconsiderate, irresponsible, incomplete, incorrect, redundant, rough, sloppy, unprofessional, or otherwise unedited writing. Redaction is for reason of courtesy. Please allow and return to re-read for constant check, edit, correction, and improvement.

Please do comment and advise. Email or DM me if necessary.




Flyer from UCLA Bruin Walk dated July 17, 1973:

“Stop Psychosurgery and the UCLA Violence Center!!

Demonstrate Thurs., July 19th , Noon, Murphy Hall.

Despite protest across the state, the Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence officially became part of the UC System on July 1st. The Center is now functioning at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI). The Violence Center has been established to develop ways of suppressing violent behavior, including ghetto rebellions and “hyperactivity” in children. Chemical and physical methods of control will be tested on prisoners in penal facilities throughout the State, including Vacaville and Camarillo. The basic assumptions of the research are racist. They include considering fighting back against rotten conditions a disease, and naming the correlates of violent behavior as being, “young, male, urbanized, and BLACK.” One of the projects for Center research is called “Violence Prediction and Brain Waves.” The description of this project states that the SURGICAL REMOVAL OF PARTS OF THE BRAIN has been somewhat successful in controlling violent behavior in epileptics. (The violence and the epilepsy are not necessarily related.) It can hardly be a coincidence that the NPI has recently hired Dr. Frank Ervin, co-author of Violence and the Brain which deals with exactly the same topic as this project. Dr. Erwin is the foremost psychiatric advocate of “psychosurgery,” or surgery on the brain to modify behavior. Another project will involve applying behavior modifying techniques used on “marginally retarded and emotionally disturbed children” at the UCLA NPI to “violent young offenders” at Camp Kilpatrick. Experiments on these children can be done without parental consent, because all of them are made wards of the Court before they are put in the camp. The campaign against the Violence Center is accelerating. It has already resulted in the California Commission on Criminal Justice (CCCJ) and the State Senate Committee on Health and Welfare refusing to fund the Center due to its controversial nature. Join the campaign and help us shut this racist Center down!

Coalition Against Psychosurgery and Human Experimentation S.D.S.


“Trained in Group Dynamics at the British Tavistock Institute, the “mother” agency for most of the postwar Anglo-American intelligence and “dirty tricks” apparatus, and having studied Korean War Veterans who had endured and survived torture and brainwashing, Dr. Louis Joylon West became an expert in small group manipulation. Tavistock’s Group Dynamics taught how “thought control” could be very successful in small group “encounter” or “therapy” sessions; entire groups could be manipulated by correctly directing tensions within the group. West coupled his expertise in
group behavior with his knowledge of the effects of hallucinogenic drugs. He studied the behavior of drug-ingesting hippies in isolated communes. As a fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University (1966-69), West gained
access to the large population of flower children, runaways, and hippies that was flooding into California. West was running his LSD/group dynamic studies in California during the early days of what he termed a “cultural transition.” West said that in the early days of the cultural transition, LSD symbolized “entering a new way of life and casting off the old.” West did “field work” in the Haight-Ashbury district, Berkeley, and Los Angeles (UCLA). West studied the use of drugs for controlling group behavior and said that drugs can be used “as adjuncts to interpersonal manipulation or assault.”

He also saw their usefulness in other controlling ways. “The role of drugs in the exercise
of internal political control is also coming under increasing discussion. Control can be imposed either through prohibition or supply. The total or partial prohibition of drugs gives government considerable power. . . . An example would be the selective application of drug laws permitting immediate search, or ‘no knock’ entry, against selected components of the population, such as members of certain minority groups or political organizations.” But, West continues, “government could also supply drugs to help control a population. This method, foreseen by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World (1932), has the governing element employing drugs selectively to manipulate the governed in various ways.”


Title 22 of the United States Code, Section 2656f(d). That statute contains the following definitions: The term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.


“Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States (or its territories) without foreign direction, committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objective.”

James F. Jarboe, domestic terrorism section chief, counter-terrorism division, FBI


“In the need to develop a capacity to know what potential enemies are doing, the United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the messages that go through the air. (…) Now, that is necessary and important to the United States as we look abroad at enemies or potential enemies. We must know, at the same time, that capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left: such is the capability to monitor everything-telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide.

If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology. (…)

I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return. (…)

We have seen segments of our Government, in their attitudes and action, adopt tactics unworthy of a democracy, and occasionally reminiscent of totalitarian regimes. We have seen a consistent pattern in which programs initiated with limited goals, such as preventing criminal violence or identifying foreign spies, were expanded to what witnesses characterized as “vacuum cleaners”, sweeping in information about lawful activities of American citizens. The tendency of intelligence activities to expand beyond their initial scope is a theme which runs through every aspect of our investigative findings. Intelligence collection programs naturally generate ever-increasing demands for new data. And once intelligence has been collected, there are strong pressures to use it against the target.

The Committee finds that the domestic activities of the intelligence community at times violated specific statutory prohibitions and infringed the constitutional rights of American citizens. The legal questions involved in intelligence programs were often not considered. On other occasions, they were intentionally disregarded in the belief that because the programs served the “national security” the law did not apply. While intelligence officers on occasion failed to disclose to their superiors programs which were illegal or of questionable legality, the Committee finds that the most serious breaches of duty were those of senior officials, who were responsible for controlling intelligence activities and generally failed to assure compliance with the law. Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that, the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas would protect the national security and deter violence.” (Senator Frank Church, From the Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, 1975-76)

Their obvious intent was to hold me up to ridicule, discredit, humiliate, alienate, and endanger. Note the extremely prejudiced and irresponsible language, and using the actions of a few to broadly generalize, politicize, and negatively stereotype the many.

new left memo.png


“FBI guidelines issued by Attorney General Edward Levi in 1976 in the wake of COINTELPRO revelations accorded civil liberties greater respect. But these guidelines were effectively undercut by Ronald Reagan, with an executive order and new “counter-terrorism” guidelines, large parts of which are classified “secret”. The result was hardly surprising: “The record before this court,” Federal Magistrate Joan Lefkow stated in 1992, “shows that despite regulations, orders and consent decrees prohibiting such activities, the FBI had continued to collect information concerning only the exercise of free speech.”

“The Price of Dissent”, Bud and Ruth Schultz, 2001


“A linchpin endures the most difficult position to be in, within any complicated human structure. They take on opposite alignment in order to effect balance between all parties. This is neither ass kissing nor fighting against. It is both. To effect a greater good for all. They serve the greater good and not them self.”



Reports and Analysis:

In these we see to what abhorrent and appallingly pretentious justification corruption in government is willing to cover its criminal offense. This is part of their Cointel-Pro (domestic terrorism). To assail, handle, control, manage, supervise, and use people and their lives. It would be naive and foolish to believe that they stopped when first caught and exposed in the 1970’s.

A.) This is more proof of a Federal clandestine operation being conducted. The first email is from 8/15, after the lawyer agreed to help me, and i am sending him reports and info. The second is from 8/21, after he had received a phone call from a Federal agency, or rogue group within.

B.) The typically unbelievable false reports, and fictional stereotypical racist false portrayal, devoid of integrity, hastily and sloppily fabricated with much discrepancy and contradiction. These cases demand review and investigation.

1. UCLA NPI psych reports, May 1990 and March 1991

These statements (among others) made by UCLA NPI are false and fictional, culled, twisted, and crafted from statements allegedly made by myself and my parents. (cross reference with NPI psych report pictures)

a.) That i threatened to harm my family and physically assaulted my Father.

What actually happened was that I was trying to tell my parents of the bullying and harassment from Mrs. (redacted) and her associates. There was misunderstanding and disbelief, resulting in my mother calling Dr. DeAntonio, who came with the UCPD. In hindsight i know now that my Mother had been so instructed by Dr. DeAntonio to call him. The psych report is not true. My parents “alleged” report is the false retroactive pretext for calling DeAntonio and the UCPD. I did not assault and push my Father around. They exaggerated my Father’s alleged statement that i “pushed him” (singular) into the false story that i assaulted and pushed him around, which i didn’t. They did this to substantiate their false narrative of an aggressively violent and psychotic personality resulting from “poly-substance abuse” at Princeton. They also referenced an arrest incident where i was unnecessarily and aggressively bum-rushed, assaulted, and injured by a group of young, violent, racist cops for trespassing through the VA at night (on a path that is open to the public during the day). The UCPD officers falsely reported that I assaulted them (to justify my arrest and search, and to falsely portray me as violent, unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous).

b.) That I had a poly-substance abuse illness beginning at Princeton, including the use of cocaine, crack, pcp, psilocybin, and methamphetamine, and was “taking drugs on the street” after:

“Father noted that Jason and his Princeton friends used numerous drugs including mushrooms, LSD, THC, PCP, crack, cocaine, speed, etc, which has continued to present.” (False fictional statements attributed to my Father from the ucla psych report.)

The report also falsely states that I admitted to the use of cocaine and PCP.

The Administration at Princeton was predisposed to require harsh, inappropriate, unnecessary, and unaccommodating re-entry requirements, being six months of inpatient psychiatric care and drug diversion treatment, because of its being a historically U.S. government associated, conservatively-right institution. But the only “evidence” from there was my “sub-par” performance, and a resident adviser who learned that I had smoked marijuana, that is all. There is no record of the specified hard poly-substance abuse at Princeton, as it did not happen. I did pass classes my first semester, and took a required leave my second. It was Princeton who referred me to UCLA NPI, i presume. Both institutions cooperated with COINTELPRO and MKULTRA development. Also consider UCLA NPI’S Center for the study of the Violence: . Dr. West was a presiding chair at UCLA when I was there. Mr. Reagan was Governor of California in 1972 and a partner in Dr. West’s Center for the study of Violence at UCLA. Mr Reagan was President until 89’, enabling and allowing for their illegal and offensive actions. Mr Reagan also implemented anti-terrorism measures in the 1980’s that allowed a return to such tactics.

c.) That I held psychotic religious delusions that I was Jesus Christ, that my Mother was Mary the wife of Jesus Christ, and my Brother the brother of Christ.

“Manifested threatening behavior toward his mother and younger brother based on religious delusion about him being Jesus Christ and about his mother being Mary his wife”, “The family reportedly has obtained a restraining order to keep him from them. His violation of that order precipitated this hospitalization.”

d.) That I was “found” wandering naked in public. Actually i was only turning off the sprinklers directly to the side of our front door, recessed from view, on my small, quiet, secluded, familiar street, when my parents pulled into the driveway. I was wearing shorts only.

e.) Besides this, the UCLA NPI psych reports contain additional false reporting and padding meant to support and substantiate the false diagnosis of Schizophrenia.

2. SMPD report analysis/breakdown

Officers Marnell and Smetzer. Smart and Bitorf. Pace (solo). Sergeant Wiles.

The whole of the report lacks integrity and is false. The reports/accounts do not match or make sense, and the reported times are out-of-order. The multi-cam video “disappeared”. The unbelievable and fictional account testimonies indicate collusion between the SMPD and Mrs (Redacted), and the forced coercion of Mr. Islam (the gas station attendant). The judiciary and public defender are also implicated through their mishandling of this matter. The report is one-sided and presents only testimony from Mrs. (redacted). There is none from myself, and i was never asked to make a statement or testify. I did not assault police officers or resist arrest.
a.) Officer Marnell (reported receiving initial call at 2:05)

He falsely reports that we were in the car when he and Smetzer arrived. Police procedure is to instruct her to not go back to the car, especially if she had said i was acting crazy, and the lie about me hitting her (if that was not invented later). She did not come back to the car. I was collecting my things outside of it to leave when the police arrived. Treachery is why Mrs. (redacted), and forced coercion why Mr. (redacted)(the gas station attendant) did not show up to court, delaying court proceedings indefinitely, until i finally took their deal after being threatened with a long jail sentence, as was their tactic. That is why i was never shown these police reports, nor provided with due and appropriate counsel.

He falsely reports Mrs. (redacted) as “visibly shaken and upset (near tears, continually cupping her hands to her face)” and repeatedly yelling “stop” and “just stop” in an attempt to make her look caring and sympathetic to me. This contradicts Pace’s testimony of her saying, “Heh, heh, he wasn’t doing what the officers told him to.”, meaning she was laughing at how the four officers had me pinned and the fifth was applying intentionally lethal pressure to my skull. What she also meant was “Ha, ha, he didn’t get out of my ride when i told him to” (in personal maliciousness). The truth is that she did not care for my well-being, and purposefully endangered it. She also reported that “She did not see (me) punch or kick at any of the officers.”, meaning i did not assault or resist the officers.

“Vampire lesbian” is an invented term used in an attempt to make me look crazy, and to falsely corroborate hers and the police’s stories.

He unbelievably describes a fight between myself (150 pounds, no combat skills), and 4-5 large fit trained policemen taking over several minutes, with additional further struggle on the ground (while each is holding a limb).

He falsely states Sgt. Wiles arrived on the scene after i was cuffed and arrested, contradicting officer Pace’s statement that he saw 5 officers holding me down when he arrived and before i was cuffed. Also contradicting Mrs. (redacted)’s statement of “seeing 5-6 officers on top” of me.
b.) Officer Smart (reported monitoring call for assistance at 2:00)

He falsely states they received a call to assist. The truth is they bum-rushed me alongside Marnell and Smetzer.

He falsely reports that Mr. (redacted)(gas station attendant) says “he saw w1 and s1 drive into the gas station together and pull up to a gas pump. Both w1 and s1 exited the vehicle and began arguing.” The statement does not corroborate that we argued in the car for 20 minutes (Mrs (redacted) lied in her statement to officer Pace), or that she left the car and returned to it. This also contradicts officer Marnell’s statement that we we’re in the car when they arrived. Also Mr. (redacted) does not mention the police, when they arrived, or what happened after.

There is no video of the incident because “Mr (redacted) said the incident was not captured on video tape as the camera only films the general area of the cash booth.” But we were parked directly next to the booth, and the police in front of it. And so the police did not retrieve the video recording because of what the attendant said? That’s unprofessional, not following procedure, unbelievable and suspect. It also allowed for the writing of a false incident report, and false corroboration.
c.) Officer Pace (reported monitoring call for assistance at 2:01, arrived after the incident.)

He reports that Mrs (redacted) reported to him that “She believes he has a mental problem and he has told her in the past that his parents committed him to a mental institution.” That’s not what i told her; i told her of being wrongly institutionalized, domestically terrorized, and that i was trying to get help from the government. It shows that she chose not to help me, and to play, betray, and distance herself from me, and to add to and compound the injustice on top of me on top of that. It also shows the connection of events to it’s beginning at UCLA NPI.

He reports that Mrs. (redacted) says “when the police first arrived, she was standing outside her vehicle…”. This contradicts officer Marnell’s statement that we were in the car when they arrived.

She also testified: “The officer walked up to him and put his hand on (redacted), unknown where. (redacted) pulled away and appeared to be “trying to get away”. The next thing she remembers seeing happening is seeing 5-6 officers on top of (redacted). Each officer was holding a different body part of him and the officers were yelling “stop resisting”.

This contradicts the testimony made by officers Marnell and Smart that i attacked them and there was a ten minute long fight and struggle on the ground. It shows the lack of coordination of Pace’s story with Marnell’s and Smart’s concerning my absence of aggression, as Marnell and Smart were careful to coordinate theirs. It does also say that they were yelling “stop resisting” when they already had control of my body, an officer for each limb. It also contradicts the testimony that officers Marnell and Smetzer arrived before Smart and Bitorf (answering their call for assistance).


Links (relevant and related):

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Insider report on the Alt-Right movement and organization
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Tarasoff v. Regents of University of California, and the “Duty to Warn/Protect”

(I was falsely designated as mentally ill, violent and dangerous, with fabricated false psych and UC police reports, and false testimony from Mrs. Salk and false corroboration from others in a attempt to make the matter resemble the Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California case, to pretentiously justify their offensive measures against me. Also to render me defenseless, by deeming me mentally incompetent, incapable, discredited, and my testimony unreliable. I was not given the opportunity to defend myself against these allegations, or whatever evidence they claim to have.)
Well written history/timeline of U.S. psychiatric misconduct full of verified information
Psychiatric abuse in the U.S. system 78

Deaths involving the use of prisoners at Vacururaville state mental facility for mind control experimentation in 1991. This is the same program conducted at UCLA NPI as detailed in above article.

(These are the same abhorrent experiments and activities being conducted in the 1990’s as were proposed at the UCLA Violence Center in 1973.)
Psychological Operations
Fascist Eugenics in America
Concerning Dr. Louis Joylon West, the Head of Psychiatry and directing influence at UCLA NPI when I was there:

dr_l_jolyon_west_the_lsd_cult_be.pdf (esp. chapters 5 and 6) Article by West. Video of conversation with Margaret Singer, another government and UC expert in mind control, “coercive persuasion”, dissociative states, false memories, cults, etc.
Concerning ethics violations and patient suicide at UCLA NPI (1994)
CIA Recruitment at UCLA
COINTELPRO and Counter-Intelligence
The relationship of the CIA and KKK
Informative and documented report on Organized Stalking

Jailer Misconduct

Dr. Ross Adey Developer of ELF Technology (also present at UCLANPI at the time)
CIA Project mkULTRA and mkMonarch


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